National Advertising Division Recommends Dyper Modify Biodegradable Claims for Dyper Brand Diapers

New York, NY – January 31, 2023 – In a challenge brought by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of BBB National Programs determined that Dyper, Inc. provided a reasonable basis for claims that certain components of its bamboo viscose diapers are biodegradable but recommended that the claim be further qualified to make clear […] Continue Reading

We’ve Identified Top Industries Where Video Production Can Help Business Operations

Video production involves filming, editing, and post-production. The process typically starts with planning, including scriptwriting and storyboarding, followed by filming using cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Then, the footage is edited and post-produced, which includes color grading, sound design, and visual effects. Video Production by Industry Videos serve various purposes, such as advertising, education, entertainment, […] Continue Reading


O’Reilly Law Group Founder Reaches Remarkable Milestone In Las Vegas For His Resounding Impact And Ongoing Leadership Within The Community And Celebrates Winning LVRJ’s “Best of Las Vegas 2022” in Real Estate Law, Business Law, and Civil Litigation LAS VEGAS, NV (January 31, 2023) – Timothy O’Reilly, President of O’Reilly Law Group, announced today the […] Continue Reading

T-Mobile Voluntarily Discontinues “Customer Loyalty 4x Higher than Xfinity” Claim Following National Advertising Division Challenge by Comcast

New York, NY – January 31, 2023 – Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC, originally filed a Fast-Track SWIFT challenge against competitor T-Mobile US, Inc.’s claim that it has “customer loyalty 4 x higher than Xfinity” made in a television commercial promoting T-Mobile’s Home Internet service. BBB National Programs National Advertising Division (NAD) determined that the […] Continue Reading