Steve Blanchard’s Path to Success: A Journey in the Automotive Service Contracts Industry

Success is a journey. Steve Blanchard‘s triumph in the automotive service contracts industry stands out. He is president and founder of a leading company. His vision is to revolutionize how these contracts are perceived and delivered. His determination and commitment to excellence have transformed his company into a driving force. Here is what really sets […] Continue Reading

Latest Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Venture Capitalists

Any successful entrepreneur knows about adopting the latest trends available to make profit. One growing trend with many promises for entrepreneurs is offering eco-friendly solutions. More and more green businesses are popping up daily while aiming to combat the adverse threat to the environment. Moreover, most governments are at the forefront of reducing the carbon […] Continue Reading

Water Tower Research Publishes Initiation of Coverage Report on Filament Health Corp. Titled, “Pioneer in Botanical Psychedelics Drug Development”

October 31, 2023, ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Water Tower Research ( has published an Initiation of Coverage Report on Filament Health Corp. (NE: FH) titled, “Pioneer in Botanical Psychedelics Drug Development”. The report can be accessed here. Stewarded by a leadership team steeped in the expertise of botanical extraction, Vancouver-based Filament Health Corp. (NEO:FH/OTCQB: FLHLF/FSE:7QS) […] Continue Reading

Fahim Samaha Announces Ryegate Power Plant Facility Economical Lighting System that will Reduce Electricity Consumption

Ryegate Power Plant to Implement Efficient and Economical Lighting System Fahim Samaha announces an effort to improve its overall efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. The Ryegate Power Plant in Vermont has initiated a study to implement an efficient and economical lighting system. The study will evaluate a variety of lighting technologies, including LED fixtures, […] Continue Reading

Exploring Blockchain Horizons: A Conversation with Adam Boudjemaa on ERC-3643, ERC-6960, and Account Abstraction Innovations

In a recent engaging discussion, Adam Boudjemaa, a trailblazer in the blockchain and web3 domain, shared his perspective on the evolving blockchain landscape, emphasizing on ERC-3643, ERC-6960, and Account Abstraction (ERC4337 and ERC 6900) advancements. Adam’s blockchain odyssey commenced with a deep dive into Real World Assets (RWA), eventually segueing into the DeFi realm, where […] Continue Reading