LME/MCOs Launch Initiative to Ensure Seamless, Statewide Care for Foster Children

    North Carolina, May 27, 2022 – North Carolina’s six Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organizations (LME/MCOs) have launched the NC Child and Family Improvement Initiative to collaboratively improve care for children, youth and families served by the child welfare system. Building on a 50-year legacy of established local partnerships and the strengths of North […] Continue Reading

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC: (Scam or Legit) Portable AC Complaints, Features, Price and Is It Worth Buying?

  Since the introduction of individual AC coolers, the need for traditional air cooling systems is decreasing. Standard ACs are costly to operate, consume large amounts of electricity, are hard to maintain, and can be difficult to afford for most people. Personal portable air coolers were introduced to the market in the last few years. Blast Auxiliary […] Continue Reading

IcyBreeze Cooler: #1 Portable AC for Home and Office! Is Icy Breeze Really Worth to Buy?

    The Icybreeze V2 Portable Air Cooler claims to replace conventional air conditioners. It can keep you and your food fresh at all times. Icybreeze claims it is eco-friendly. IcyBreeze Cooler uses outside air and ice water at its bottom to release ice cold and dehumidified oxygen without causing global warming. The unique cooler can pump cool […] Continue Reading