Avid Swimmer Glenn Haraguchi Offers His Top Tips for Distance Swimming

Avid swimmer Glenn Haraguchi recently offered his top tips for long-distance swimming.

Long-distance swimming isn’t a sport for everyone. It requires proper stroke technique, unique breathing abilities, and the patience to boost your fitness gradually. Glenn Haraguchi is an avid long-distance swimmer, and he recently offered his best tips for getting into the sport.

“The key to long-distance swimming is being able to maintain endurance over time,” Glenn Haraguchi said. “This is what makes it difficult for many individuals. You must have the patience and discipline to train for an extensive amount of time before you become extremely talented in this sport.”


Glenn Haraguchi added that knowing several simple tips will help you achieve your goal of being a long-distance swimmer more quickly. First, he stated it’s essential to master your breathing technique. Breathing patterns can greatly increase your swimming capabilities, and your breathing can be a major influence on how fast or slow you swim. 

“Long-distance swimmers must develop a consistent breathing pattern,” Haraguchi said. “It’s essential to create a smooth rhythm, exhale fully, and alternate sides.”

The tip of exhaling fully is extremely important to remember, because instincts tell us to conserve air when in water. A failure to exhale completely can cause carbon dioxide to build up, and you will feel out of breath much more quickly. 

Alternating sides is equally important. This style of breathing ensures you’re aware of your surroundings, which may include obstacles or fellow swimmers. Alternating breathing sides allows you to stay on course and continue your rhythm smoothly.

Glenn Haraguchi added that practicing a proper stroke is as essential as your breathing technique. This may vary for each individual, as you may want to change strokes throughout your distance swim. Every stroke makes a difference in the end result, so keep your body streamlined, complete measured kicks, and be sure your arm movements are smooth.

“You need to give yourself time to build endurance,” Glenn Haraguchi added. “You will not become a seasoned long-distance swimmer in a day or a week.”

Experienced long-distance cyclists and runners even need time to build endurance before becoming long-distance swimmers. Haraguchi suggested spending time training in a pool with dynamic workouts, including warm-ups, interval training, and more. This is the best place to fine-tune your strokes and breathing technique before heading into open water. Improving endurance outside the pool, through strength training and cardio, can also help prepare you for open swims.

“Long-distance swimming is a physical activity that can bring countless physical and mental benefits to your life,” Glenn Haraguchi concluded. “Even the process of working your way into the sport can be extremely rewarding. Purchase a pool membership or find your nearest body of water and start working on your technique.”


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