Blast Auxiliary Portable AC: (Scam or Legit) Portable AC Complaints, Features, Price and Is It Worth Buying?

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Since the introduction of individual AC coolers, the need for traditional air cooling systems is decreasing. Standard ACs are costly to operate, consume large amounts of electricity, are hard to maintain, and can be difficult to afford for most people.

Personal portable air coolers were introduced to the market in the last few years. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC The small and portable units are popular with people because they don’t require the assistance of a technician to set up or maintain. Personal air coolers are becoming more popular with customers to keep them cool in the hot summer months.

One such personal air conditioner is the Blast Auxiliary AC. Since its launch, it has received a warm reception from consumers all over the globe.

The Blast Portable AC air conditioner is highly efficient and will help you survive the heat of summer. The Blast Portable AC does not require professional installation like other air coolers. The AC can be used immediately after it has been removed from its box. The portable AC uses very little electricity. Even if you use the AC all day, your monthly electricity bill won’t rise much.

Is this portable air conditioner able to cool the room regardless of temperature? This review will discuss everything about Blast Portable AC.


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What is Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC, also known as an air cooler, is a portable cooling unit that provides a real-life cooling experience. It features innovative cooling mechanisms and humidification functions. The Blast AC cools consumers in the summer and prevents dry skin.

According to Blast Portable AC manufacturers, the AC is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Blast AC is a growing choice for consumers who want to cool their private spaces in their homes, offices, bedrooms, and dorms all summer without the need to invest in a stationary air conditioner.

The Blast Portable AC is not as energy-intensive or costly to maintain as a traditional home air conditioner system. It is designed to be portable and easy to use for personal cooling, wherever you are.

The Blast AC is light and portable, making it easy to move. Many people choose to use it instead of installing a stationary cooling system. This will not only be more expensive but will also result in higher electricity bills. It only provides cooling for one room.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler is also a humidifier, which prevents your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out. The air it produces is more comfortable than this. It’s able to absorb the skin and mucous membranes and even the eyes. This allows for radiant skin throughout the summer.


How does Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Work?

The portable AC unit requires only a rechargeable lithium battery for starting and comes with a USB cable Type-C for charging. It can run for 8 hours after the battery has been fully charged. It uses a cooling system that is very eco-friendly, does not require refrigerant, is compact, reliable, and can be integrated easily into the building structure. It is easy to set it up.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Ac is 100% mobile due to its strong lithium battery. It can last for many hours before it needs to be recharged again. It can be used anywhere, whether in your home or office. It can be used anywhere you go and is guaranteed to cool.


There are many options to choose from. You can choose from one, two, or three modes depending on your needs.

  1. Cool Mode – A relaxing cool breeze
  2. For hot conditions, chill mode
  3. When you need to cool down a room quickly, use the Freeze Mode.

The cooling unit can cool a room down by one degree Fahrenheit. But, beyond that, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC filters and humidifies the air around it, making it more comfortable and healthier to breathe. This unit is especially useful for seasonal allergies.


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How to Use a Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

It is simple to set up and use the Blast Portable AC. These are three simple, practical steps that you can follow to set up your blast AC.

  • Place the blast water curtain in the blast portable AC.
  • Fill the water tank according to the instructions on the blast manual.
  • Turn the Blast AC on, and it will start to evaporate and circulate a cool, moist atmosphere within 30 seconds. The Blast AC offers 3-fan speed control, which allows you to regulate the cooling level.


You will get the most out of your blast portable AC unit. Keep it in your own space, and let the blast vent face the desired cooling area in your home. In seconds, the blast vent releases natural moist air and instantly cools the surrounding area.


The Key Features of Blast-Auxiliary Portable AC

This Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review will highlight the best features that you’ll love about it. These are just a few of the many features:

  1. Water Tank The Blast AC has a large capacity water tank that holds 300ml. It is easy to refill at any time. When the Blast AC evaporates the water from the tank, it makes your personal space naturally moist. We recommend using chilled water in the water tank to get the best cooling results.
  2. Adjustable Vents –Blast portable AC ventilations are beautiful and can be easily adjusted to point in any direction. These Vents are located near the blast ac’s source of evaporation. You can move the blast vent quickly up and down, just like you can with car AC vents.
  3. The Blast AC is equipped with a rechargeable battery of 2,000mAH. The large capacity battery provides hours of comfort and extraordinary cooling without the need to recharge. It’s not worth spending your money on a portable AC that sends you to your power surge every few seconds to recharge the battery. This blast auxiliary portable AC review gives you that comfort. The long-lasting battery is what you should be thinking about when you think about getting a blast portable AC for this summer.
  4. Type-C Charging USB: This USB Type-C charger allows your Blast Desktop ACs to charge quickly. It is not worth spending hours waiting for your AC to charge. You don’t want to be stuck in the heat. This power charging capability is included in the Blast AC with the TYPEC USB. We recommend that you get it.
  5. A night of fascinating mood lightning: People in the US, UK, AU, and other western countries love their relationships and aren’t afraid to have a little fun. You should be civilized if you want to explore the west. The Blast Auxiliary AC’s mood lighting lamp transforms your mood tonight so you can share intimate moments with your partner. The blast night light is bright and colorful, producing no heat. It also beautifies the room for the night. It automatically switches between different light colors with interesting mixed colors when it is in Auto mode. The Blast Portable Air Cooler with mood lighting feature will make your summer vacation unforgettable.
  6. The Blast water curtain is replaceable every six to eighteen months, depending on how much you use it. The water curtains can also impact the quality of the cool air that is evaporated from the Blast AC. This water curtain provides you with a more comfortable cooling environment and allows you to choose from multiple cooling options.
  7. Three Speed: The Blast Auxiliary AC contains the Lo and Mid fan speeds, and regulators. It is a portable, 3-fan-speed air cooler that can be adjusted to your preferred comfort level. The blast ac can be used for children at the lowest speed. For adults, the maximum setting is the highest. This is how easy, simple, and fascinating the Blast Auxiliary AC is. Different moods can be triggered by different situations. You may prefer it to be very cold or mild, but you might also want it to run quickly. The manufacturers of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can make this easy for you.
  8. Portable and ergonomic: There is nothing more you can ask for when looking for a portable air conditioner. This Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review was written because you wanted to find a portable AC that is easy to use for personal cooling. My guess is correct! The Blast Auxiliary portable AC is lightweight and ergonomically designed so you can carry it around with ease. It can be carried on your back or you can hold it by its handle for a long road trip to keep it fresh.
  9. The Blast Auxiliary AC is very light and compact. It weighs less than 2 pounds empty. The handle makes it easy to move from one place to another without any hassle. Because of its small size, it is sometimes called the Blast Auxiliary Desk AC. The Blast AC is affordable and you won’t need to spend hundreds of thousands to enjoy the summer bliss and comfort.
  10. Fast cooling in just 30 seconds: The Blast Portable AC provides faster cooling for personal spaces. This portable AC transforms individual spaces into cool, fresh, and humidified conditions in just 30 seconds. Cool and refreshing air is delivered by the Blast AC at a speed of approximately 2.7 m/s. This is incredible!
  11. The Portable AC is very quiet and does not make any noise. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC allows you to stay focused on your task and enjoy the coolest weather during the summer heat.
  12. Switch from personal cooler to regular fan: A button on the Blast Auxiliary AC can be tapped to toggle between blast personal cooling and regular fan. This feature is also a benefit for you, as you can choose the air type you prefer at any given time. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC allows you to switch between a cooling breeze or a regular fan for optimal comfort.


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The Science Behind the Portable Air Cooler Blast Auxiliary

Before you buy a product, it is a good idea to learn about its science. The principle of the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler is simple evaporation science.

It’s very simple. The water curtain will evaporate water when you put it in. This will reduce the temperature and spread the water throughout your room. Fans will blow cool air into the water and evaporate the water.

The liquid that is heated by the hot air will react with the water curtain. This will cause the liquid to heat up and gradually evaporate. It will then cool down, causing the air to escape the device. Hot air absorbs moisture from water and spreads it, increasing humidity.

This product can help you get rid of dry summer air that can cause skin problems. It can even be used in areas with humid summers, as the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air cooler can add moisture to certain parts of your home that are less dry than normal.

This could be used by people who prefer dry air to cool down even on hot days.

Another important feature of this device is its ability to trap particles in the air. Although it is limited in its capabilities, the water curtain can remove pollen, dust, and other contaminants from your air.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Cooler cannot remove viruses or bacteria. This is because it only has a limited filtering capability. It cannot stop diseases from spreading around. You should also replace the water curtain every six to nine months as it can get dirty and reduce its filtering power.




Install and use the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Step 1Install the water curtain in the Blast Air cooler. The water curtain can last approximately six months, or more depending on its usage before it needs to be replaced.

Step 2 Pour the water into the top of your unit.

Step 3 Turn on the Blast Auxiliary Portable Cooler. The air vents will allow cool air to flow instantly. To get the best out of your cooler, aim the airflow towards the center of the room.


The Blast manufacturer claims that this portable air cooler is the most user-friendly. It can withstand the heat and dry summer air. This will allow you to enjoy optimal temperatures on hot days and nights.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler’s moisture features make it ideal for small rooms. These ACs can reduce irritation and problems that traditional ACs can cause to your eyes, nose, and throat.


Benefits of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Works in small spaces

As mentioned, the best feature of this device is its portability. Blast Auxiliary AC is able to fit in small spaces thanks to this feature. This is a great option for rooms with limited space. You can carry it around more easily as it can be thrown in a bag.

Portable products are a hot commodity these days because of this. Modern man demands portability. Portable and efficient options are available. Air conditioner units are no exception. Many people prefer to choose what they can use immediately over those that require professional installation and maintenance.

Don’t worry about installing

The traditional central air conditioners are available. A technician will be needed to assist with installation. The Blast Auxiliary desktop AC does not require any additional stress. The unit can be used right out of the box. The USB cord is included for charging. It’s as easy as plugging and playing

Convenient and Compact

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC can be used by people who want to have cool air wherever they are. It is portable and can be carried from one place to the next. It’s lightweight and portable enough to be used on the go. It is portable and lightweight, so you can enjoy air wherever you want.


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This device is energy efficient in that it does not increase your energy bill as much as central air conditioners. The central air conditioners use electricity to operate, which is significant energy and money drainer. Blast Auxiliary’s desktop air conditioner uses a rechargeable battery. It is easy to charge the battery and then use it. This saves you a lot of money in the long term. It’s also an economical option because the focus is more focused than central. It performs a smaller job, so it is easier to use.

Provides humidity

The classic Blast desktop AC auxiliary cools and humidifies the air. This is useful in dry seasons and environments with low humidity. This can lead to significant discomfort as the air is not humid enough. This problem is mitigated by the Blast Auxiliary AC.


Blast Auxiliary desktop AC is compact and portable, giving you more options than wall-mounted units. This AC is ideal for homes and businesses that don’t require constant cooling. The portable AC unit can be easily moved from one area to the next, depending on what is needed. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can also be used in the office. Its portability is the key to all of this. This would not be possible if the air conditioner was centrally installed.

This allows one to cool only the areas that require it and saves money on cooling rooms that aren’t being used or occupied. This is convenience at its best!

Easily transportable

For those who are constantly on the move, a blast auxiliary classic air conditioner is a great option. It can be carried along by people who travel frequently and they will enjoy the cool air. Because it can be recharged, it can also work in remote areas without electricity. This air conditioner is portable and can be used in any location.

A portable AC is the best choice for those who only require temporary accommodation but can move easily to another location, such as college students living in hostels. A portable AC by one’s side will make it easier to move than a bulky unit.


Is Blast Portable AC Legit?

The Blast Auxiliary AC can be trusted! Click here to see proof or go to Google. You will find a lot of positive Blast Portable AC reviews which validate the AC’s legitimacy.

The Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner is certainly legit and stands out from all other portable air conditioners on the market. This is likely why so many people love it. Blast Auxiliary AC allows you to enjoy summer without sweating or paying a lot.


Blast Auxiliary Portable AC: Pros and Con



  1. It’s very affordable.
  2. It is strong and durable.
  3. Installation experience is not required.
  4. You can use it as an air conditioner or fan to cool your personal space.
  5. The company provides buyers protection through a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  6. Promo: Early buyers get a special one-time discount
  7. You get feature value for the amount you pay.
  8. It can be used to cool down the body, for both children and adults.
  9. It helps prevent dry skin caused by heat from the summer sun and regular cooling systems.



  1. Limited stock is available for blast ac.
  2. It can only be used to cool a single person and not the whole room.
  3. At the moment, not available in all countries.



Q: How often should the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler clean?

A: There’s no need to clean the Blast Auxiliary Mobile AC thoroughly on a regular basis. The water curtain should be cleaned at least once per month to maintain its durability. This is particularly important for those who use the air-cooling device frequently.

Q: Is evaporation not a very energy-intensive operation?

A: The Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler uses evaporation technology. It functions well while maintaining high energy efficiency, contrary to what the manufacturer claims. It is self-contained and runs on the warm air, a fan, and water. These are, in a way, its most important characteristics.

Q: How many people can be cooled by the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

A: Due to the small size and limited capabilities of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC it can only accommodate one user.

Q: Where is the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler to be located?

A: The manufacturers of the Blast-Auxiliary Portable AC recommended that users place their units close to a window and on flat surfaces in order to minimize the risk of water tank leakage.


What is the cost of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

Prices for the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Ac Ultra vary based on how many units are purchased. For more details:

  • 1 Blast Desktop AC Ultra unit: $89.99 + $8.95 in S&H
  • 2 Blast Desktop AC Ultra units: $202.99 + $10.95 in S&H
  • 3 Blast Desktop AC Ultra units: $247.99 + $11.95 in S&H


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Final verdict of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review

This review covers everything you need to know about the Blast Auxiliary portable AC. We hope you find the best. Blast Portable AC has received 4.6 out of 5 stars from customers. This is higher than any other portable AC on the market.

Summer is coming, but you don’t need to be trapped in order to prepare for the heat. A portable air conditioner is essential to enjoy summer to its fullest. (Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Review)

There are many scam reports about low-value portable air coolers online. People fear that they will be scammed. We believe you can make an informed buying decision with our honest review of the blast portable AC.

The Blast Auxiliary portable AC is easy to use, affordable, feature-packed, and provides excellent buyer protection. There is no need to search for blast AC alternatives on Amazon or eBay, Walmart, or any other online marketplaces when you can buy it from the official company store at the lowest price and with buyer protection.