8 Best Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Reviews

Garage door openers can be a game-changer for your smart home. When it comes to selecting from the different varieties of these complementary products, wall-mounted garage door openers lead the trends with space savings and minimal noise operations. Control your garage using your smartphone from any corner of the world to eliminate any unauthorized access. 

8 Best Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener in 2022

So today we bring a list of one of the highly recommended garage door openers that mount to the walls and help you find the best garage door opener according to your needs. We’ve shortlisted these products based on operations, security, maintenance, and of course pricing!

LIFTMASTER 8500W 2-893MAX remotes JACKSHAFT GARAGE DOOR OPENER MYQ ENABLED WIFI AND BATTERY INSTALLED is a perfect wall-mounted garage door opener that comes with battery backup. It is a powerful and easy-to-install garage door opener from the trusted LIFTMASTER brand.

Weight: 3.74 pounds

Package dimensions: 27.5*17.9*11.3 inches


  • It comes with two 893MAX remote controls for quick operations.
  • It can be mounted on either side of the garage.
  • It is an easy-to-install garage door opener that comes with a tension sensor.


LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator, WiFi is another master product from the industry leader. It has a powerful p3 motor and is compatible with myq, security 2.0, etc. The ultra-quiet operations of this wall-mounted garage door opener make it a must-to-have for your home.

Weight: 11 pounds

Product dimensions: 7.5*7.9*21.5 inches


  • It has a sleek and space-saving design that fits perfectly beside your garage door.
  • It offers reliable ultra-quiet operations and is a durable product for operating large garage doors.
  • It is powered with elite series features and powerful motors.


  • It is not suitable for headroom track and roll-up doors.

Genie B6172H Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener, DC Motor Lifts up to 14ft high 850lbs, Black is a perfect wall-mounted garage door opener for garages having attic access points, storage on ceilings, and vaulted ceilings. It works smoothly for residential garage doors up to 850LB.

Weight: 31.1 pounds

Product dimensions: 21.3*6.86*14.55 inches


  • It uses a 24V DC motor that offers quiet operations while never compromising with swift and powerful action.
  • It comes with a safe T-pulse internal slack cable monitor for safe door closure.
  • It comes with the automatic door lock, Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi Smart Technology, wireless wall console, battery backup, 3-button pre-programmed remote.


Genie Battery Backup Model 6072H-B Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener, Black is a powerful garage door opener that comes with additional features like Bluetooth LED light, remote garage door lock, etc. It is the best garage door opener for residential sectional garage doors.

Weight: 31.4 pounds

Product dimensions: 9*6.8*14.5 inches


  • It mounts perfectly to the garage door sides using a torsion spring and eliminates powerhead and rails from garage ceilings.
  • It has internal tension monitoring of door cables with an electronic pulse and comes with an in-built power backup.
  • It comes with an automatic door lock, wireless wall console, battery backup, and 3-button pre-programmed remote.


Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener – Wall Mounted – myQ Smartphone Controlled – Ultra Quiet Space Saving Direct Drive, Model RJO20, Black is another perfect choice for the best garage door openers. It offers long-lasting performance as every product undergoes rigorous testing.

Weight: 31 pounds

Product dimensions: 6.85*6.01*16.25 inches.


  • It helps increase the functional space in the garage by mounting on the wall next to the garage door.
  • It ensures enhanced protection with an automatic garage door lock.
  • It works using the myQ app and offers vibration-free operations.


LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package is another top product from the leading garage door manufacturing company. Considered as one of the best garage door openers, it ranks high on reliability, durability, and effective performance.

Weight: 30.7 pounds

Product dimensions: 48*12*16 inches


  • It comes with a smooth start and smooth stop 24V DC motor that offers noise-free operations.
  • It has a six-foot power cord that ensures an effortless connection to the power supply.
  • It comes with invisible light-emitting safety sensors for protected opening and closing.


Genie 6072H-O Residential Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener, Black is a strong wall-mounted garage door opener. It works with any standard outlet within 6 feet of the door opener and offers safety using a T-pulse system. It gives a clutter-free look to your garage.

Weight: 26.9 pounds

Product dimensions: 7*8.8*12.01 inches

Weight: 26.9 pounds

Product dimensions: 7*8.8*12.01 inches


  • It comes included with all different accessories like remote door lock, Intellicode remote, Bluetooth LED light, Genie wireless wall console, etc.
  • It has quick installation with only requirements of 2.5 feet above and 7 feet to the garage door sides.
  • It is one of the easy-to-install and uses a garage door opener that is wall mounted.


beamUP Workhorse – BU100 – Garage Door Opener, Heavy-Duty Chain Drive, Wall Mount, and Remote Garage Opener Included – White is a leading wall-mounted garage door opener that is powerful, durable, reliable, and affordable at the same time. It uses a 3/4 Horsepower motor and comes with a heavy-duty chain.

Weight: 0.16 ounces

Item dimensions: 12.4*10*6.7 inches


  • It has an energy-efficient 1500 lumens LED security lighting for operating at night.
  • There is no need to pay extra on the different subscriptions as it works with the smart home integration program.
  • It offers real-time security updates for ensuring the security of your garage.


  • It may create issues while connecting to the Home Link app.

Wall-mounted garage door openers – Quick Buying guide:

While we bring a detailed review of the top wall-mounted garage door openers for you, some may still feel confused in selecting an ideal product out of this list. All you need is a quick but effective buying guide that marks all pointers to check while looking for a perfect product for your needs. So, here you go:

  • Features: First things first, it is important to have a look at the detailed features of any garage door opener that can be mounted on the wall. It helps look for additional feature requirements that are specific to your needs only.
  • Brand: Some of the leading brands offering wall mount garage door openers include LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain, beamUP, etc. It is ideal to go for the top brands while looking to have a durable and high-quality garage door opener.
  • Horsepower: The horsepower of the motor defines its capacity and hence is crucial to ensure smooth working of the heavy garage doors. Thus, it is important to go through the horsepower ratings of the garage door opener.
  • Pricing: Last but not least is the affordability of the wall mount garage door openers. It is ideal to shortlist two to three options based on features and make a final call based on the pricing.

Wall-mounted garage door openers- FAQ:

Are you having some questions about the wall-mounted garage door openers? Have a quick check at our FAQ section:

  • Is a wall mount garage door opener perfect for my home?

The garage door openers that are mounted on walls are perfect for homes as these are easy to maintain due to the absence of belt drive or chain drive and operate quietly. Further, there are no issues with the dripping lubricants on the vehicles like that in the case of overhead models. 

  • How much space is needed to use a wall mount garage door opener?

The garage door openers mounted on the wall have basic space requirements only. All you need to have is at least eight inches on one side of the door and 10 feet as a floor-to-ceiling distance.

  • What are the key features to look for in any wall mount garage door opener?

The main features to look for any garage door openers mounted on a wall include horsepower, security, accessibility, durability, and ease of operations.

  • How much should I need to spend on a wall mount garage door opener

The average cost of any garage door opener mounted on a wall depends on the brand and its features. However, it ranges between 150USD to 750USD.

Wrapping Up

Hence, it is easy and quick to find an ideal wall-mounted garage door opener for your specific needs. A detailed review of the top eight options helps find a perfect product according to your space, features, and budget needs. The absence of chain or belt drive in the wall-mounted openers ensures that you don’t have to spend high on their maintenance. So, welcome these modern and best wall-mounted garage door openers at your place that operates with minimum noise and offer the utmost security.

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