High Property Taxes?

Protest Evidence has the tools to reduce them

It is no secret that Texas home owners have seen a surge in home values, especially in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. Of course, with this comes higher property tax values.

The county appraisal district values each property annually based on market trends. In a market where there are skyrocketing sales prices, tax values will skyrocket too.

The best way to combat these high values is for homeowners to file a protest annually when they receive their notice of value from the county appraisal district. Protesting property value is a great way for homeowners to save money. The problem many homeowners run into while doing this is coming up with effective evidence to support their argument.

That’s where Protest Evidence can help. Their programs use appraisal theory to create effective and compelling evidence that the counties specifically request for homeowners to use in their protest cases. Huge amounts of data are compressed to analyze each property individually to create a valuation that is property-specific. This evidence can be used in both the informal and the formal hearings.

Plus, it includes an unequal analysis, a strategy that the professionals use to reduce property tax values. In fact, this is the same evidence used by the big property tax firms.

Protest Evidence is the perfect solution for the DIYer looking to reduce their property tax burden. The company even provides informative, easy to understand “how-to” videos that teach homeowners how to easily, effectively, and correctly protest their tax appraised value.

Reduce down your high property taxes now and save money with Protest Evidence!

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