How To Estimate Backlink Profile Of Your Website

The success of hundreds of businesses we meet on the top of Google search results proves the effectiveness of rankings for company growth. Backlinks are an essential part of rank improvement. But even if you put all your effort into link building, it does not guarantee you instant and long-term results. We are here to figure out how to determine if your backlinks will bring you the desired outcomes.

Quality Backlinks: 5 True Signs

Backlink quality is not an abstract notion. Instead, it implies certain criteria that Google takes into account while crawling your website. Here are the most important ones.

  1. Your backlinks are unique & diverse. Search engines appreciate it when your backlinks stem from various sources. Additionally, if you have backlinks that your competitors do not have, this will be a huge plus to your rank.
  2. The linking website is authoritative. Web pages that contain high-quality content and have a flawless reputation are perfect sources for your backlinks. The higher domain authority (DA) they have, the better links fill your backlink profile.
  3. The source website has a stable inflow of organic traffic. This point not only contributes to the quality of traffic on your own website but is also a great signal to search engines.
  4. Your backlinks are built on the right anchors.Keep the balance between keyword-rich anchors and those that naturally inweave in the content. This will not make your profile suspicious to search engine algorithms.
  5. The backlinks appear in an appropriate context.The relevance of the linking website plays a huge role in the quality of the backlink. Make sure the links to your website appear in the content of a similar niche.

If your backlinks meet all the features mentioned above, you can feel safe about the future of your website. Google will not ban your webspace based on your backlink profile, and you will enjoy all the benefits that the right link building campaign can provide.

How to Analyze Your Backlink Profile

The notion of backlink quality consists of multiple components. To get the most out of your link building campaign, you may want to analyze each of these factors. This may sound quite challenging to manage on your own. Luckily, some services specialize in the automation of most of these processes. We have prepared the 3 most popular of them.

  • Ahrefshelps marketers across the web keep track of the backlinks on their websites. Besides that, it may be helpful for those who want to spruce up their keywords and peek at the progress of their competitors.
  • Ubersuggestis an all-in-one tracker that provides an extensive analysis of the backlinks and the overall performance of your website. According to its developer, it is the most comprehensive tool among other backlink checking services.
  • Monitor Backlinksaims at analyzing both your and your competitors’ backlink profiles. The service uses various metrics and connects to your Google Analytics profile. Another useful feature is messaging to your email in case you lose or gain backlinks.

SEO automation services make quality link building accessible to everyone. With them, you will never miss a backlink gap or any critical flaw that could ruin the whole campaign. Choose the right service for your business and enjoy safe and stable SEO link building.

Bonus: 3 No-Lose Quality Link Building Tactics

1. Guest Posting

Investing in the content of other websites is a well-known and proven technique to expand your presence, find a new audience, and generate backlinks. You can use quality guest posting services to automate the process of finding and placing your content or creating it for your campaign. Marketers also appreciate guest posting for the chance to place backlinks in the most profitable way by following all quality requirements.

2. Testimonials & Reviews 

Communication with other companies is a crucial part of a quality link building campaign. This is a way to get your backlinks and establish stronger business relationships at the same time. Choose a service or product you have already used and liked, and write a testimonial for that business. It will be not only a sweet gesture but also a guarantee of an organic backlink from that website.

3. Broken Link Building

Not every business keeps track of its backlinks. This may lead to missing a dead link, hiding in the profile. Such links refer to non-existing or broken pages and impact the whole SEO performance negatively.

If you find such a broken link, you can contact the host of the website with a proposal to replace this backlink with your one. This often works well because it is a win-win solution to enrich the profiles of both businesses.

Key Takeaways

To make sure your campaign is heading in the right direction, you need to analyze your backlink profile now and then. For that, as well as for other promotion techniques, experienced marketers have developed special tools and services that help automate the process.

We have covered the main aspects of quality backlink building. To continue educating yourself, check here for more information about SEO automation. Never stop discovering new ways to grow your business, and you will definitely see amazing results soon!

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