4 Proven Methods to increase your website traffic after Google Core Update of June 2021

Google releases a core algorithm update every 2-3 months. At least this has been the norm for the previous few years now. The first sign, whether your website was the beneficiary of the core update or was at the receiving end is the website traffic. This leaves many of the website owners and SEO experts wondering about: How to increase website traffic?

Hundreds and thousands of articles have been written, researches done and the issue has been debated to the extremes. In the end, and in most of the cases, there was no definite answer. The only fundamental aspect that experts agree on is “It depends”.

It depends on what type of website you are talking about. Is it a business website? One that sells a product or service. Or is it an information based website? The two broad categories define what type of website visitors would usually arrive at your website via Google. Once you have ascertained what type of website you operate, the next questions become relatively simpler.

Here are some time tested and proven methods that can help you increase your website traffic.


Consistently termed as the most important factor in achieving high rankings and more traffic. Content has proven to be a formula that would never disappoint you if you place your bets on good quality. Interestingly, this is the only constant in a complex equation of variable that has not yet changed. Good quality content is your guaranteed metric to achieving a higher website traffic.

User Experience:

Little was known about this fundamental ranking factor before 2018. However, in the last 3 years, the game has increasingly tilted in its favor. Websites that render an excellent user experience are 60% more likely to get repeat visitors and 50% more likely to gain new similar visitors from major search engines.

Frequent Content Updates:

Frequently publishing new content on your website gives Google a signal that the website is being well looked after. The updated information and well-researched content keep the visitors glued to the website. At the same time, it gives you keyword dominance and also the ability to capitalize on new trends and keywords, hence significantly increasing your website traffic.

Social Media Activity

Social media activity signals to Google a higher rate of legitimate user interaction with the website. The interaction should be thorough, well planned, and executed to perfection. Merely throwing an article with a link on a couple of profiles won’t do the job. You need to post updated content across your social media platforms, interact with the followers in your comments section, tag influencers and reply to people with relevant links to your content.