Jason Freskos Discusses Why Your Next Getaway Should Be to a Yoga Retreat

Jason Freskos recently discussed why your next getaway should be to a yoga retreat.

Vacations characteristically involve indulgence in excessive amounts of food, alcohol, and laziness. There’s no doubt that a vacation like this can be fully relaxing and enjoyable. However, there’s a way you can turn your next vacation into an enjoyable experience that’s also healing for the body and mind. Yoga instructor Jason Freskos recently discussed why you should consider a yoga retreat for your next getaway.

“Yoga retreats combine travel to exciting destinations with advancing your yoga and enjoying a relaxing escape,” Jason Freskos said. “If you can get past the idea that vacations need to be completely indulgent, a yoga retreat can be an excellent, and even life-changing, option.”

Freskos explained that yoga retreats are located around the globe. They exist everywhere from exciting cities to deserted beaches. This gives you an opportunity to experience an area’s culture, history, and natural beauty. When you’re not practicing yoga, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the ins and outs of the destination.

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“A yoga retreat is an excellent option for single travelers, as you’ll be immediately thrown into a group of new friends,” Jason Freskos said. “Many of these friendships last a lifetime and result in future travels together.”

Freskos explained that yoga retreats offer multiple opportunities to make lasting friendships. This is because you already know you have one thing in common with everyone else at the retreat — you’re interested in yoga. Traveling to a yoga retreat makes connecting with others easier than if you simply throw yourself into an unknown environment.

Freskos added that the experience of visiting a yoga retreat is one that stays with you long after your trip. Instead of simply returning with souvenirs, you’ll return with new yoga asanas, education, healthy routines, friendships, and so much more. A yoga retreat easily leads to a more relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body, and this can stay with you for months after your adventure.

“Yoga retreats offer countless opportunities to advance your knowledge of yoga, connect with like-minded people, and develop new, healthy habits,” Jason Freskos said. “These advantages combined with seeing a new part of the world make choosing a yoga retreat a no-brainer to me.”

Jason Freskos finished by stating that yoga retreats are a way of treating yourself that is different than a traditional vacation. You may not be drinking daiquiris under a beach umbrella every day, but you’ll be indulging in developing healthy habits, advancing your practice, and learning an abundance of new skills you can take home with you. Make the change, and you’ll probably want all of your future getaways to be yoga retreat getaways.


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