5 Creative Ways Your Craft Beer Bar Can Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

2020 has become a turning point in the life of many establishments and shops. The world froze literally in a matter of days. But time passes, and over time, everything will return to normal. It is worth remembering that craft beer is inherently quite an uncommon thing. And, therefore, the main task even during the coronavirus crisis is to attract new customers and retain the attention of old ones so as not to lose them after recovery.

Launch Home Delivery or Takeout Service

Product portability plays an important role nowadays. You should think about how to prepare your drink so that it does not lose its qualities, it is convenient for customers to take away, but you must make sure they come back for more. At this point, it is worth considering professional equipment such as growler filler. Also, use your creative mind to make original packaging, stickers, and business cards. They make it easy for customers to remember your production, and, thanks to the distinctive feature, others can easily find you by recommendations. 

If You Are Still Not Online, It Is Time to Start

Social networks are the engine of business at the moment. The right content expands the audience, and to gain momentum at the initial phase, you should not neglect the help of friends and clients. Make them feel special and contribute to the development of your establishment. Their reposts, as well as positive reviews, will bring new clients to you. Active interaction with the audience is also very important. Make live broadcasts, share the stages of product preparation and packaging, and do not forget to reply to comments. This kind of activity grabs the attention of buyers.

New Opportunities to Make Money from the Experience

You can start to consult in an area where you can share experiences. If you have a wealth of experience in running a business, you are successful and can help newbies consider the possibility of commercial assistance. That is, create a course or package of important information, which should be useful when starting your own business, and sell it. This type of service is quite popular on social networks.

Let Guests Help You

Develop certificates for customers that they can use later when the business opens. If you are thinking about new products, do small batches, post announcements on social media, and launch pre-orders.

Look for Partners for Collaborations

Small establishments that share a common feature can cooperate. This type of work can be helpful. For instance, a brewery can start working with a local producer of meat snacks as a small foodservice establishment.

In any case, it remains to wait just a little bit longer. Soon, the pandemic will begin to recede, and a group of friends will be able to gather again for a glass of beer.

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