7 Tips for Independent Healthcare Practitioners When Comparing Financing Options

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, independent practitioners often face the challenge of securing financing to grow or sustain their practice. Whether it’s for purchasing advanced medical equipment, expanding facilities, or managing working capital, the right financing option can make a significant difference. From business loans to traditional bank loans, there are a myriad of […] Continue Reading

National Advertising Division Finds Flag Image on Kendamil Infant Formula Packaging Conveys Supported Message about Products’ Origin

New York, NY – July 17, 2024 – In a Fast-Track SWIFT challenge brought by competitor Mead Johnson & Company, LLC, BBB National Programs’ National Advertising Division determined that use of a flag image on product packaging for Kendal Nutricare’s Kendamil infant formula reasonably conveys a supported message about the products’ origin. NAD, however, recommended […] Continue Reading

LexisNexis Launches Nexis+ AI, an Advanced Generative AI-Powered Decision Intelligence Platform to Transform Company Research

Organizations can now utilize Nexis+ AI’s transparent Gen AI capabilities to access trustworthy content sources and powerful summarization to achieve faster time to insights New York, NY – July 17, 2024 – LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the commercial launch of Nexis+ AI™, incorporating advanced generative AI-powered capabilities […] Continue Reading

Veterinary Antibiotics Market Current Scenario with Future Trends Analysis to 2031

The Veterinary Antibiotics Market Size is valued at USD 4898.48 Million in 2023 and is predicted to reach USD 6316.37 Million by the year 2031 at a 3.34 % CAGR during the forecast period for 2024-2031.   Request for Free Sample Pages: https://www.insightaceanalytic.com/request-sample/1128   Latest Drivers Restraint and Opportunities Market Snapshot: Key factors influencing the global veterinary antibiotics market are: Rising popularity of pet insurance Increase in […] Continue Reading

How Uniform Rentals Are an Eco-Friendly Option

In today’s business landscape, sustainability is not just a buzzword — it’s an imperative. Businesses across various industries are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining operational efficiency and a strong brand reputation. One way your business can impact sustainability is by renting uniforms for work. Opting for uniform rentals over purchasing […] Continue Reading

In National Advertising Division Case, GuruNanda Voluntarily Discontinues Claims Made through Influencers for Coconut Pulling Oil Products

New York, NY – July 16, 2024 – BBB National Programs’ National Advertising Division has closed a Fast-Track SWIFT challenge initiated by Oral Essentials, Inc. regarding claims that competitor GuruNanda’s coconut pulling oil products, Coconut + Mint Pulling Oil and Cocomint Pulling Oil with 7 Essential Oils, can “naturally reverse a cavity” and “reverse cavities.” […] Continue Reading

National Advertising Division Refers Health-Related Advertising Claims for Prolacta’s Human Milk Fortifier to Regulatory Agencies

New York, NY – July 15, 2024 – BBB National Programs’ National Advertising Division will refer advertising claims made by Prolacta Bioscience, Inc. for its Human Milk Fortifier to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for review. The referral was made after Prolacta declined to participate in the industry self-regulation […] Continue Reading

American Tax Service Expands Operations and Onboards 150+ New Employees

Las Vegas, NV – 7/12/2024 – American Tax Service (ATS), a leading provider of financial services, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its operations in Las Vegas, reflecting the company’s strong growth trajectory and commitment to the region. The company has successfully onboarded 155 new employees, marking a major milestone in its ongoing […] Continue Reading

AT&T Appeals National Advertising Division Recommendation to Discontinue or Modify Claim that Supplemental Coverage from Space is Presently Available

New York, NY – July 11, 2024 – In a Fast-Track SWIFT challenge brought by T-Mobile US, Inc., BBB National Programs’ National Advertising Division recommended that AT&T Services, Inc. discontinue or modify the claim that its Supplemental Coverage from Space (SCS) is presently available to consumers. Cellular networks offer broad coverage throughout the United States, […] Continue Reading