PowdersVillePost to Step into Successful Second Year!

Started in 2019 by Nikki Attkisson, Powdersvillepost is turning two this year. Within these two successful years, Powdersvillepost could earn much popularity and trust among people with truthful and timely news updates. While the news portal focuses more on news from the US, it also covers major reports worldwide. As the world is going through the toughest times, Powdersvillepost makes its own contribution by spreading the most accurate and speedy information regarding COVID-19 through a separate dedicated section. Even in the second year of launch, the website stays in the limelight by keeping it up-to-date with all the latest updates and technological advancements. The web portal currently runs sections such as economy, entertainment, politics, sport, tech, top news, and world news.     

The founder, Nikki Attkisson conveyed her contentment through her social media handles, saying that it is the most vulnerable time that we all have to live with utmost care. She also added that she will be trying to contribute more resources and updates through the website as much as the team can to fight against the spread of COVID-19. Though there were many speculations regarding new subsections and websites from the Powdersville Post team, they mostly kept silent about the future plans and projects. On asking about their working pattern during the time, Nikki replied, “it was toughest for us as well to work amidst the pandemic. But, our mission is to be at the forefront, making our responsible contribution in the battle. The entire team strictly followed the COVID-19 protocols and regulations, setting ourselves as the paradigm of pandemic-induced work culture. We even encouraged work from home among our employees. We urge everyone to follow the same strict guidelines to break the virus chain.”

Resources report that there will be a closed success party only for the employees and a few invited guests as part of the successful second-year celebration. However, the authorities haven’t given any glue about the same to the public. As the first-year success party had to be canceled due to the pandemic outbreak, they might not want to miss it this year. Speculations are in the air that the Powdersvillepost team will be entering new niches apart from the current sections they handle on the website. Apart from the latest news and updates, they are also into reliable product reviews, which are written and monitored by experts from the concerned field. As per the PR channel, Powdersville Post started diversifying their core area to news and product reviews considering the huge demand from the users. 

The news portal was started as a small venture by the popular journalist Nikki Attkisson. Nikki after working as an independent journalist for more than 15 years, started Powdersville Post with a goal to ensure highly credible and neutral news to the world. She has experience covering news in the niches like sports, technology, innovation, environmental issues, and politics. Nikki had also won many awards and accolades for her contributions to journalism. She also boasts of experience in working on content strategy, product development, and editorial management. Within the short span, netizens and experts in the field have praised Nikki’s dedication and commitment to her mission. Experts opine that her will to stand for justice and journalistic ethics helped Powdersville Post fly high within this short period. The web portal currently has more than millions of visitors per day, according to sources. 

Many leading journalists and editors conveyed wishes to Nikki and her team on their successful second year. This also shows the impact Powdersville Post could create within these two years. Users and experts alike praise the young news web portal for being neutral and keeping up their ethics while presenting each and every news and product review. Some people even call Powdersville Post a part of their everyday routine. One of the users commented that “be it news or product reviews, Powdersville Post always tries to come up with socially relevant and useful updates.” One of the editors at Powdersville Post desk Dr. Ricardo Alvarez conveyed his contentment and gratitude towards the entire team for helping him to polish his potential of reviewing products and translating them into words. 

Upon its successful journey, Powdersville Post is expected to invest in many other niches and broaden its commitment to society. 


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