Global Hand Sanitizer market to grow by USD 8.09 billion through 2020-2025: Bonafide Research

With problems comes the solution, so is in the case of Covid-19 outbreak. It has created great opportunities in the market. Same in the case of global hand sanitizer market which is expected to reach US $8.09 billion by the year 2025.

The world is struggling to survive in the international pandemic Covid-19 outbreak. Coronavirus have already put many lives in danger. As history suggest, humans have survived such calamities and made wiser steps in its prevention. Moreover, many researchers have found out solutions to overcome the effects of such pandemics but the recent outbreak is lacking it. In order to prevent its infection from one person to another, governments have imposed the lockdown across several nations to aid the isolation in order to inactivate the carrier pathogens. The Coronavirus is a disease which causes respiratory illness with symptoms such as cough, cold and flu. In order to prevent its containment, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released an advisory to maintain the hand hygiene by frequent hand washing activity. Hand washing should be done with the help of hand sanitizers and minimum for about 20 seconds to kill the corona virus.

To overcome these negative effects, people have started using the hand hygiene products such as hand sanitizers which are proven to kill 99.99% of the germs present on the hands. Initially, Hand sanitizers were used but frequent hand washing became the part of daily routine after the outbreak, which have  made people conscious about the hygiene. And in no time hand sanitizers became a essential product of a household.  Due to the rising demand, hand sanitizers have also been developed in several forms such as gel, liquid, spray, foam and other products such as hand sanitizing wipes. They are now available in alcohol-free forms with various infused fragrances of essential oils and natural derivatives.

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According to the report entitled “Global Hand Sanitizer market outlook, 2025.” published by Bonafide Research, the Global hand sanitizer market is expected to achieve a robust growth in next year due to the outbreak of the international pandemic Covid 19, accounting it to a market value of US $ 8.09 billion by the end of the year 2025. The market is expected to grow registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 2% in the next five years. As per Vedant Pandya, Research Analyst at Bonafide Research, “The Global hand sanitizer market was growing at a slower pace since past years. The reason may be unawareness and less preference in some parts of world, but with the outbreak of the international pandemic COVID 19, the market seems to grow in coming years with a period of recession in between”.

The hand sanitizers are segmented into the type, such as alcohol-based and non-alcohol based. While the alcohol-based are having the most demand in the market, the non-alcohol ones are still lacking the demand. This is because they do not claim their efficiency as compared with the alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizers are available in different product forms such as gel, liquid, foam, and spray hand sanitizers. Apart from these, other hand sanitizer products include hand sanitizing wipes and tissues. The gel hand sanitizers have the highest demand among the regions such as North America and Europe while the liquid hand sanitizers are vastly demanded among the regions of Asia pacific. South America and Middle East & Africa still lack behind in the hand sanitizers market as people here are less conscious about products and brands but the encouragement by the government and global organizations is expected to bring awareness in these regions making the market fruitful in the future. The prominent countries accounting the highest market share in the hand sanitizer markets are the United States, China, Japan, Germany and some other.

Furthermore, many companies have increased their production capacities in order to overcome the emerging demand in the market while many companies have come up with a plan of donations to the needy. For example, Perrigo donated 500K bottles of hand sanitizers to the needy, Firmenich increased it’s production capacity and donated hundred of bottles of hand sanitizers in hospitals, Drummer’s donated sanitizers to the people in need, Beauty brands such as L’Oréal started manufacturing of hand sanitizers in its plant to donate it in hospitals, LVMH and Coty Inc. are using their factories to meet the demand for the hand sanitizer production. Apart from these, there are many other companies who have kept their core manufacturing aside and started manufacturing hand sanitizers to overcome the demand in the market. Moreover, space companies such as SpaceX is also making and donating hand sanitizers to the person in need! This shows the intensity of the demand for the hand sanitizers in the market and their growth in respective upcoming years.

Hence, hand sanitizers have become an opportunity source for the players to grow its market in this difficult times. Besides this, people have awakened about the hygiene and usage of the hand sanitizers which are also a driving factor. Stay a step ahead of the industry and dive in the market, right now. Because this is the perfect time.

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Major Companies Present in the market

The key players of the Global Hand Sanitizer market are Reckitt Benckiser, Procter & Gamble, The Himalaya Drug Company, GOJO Industries, Henkel AG and several international players.

Considered in this report

  • Geography: Global
  • Base year: 2019
  • Estimated year: 2020
  • Forecasted year: 2025

Countries Covered in the report: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, India, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa.

The following aspects are covered in the report “Global Hand Sanitizer Market Outlook, 2025

  • Global hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Global gel hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Global liquid hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Global foam hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Global spray hand sanitizer market outlook
  • North America hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Europe hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Asia pacific hand sanitizer market outlook
  • South America hand sanitizer market outlook
  • The Middle East & Africa hand sanitizer market outlook
  • Market trends and developments
  • Company profiles of leading market players

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Table of contents

  • 1 Executive Summary
  • 2. Demographics & Healthcare Spending
  • 3. Global Hand Sanitizer Market outlook(Market Share, Market Size)
  • 4. North America Hand Sanitizer Market outlook(Market Share, Market Size)
  • 5. Europe Hand Sanitizer Market outlook(Market Share, Market Size)
  • 6. Asia Pacific Hand Sanitizer Market outlook(Market Share, Market Size)
  • 7. Latin America Hand Sanitizer Market outlook(Market Share, Market Size)
  • 8. Middle East Africa Hand Sanitizer Market outlook(Market Share, Market Size)
  • 9. Raw Materials and Manufacturing Process
  • 10. Global Hand Sanitizer Market Dynamics
  • 11. Market Trends and Developments
  • 12. Competitive Landscape
  • 13. Disclaimer

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