Office Chair Supplier: Types of office chair armrests

A good number of office jobs require employees to sit on their chairs for prolonged hours working at computers on their desk. This is likely to cause health issues over a period of time since the body will be in sitting position for majority of the time. Your body and arms do need greater flexibility to perform to the optimum. Otherwise, with passage of time, your body, mind and arms will get tired, thus affecting performance significantly. Hence, it becomes inevitable for all entrepreneurs and managers to ensure that their employees are provided with ergonomic chairs. You may search for the best Office Chair Factory on Google and select the right one to make the purchase.


Adjustable chairs

You need to invest in chairs that allow you and your employees to sit comfortably. Most people are found to search for chairs that offer great functionality. There is one particular area that people tend to overlook which are the armrests. The reputed Office Chair Manufacturer will offer chairs that will come fitted with armrests. Any ergonomic chair is likely to have armrests as its essential component. With proper armrest design, you can rest your arms comfortably while working.

Going through the different categories of chairs at portals like can give you a clear idea of the type of chair you should buy for your office. With proper armrest design, you can easily relieve pressure from the upper back of your body as well as your shoulders. If using chairs without arms, you are likely to experience pain in these regions.

Types of armrests

The leading Office Chair Supplier is sure to offer you with chairs of different types along with armrests. You may not be aware that there are chairs fitted with different types of armrests. Hence, you need to know about them and find out which one will fit perfectly the needs of your employees.

  • Fixed armrests: These types are considered to be quite affordable. However, the Conference chairs factory offers them with least adjustable option. Besides this, in height they are fixed as well as not adjustable. Although an economical choice, they are not ergonomic. The reason is because they lack adjustability to place arms at appropriate height and may cause back pain. Too high armrests will require you to raise your shoulders, thereby causing tension in this region as well as your upper back muscles. Again too low will require leaning forwards, thereby putting pressure on your upper back. The Conference chairs with wheels manufacturer can provide the right suggestions.
  • Height adjustable armrests: Armrests are to be height adjustable allowing you to rest your arms comfortably while working. Conference chairs for office China with this type of arms is offered by the well-established manufacturers. Some are also stated to be width adjustable. This means yo8u can move the armrests away from your seat if wider or bring closer towards your body if you have smaller frame.

When searching for Conference chairs for room China, you can also come across those with multi-function armrests, lateral adjustable armrests, etc.

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