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What is Kratom?


Although federally legal in the US, Kratom is still considered unchartered territory for a lot of people. This is predominantly owing to its powerful psychotropic effects likened to consuming opioids. But what is Kratom, exactly?
Kratom is an herbal supplement derived from Mitragyna Speciosa – a Southeast Asian tropical evergreen tree. For centuries, people have used the leaves of the tree for its psychoactive and stimulating effects to help improve their performance during strenuous activity.

Kratom is marketed as a viable alternative to modern medicine without the exhaustive list of side-effects. Depending on the time of harvesting and the way it is processed, you get four different types of strains:

  • Red Vein,
  • White Vein,
  • Green Vein, and the rarer
  • Yellow Vein.

Further divisions refer to the location of harvesting e.g., Malay, Indo, Bali, etc. Each one has its special purpose but generally, people consume Kratom products for their sedative, pain-relieving, energizing, and mood-enhancing effects. In fact, Kratom has recently gained a lot of popularity among veterans for its potent analgesic and anxiolytic effects. A lot of them have claimed that it helps manage PTSD symptoms rather effectively. So, it comes as no surprise that the use of different types of Kratom has sky-rocketed over the past few years, and some brands have had a lot to do with its widespread consumption.


The History of Earth Kratom


As of late, Earth Kratom has started to draw more attention toward the innumerable benefits of Kratom in all its strains and forms. The brand began its journey fairly recently in 2017 in Myrtle Beach, SC, and quickly rose to the top shelf on the market. It was launched by MBBR Distribution – a long-time established vendor that had already been supplying Kratom products to the general public since 1999. Their reputation and added publicity tactics are what inevitably helped boost Earth Kratom’s popularity right off the bat.

There was an incident, however, in 2018 that Earth Kratom cannot remove from its past – the salmonella recall. The US FDA had to bring back their products for potential salmonella contamination. Since then, they have ensured that they no longer work with the same manufacturer and instead grow everything on their own Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility.

It seems as though people have moved past it considering Earth Kratom’s ever-increasing popularity and strong customer base. They are predominantly known for their unique Kratom blends and selling in bulk with exclusive discounts to stores across the USA. If you go and check your nearest vape or smoke store, you are likely to find a handful of Earth Kratom products over there.


Earth Kratom Products


The brand sells a variety of Kratom products based on 12 different types of strains. Not only do they offer the all-time classics – Red Bali, all types of Maeng Da, Green Malay, etc. – but they also boast an exquisite variety of rarer strains including Hulu Kapuas, Super Indo, and Green Vietnam.

You can get almost all of these strains in all three forms depending on your personal preference.

  • Liquid,
  • Powder, and

If you are a beginner, powdered forms will help you get started on a lighter note. If you want a step up, capsules provide much faster results and pack an extra punch. However, if you are more of a Kratom aficionado, Liquid Extracts absorb the fastest and are considered to be the most potent form of consumption.

So, let’s talk a little more about Earth Kratom’s most popular products. Although they have a lot of strains of Kratom for sale, let’s take a look at a few top choices and their effects:

  • Super Indo

Super Indo is among Earth Kratom’s most uplifting strains. As the name suggests, it uses much larger leaves as compared to your average Kratom strain to deliver exceptional, rather “Super” results. People who have consumed this product experienced a strong sense of euphoria packed with a good boost of energy. For most, it has proven to be an excellent pick-me-up and a good substitute for their morning cup of coffee.

  • Red Hulu Kapuas

Hulu strains are a rarity – they are primarily grown along the Kapuas River in the Hulu forest and harvested at maturity. Owing to its high alkaloid content, Red Hulu Kapuas serves as the perfect strain for relieving stress, alleviating pain, and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Earth Kratom’s Red Hulu Kapuas has become immensely popular owing to its 100% pure Kratom composition. Customers have reported feeling more relaxed and being able to manage their pain more easily after consuming this product.

  • Green Hulu Kapuas

Like Red Hulu, this strain is also native to the banks of the Kapuas River in the forest of Hulu. It combines the effects of both the Red and White Hulu Kapuas strains to give an overall balanced experience. Consumers of Earth Kratom’s Green Hulu strain have reported feeling similar effects as having their morning cup of coffee – minus the jittery sensations.

  • Trainwreck

This strain is the primary reason that Earth Kratom quickly rose to popularity. It combines the effects of 11 of the brand’s strains, giving an overall balanced blend of effects. Users of this particular product have experienced deep relaxing effects and considerably improved mood.


The Importance of Buying Branded Kratom


The dangers of purchasing loose, unlabeled Kratom products cannot be stressed enough. As with any other unlabeled product, you’ll never know what you’re actually getting in the name of Kratom. It is always advised to purchase from established vendors in the industry that have the complete breakdown of their product composition showcased on various public platforms.

Earth Kratom has been in the game for years now, so they know what they’re doing. The brand boasts an extensive list of authentic and 100% safe Kratom products that are bound to meet all your Kratom needs without any complications whatsoever. So, go ahead and visit our collection of some of Earth Kratom’s finest strains and experience sensational results.

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