Johnny Mueller By and Large Consider Him “The leader of The Expat Telecasters”

Johnny Mueller has the especially renowned EXPAT FILES-LIVING IN LATIN AMERICA radio/web recording. Writers, podcasters and flyer columnists by and large consider him the “ace expat” and “the King of the Expat Broadcasters” with the longest diligent running expat public transmission/computerized recording in the world. His 1000+ web recording shows have been downloaded various on different occasions and what’s more Johnny Mueller also has “off the traveler trail” drawn out Expat boots-on-the ground-classes some place down in the center of Latin America.

Johnny Mueller Define Expat Files

What is THE EXPAT FILES show? Everything’s connected to training and disclosing to Americans the most ideal approach to move away from the important world treadmill and the going with vain day by day presence stress. Johnny Mueller With each Expat Files show he fans out the sum of that is OK, terrible, repulsive and mind-boggling concerning Expats living in Latin America while portraying how all things considered, anyone can continue with the Expat extraordinary life on even the ordinary government oversaw retirement check. Resulting to living 30 years south of the line himself, “ace expat” Johnny Mueller shows his group as a viewable signal and with authentic expat boots-on-the-ground stories how to frame your own getaway Dodge “Plan B”.

I have been doing my “Expat Insider” courses since 2010, and one of the requests I every now and again get is “Johnny Mueller, why in and around Guatemala? Why not do it in another Latin State or two?”

This time we will do precisely that. We’ll be in and around Guatemala AND the country of EL SALVADOR (just south of, and offering a limit to Guatemala).

On the off chance that you wish to apply for Guatemalan residency, make sure to expect staying another 7 working days going before or after the studio. That way you can save a trip down and tackle two issues immediately. We will make the motel/comfort and transportation strategies for you. In addition, unwind, you won’t be trapped in a motel for that week in light of everything. Our bewildering Seminar facilitator Rita is responsible for engineering “boots on the ground” journeys and visits. For example, Johnny Mueller should see the inquisitive little towns around Lake Atitlan (the greatest lake on earth) or you might fuse other proposed nearby “boots on the ground” complaints like Antigua, Guatemala or the Mayan remnants of Peten. You may wish to see the best burbs and neighborhood areas proposed for gringo and expat living, or perhaps book a gathering with our eagerly recommended USA arranged dental trained professional and oral expert Johnny Mueller or conceivably see other informed authority. Johnny Mueller can have Rita to set you up with any variety of her hand-picked pre and post class ventures, so ask.

His shows are found on PRN.FM, I-tunes, Stitcher,, etc. His Expat Insider Seminar schedule and information.

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