The fitness industry has witnessed a great transformation in the last decade. Historically fitness equipment was only limited to weight training and cardio exercises available only to health clubs and gyms. By the passing time number of changes have been observed in the fitness habit of consumers at a global stage. This change in fitness habits has led to the creation of a wide range of fitness equipment. The innovative products in the fitness market are being introduced by every existing major players as well as the upcoming players in the market. Some of the major fitness equipment manufacturing companies present are Icon health & fitness INC, Life fitness, Johnson Health Tech co ltd., Nautilus inc, etc. Currently, the market has not only been limited to the health clubs and gyms but also expanded its reach to the corporate institutions, and hotels. The major potential audience is from the residential segment. In these passing years it is observed that residential audiences have been highly attracted to fitness equipment. This is due to the preference towards setting up your own gym at home or to continue daily fitness routine without paying expensive gym fees.

According to the report “Global Fitness Equipment Market, Outlook, 2025” published by Bonafide Research, North-America and Europe are the two dominating regions in the fitness equipment market which together have generated more than 60% of the overall revenue. Both of these regions are also considered as the hub of major fitness equipment manufacturing companies. Health and fitness clubs are considered to be the major contributor to the global fitness equipment revenue generation. The presence of these health & fitness clubs is majorly from regions like North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. On comparison of the overall market, revenue growth from the Asia-Pacific region was found to be the fastest as it has shown the revenue growth of above 7% CAGR till the year 2019.

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With increasing health awareness, advancement in technology and fitness getting into lifestyle of people the global fitness market is experiencing a spike in sales. There are instances, where due to hectic schedules and busy work life, many people are unable to make it to the gym every day. Virtual reality (VR) is a transforming technology that is making its way into the fitness industry. VR is not only attracting the people for the daily exercise but also helps to fight the boredom associated with it. Working out in front of the television with loud music on till now was considered to be the best workout. Now people can exercise in an entirely different world, because the technology have changed the barriers of geography. The VR and augmented reality is the future of the fitness industry. Gyms and health clubs based in developed countries are already implementing these technologies to make exercise fun and attractive for people. They are making a great sum of money from this as well.

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Major Companies Present in the market

The key players of the Global Fitness Equipment market are Icon Health & Fitness Inc, Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd, Technogym S.P.A, Amer Sports Corporation, Nautilus INC, Core Health & Fitness LLC, Precor Incorporated, Cybex International INC, Life Fitness, True Fitness INC, Tuffstuff Fitness International INC, Iron Grip Barbell Company, Hoist Fitness Systems, Torque Fitness, Tunturi New Fitness B.V, Exigo, Body Solid Europe, Impulse Fitness, Shuhua Sports Co Ltd, Rough Fitness, Sports Art Fitness, Stingray International LTD, BFT Fitness, Acme Fitness, Vivo Fitness, Dubai Sports LLC.

Considered in this report

  • Geography: Global
  • Base Year: 2019
  • Historical year: 2014
  • Estimated Year: 2020
  • Forecast Year: 2025

Countries Covered in the report: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, India, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa.

The following aspects are covered in the report “Global Fitness Equipment Market Outlook, 2025

  • Global fitness equipment market outlook
  • North-America fitness equipment market outlook
  • Europe fitness equipment market outlook
  • Asia-Pacific fitness equipment market outlook
  • Latin-America fitness equipment market outlook
  • Middle-East & Africa fitness equipment market outlook
  • Global cardiovascular fitness equipment market outlook
  • Global strength fitness equipment market outlook
  • Policy & regulations
  • Porters five force model
  • Company profile of top players
  • Strategic recommendation

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Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Report Methodology
  3. Global Fitness Equipment Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  4. North America Fitness Equipment Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  5. Europe Fitness Equipment Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  6. Asia Pacific Fitness Equipment Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  7. Latin-America Fitness Equipment Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  8. Middle-East & Africa Fitness Equipment Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  9. Policy & Regulatory
  10. Global Fitness Equipment Market Dynamics
  11. Market Trends & Development
  12. Competitive Landscape
  13. Strategic Landscape
  14. Disclaimer

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