Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuit

Electing management for a company is an extremely important process. Every board member is expected to handle his area of ​​responsibility in the spirit of the owner’s perception. They must achieve goals set for them. The path to success for any manager is in meeting the goals. Dealing with the daily details as well as a long-term vision. Be a part of a strategy. Ultimately, the success of a company or its failure depends a lot on the performance of management. They are responsible for the proper distribution of financial resources and more.

Alpha Capital Anstalt, a successful institutional investor, examines performance of management.  In preparation for an investment, it analyzes the performance of management which is just as important as the analysis of the accounting books. Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuit begins with a failure in the data analysis.

Full transparency

If any data has disappeared from the eyes of the analysts, they might make the wrong decision and even end in court. Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuits are the product of such a miss.

This was the case of the investment in ICPI, a Toronto-based pharmaceutical company. It specializes in the research, development, and manufacture of novel and generic controlled-release and targeted-release oral solid dosage drugs. This is an example of an excellent investment of securities for approximately $1,677,333.00.

Very soon after the deal was realized, a change in management caused a change in the perception of the investment.

The company’s chief financial officer, Mr. Patient resigned from his position. Done while conducting the negotiations on Alpha Capital Anstalt’s investment in the company, without saying a word about it. Absolute lack of transparency.

One has to understand how serious such a case is. The CFO is the primarily responsible person managing all the Company’s financial activities. He is the business planner, the one who budgets the various departments and the one who negotiates on behalf of the company’s owners. The decision to invest was indeed a good business decision but the lack of transparency turned on a red light that brought Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuit forward.

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