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Having a blue verified badge next to your username on Instagram has grown to become a very big deal over the years. In the early days of Instagram, the blue badge generally was there to represent either a mega-celebrity or an established Fortune 500 business. But things have changed; nowadays a verified Instagram profile can represent a relatively unknown individual/business on a global scale, however it gives the Instagram “seal of approval” that this person or business is legitimate and worth following or engaging with. Although it can be viewed as a superficial thing to desire – the world we live in is as such that having a blue checkmark next to your name gives you instant authority and credibility in the eyes of many.

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For those who are not very famous, getting verified on Instagram can be quite tough to do. Generally speaking, the folks over at Instagram will want to see that you are a person of interest who has a certain level of notoriety in your field, and that you may be at risk of being impersonated more heavily than your average person or business. Although it is not necessarily guaranteed that you will be verified with them, the verification team at instagram will be scouring the web to find pieces of information that can confirm this level of notoriety. This is a large part of the process that can help you become verified. 


How to buy Instagram verification?

Assuming you’ve already tried and been rejected, you might be wondering what someone can do to get verified on Instagram after already failing. The answer is simple – pay someone to have it done for you guaranteed, or buy a pre-verified Instagram account with a random handle and use it as your own. If you’ve got cash-in-hand, these are generally the two most popular ways that people get verified on Instagram when they’ve already tried and failed on their own. Buying Instagram verification is extremely common and something many celebrities are doing.

Getting your own personal account verified is also another option which most people opt for. The pricing of this package (guaranteed verification of your account) starts at 4 figures for personal accounts and 5 figures for business accounts, and is fully refunded in the unlikely case that your account does not get verified for whatever reason. Buying Instagram verification is the easiest way to go. The pricing varies quite a bit  however and is highly dependent on how much press you already have; it can be cheaper or more expensive.  For this package, we will need you to answer some questions and provide us with some images that we can use to generate content to establish you and/or your brand everywhere on the web. The process will typically take between 4 and 7 weeks and has a very high success rate, especially among brands/individuals who are already *almost* there in terms of press releases.


Buying pre-verified accounts from us is significantly cheaper and easier to do, however there is a limited supply available at any given moment. The account prices will range from mid 4 figures to low 5 figures, depending on how desirable the username is. With this package, you are essentially just buying the login details for both the verified Instagram account and the OGE (original email address) which was used to sign up for the account. This is done to ensure that you have full control and access to your account. The account will already be verified, however in many cases the username will not match your real name or brand name. The more generic and ‘brandable’ the username is, the more expensive it will be. On the other hand, the accounts with handles that are specifically tied to a person/business will oftentimes be cheaper to purchase. This purchase will take no more than 1 week (usually a few days) and no additional information would be required of you.

Buying Instagram Verification Pricing & Turn-around-time

To summarize, let’s go over what it will cost you to get verified using our services and how long it will generally take. If you have press already, the submission will only cost a flat fee of $5,000 and is refundable if the request is not successful. If you do NOT have press, we can have it done for you.

Verify your personal account: starts at $10K  — will take between 4 and 7 weeks.

Verify your business account: starts at $14K  — will take between 6 and 9 weeks.

Buying pre-verified IG accounts: varies depending on the account  — will take 1 week or less.

Why you should buy Instagram verification – Is it worth the money?

Customers of ours often tell us how buying verification for their Instagram account is one of the best investments they have ever made into themselves and/or their business. Again, it may seem silly to someone who doesn’t fully understand the authority that comes with the blue checkmark, but having this verification badge really does give you influence and a certain level of respect. Your content will be recommended more often than non-verified accounts, engagement will improve, and your DM’s will be seen by virtually anyone you message. Human relationships are everything in our world and any chance to improve/increase your exposure with other high quality individuals and businesses is a great investment overall, if used correctly. 

Who Can buy Verification on Instagram? 

This service can be used by virtually anyone regardless of how ‘famous’ you are at this moment in time. It helps if you are somewhat well-known and are trying to get your current account verified, however your level of fame does not matter at all if you are purchasing accounts that are already verified with Instagram. 


What do I need to provide to get my own account verified? 

If you choose to get your own account verified on Instagram, we will need some information from you. First, we will ask you to fill out a mini questionnaire in order for us to obtain enough details to have content distributed about you/your business. We will also need images. Lastly, you will need to provide us with either an image of your ID card (drivers license, passport, etc.) or in the case of a business, we will need a trademark document instead of an ID.

FAQ – getting verified, buying verified instagram accounts

Is the verification service guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee that your order will be delivered OR you will be refunded in full. 

Are already verified accounts hacked/stolen?

NO, the verified accounts we sell are not stolen. We are selling the original email address used to sign up as well as the account to ensure a safe transfer.

How do I pay?

At this moment in time we are taking Bitcoin payments only when you are buying instagram verification or when you buy verified instagram accounts.

What will you be doing to help me get verified?

Essentially, we are helping you attain the level of notoriety online that Instagram is looking for before they verify any individual or business. There are some other processes as well which we cannot divulge. 

Do I need to give you access to my account?

No, we do not need access to your instagram account to proceed with verification when you buy instagram verification.

Can I approve the content of the articles you post about me/our business?

Yes, we can send you the content for review before buying Instagram verification, however things will move quicker if you do not need to approve the content.

The Process Of Getting You Verified on Instagram

The process of getting you verified on Instagram is really quite simple, but it is anything but easy. If you do not have any level of quantifiable fame whatsoever, then your notoriety must be somewhat fabricated on the internet. This is done in numerous ways including article formation, news releases, edits, modifications, and more. Unlike many other platforms on the internet, Instagram is really quite picky with whom it chooses to verify. On platforms such as Tik Tok and Twitter, getting verified is often viewed as being much easier. Instagram’s criteria for fame is tough, but it is not impossible to work with.

Benefits of Buying a Verified Instagram Account

  • Instant credibility 
  • Priority DM’s (Your DM’s get seen before others’)
  • Instagram algorithm boost
  • Boost on ‘Explore’ page
  • Higher engagement; comment priority

The Problem With Trying To Get Verified on Your Own Through the App

The main problem with trying to do it on your own through the Instagram app is that there is no guarantee that your request will even be seen. IG has to sift through thousands of submissions every single day and because of this, it’s likely that yours won’t even get seen while our submissions through Facebook media panels are guaranteed to be seen 100% of the time. Another issue with self-submission is that you have no room to add additional information with your request such as notable accomplishments and articles citing your work, whereas we do. For this reason, it is much more practical to buy instagram verification, or to buy verified instagram accounts.

I’ve heard enough – verify me!

If you are ready to move forward, drop us an email at and let us know what you are looking to purchase. If you’re looking to verify an account rather than buy one, let us know of the handle and influencer/business name.

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