Healthcare Provider CPR Online Certification: Overview

Healthcare professionals know the importance of saving lives. CPR online certification is an add-on for these medical professionals. With the right knowledge, they reduce the risk of losing lives because of a medical emergency. After becoming CPR certified, healthcare providers gain confidence to provide immediate medical help.

A healthcare provider CPR online course must be advanced and easy to understand, American HealthCare Academy meets these requirements.

Healthcare Provider CPR Online Training Course Overview:

Availability of group discounts

Healthcare professionals must look out for the CPR certification course with group discounts. The cost will be less when a group of medical professionals opts for the course. At AHCA, group and corporate discounts are available. You can avail of savings for groups of 5 or more. AHCA also has a dedicated team for CPR Group Certifications & an assigned account executive for every group.

Easy to practice and follow instructions

Performing CPR is a lifesaving skill that healthcare and medical professionals must learn. The instructions of the chosen course must be easy to understand. Video instructions help perform CPR accurately on a cardiac arrest victim.

Ability to perform CPR on anyone

Anyone could need CPR when they are experiencing cardiac arrest. The course lets healthcare experts perform CPR on an adult, child, and infant.

Printable wallet card.

The CPR course certificate must be easy to access and print. AHCA provides learners with a printable wallet card after scoring 75% or more marks in the CPR course.

Healthcare professionals receive their certificates on their registered email IDs.

Online training to learn CPR as per one’s schedule.

Healthcare providers must master the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course. It is a skill they must acquire to save lives even outside clinics and hospitals as well.

A flexible course with video instructions is more suitable for medical and healthcare providers. They can watch videos and practice training sessions and learn at their own pace at AHCA.

Medical professionals and healthcare providers perform the step-by-step procedure on dummies. They practice chest compressions with the right pressures above the chest. Conducting these sessions in free time with their teams is useful.

Automated external defibrillator training

Medical professionals need no formal training for using an AED in case of sudden cardiac arrest. But a certified course with AED training gives them confidence. They learn the do’s and don’ts of an AED from a nationally-certified course. For example, CPR on an infant does not mandate the use of an AED. OSHA experts design these training sessions with careful and precise instructions.

Basics of the course

An American Heart Association-compliant course includes techniques to perform CPR, AED training, First Aid, BLS, and more. Healthcare providers upgrade their lifesaving skills from the basics of this course content.

How Long Would The Healthcare Provider CPR Online Course Be Valid For?

The CPR certificate provided by AHCA is valid for 2 years for all healthcare experts and then you can go for a renewal.


Everyone must have a CPR training certificate to save lives in the face of life-threatening emergencies. It is an add-on for healthcare experts to learn this skill. Becoming CPR certified improves their chances of saving lives daily.

American Healthcare Academy provides an AHA-compliant healthcare provider CPR online course. Learn it at your pace with implementable instructions. This course also provides CE credit hours to healthcare providers.

Get CPR certified today!

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