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Vuuzle Studios Dubai recently announced and opened an entertainment empire to create and distribute movies and television and record live events while also launching a new application called VUMU Music The elements of Vuuzle TV film studios include sound stages, house recording studios, digital effects departments, green screens and outdoor back-lots, where films can be shot. Our Warehouses store cameras, lights, costumes, props, old sets, and other items while the entire studio is themed full of film memorabilia and life size statues.

Vuuzle Studios also includes an entire corporate facility including offices for our producers, studio heads, writers, designers, directors, marketing departments, lawyers, accountants, and more. Vuuzle also has a five-star kitchen and commissaries where all studio employees can get a bite to eat.

Historically, studios were surrounded by high walls to keep out reporters and zealous fans. Entry to Vuuzle studios is still strictly restricted by security guards at gatehouses and electronic name tags and security cameras

Vuuzle Media Corp finance their own films and have specialized equipment to produce live TV over advertising. Vuuzle TV also has a free application to watch movies for free over advertisements.

Vuuzle Media Corp has under its umbrella of film and technology and still growing,


Vuuzle Media Corp has offices in,

  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Denver
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Dubai
  • Ukraine

The mission statement for Vuuzle TV, is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of free entertainment and News. The corporate headquarters was set to be in Sweden however the board of directors along with the Swedish partners decided to make Dubai the hub and its head offices. Vuuzle TV also owns New Formula Channel and Vegas 24 with the Vuuzle TV intellectual properties held offshore in Rakk ICC.

One of Vuuzle studios Top TV producers Mr. DK said, “we have the very latest of everything here in our studios. Whether that it be a green screen, CGI technology and or special camera equipment. Vuuzle TV has it all.

Vuuzle Media Corp is aware that audiences now have more options for watching a movie at home instead of going to the theater. While the movie theater creates a feeling of community and a big screen experience, TV technology is surpassing movie theater technology in many ways. Many televisions now have the following technical capabilities:

  • 4K resolution
  • Higher frame rates
  • Extensive color space
  • Higher dynamic range
  • Better true black values

Since 2002, American audiences have been going out to movie theaters less and less. Movie ticket prices are more expensive, and movie theaters predominantly offer blockbuster action movies and repetitive franchise movies.  Although the production of original movies seems to be decreasing, you might be surprised to hear that remakes and reboots aren’t taking their place as box office hits. Instead, prequels, sequels, and spin-offs are increasing.

Thus, viewers, who want to watch different types of movies and programs, have the option to watch streaming video, video on demand, and satellite at home.

Vuuzle Streaming Services

As a viewer, do you stream video on a portable electronic device? Do you use On Demand services with your cable or satellite provider? Video on Demand (VOD) services allow viewers to watch a large amount of programming digitally, whenever they want. While most cable and satellite providers offer VOD services, streaming or subscription video on demand (SVOD) has become a huge competition for traditional TV VOD and films.

However, Vuuzle TV changed the business model to AVOD free OTT TV and live entertainment. The internet streaming business has changed the face of the film industry. The popularity of streaming video has also paved the way for series cinema.

Vuuzle TV Produced its first episode and the end of 2020 of a new series called the PORTAL which was a hit. This type of weekly programming is where people watch (and often, binge-watch) high-quality, multi-hour, streaming series, which have the cinematic quality of films but follow a longer form.

Vuuzle studios has already slated and green lighted for 2020 1 major film and 2 mini series with more on the way. Vuuzle TV company Motto is. We are “New TV”

Control what you view.

Founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, and

Imagically LLC. Dreams for Life

Ronnie Shane

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