An Bui Online Career Accelerator: Best Online Digital Marketing Course with Zero Experience

Are you looking for the best online digital marketing course which is fully up-to-date, includes checklists and strategies, and provides a 360-degree view of digital marketing?

Then, an Online Career Accelerator is for you. Read on!

Digital marketing is one of the industries or disciplines that change faster. Not just technology and speed of interaction that changes fast, also the way that marketers try new strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Quick marketers employ new SEO strategies to more suitable target prospects. They reconstruct their messaging based on SEO metrics. They walk a fine line on social media to optimize their presence and ensure their messages are suited for every audience.

They move quickly and adapt faster. A digital marketer can never stay in place for long, lest they fall behind.

That’s why it’s crucial in the digital marketing space to frequently keep your skills sharp and take advantage of every innovation you can attain. And with so many resources in online posts, blogs, and websites, you need a reliable online course to learn digital marketing best practices that can set you apart from the rest.

Online programs and certification offered by professional training teams via tailor-made digital marketing courses can be a lifesaver for future marketing professionals. They give you skills proven to be effective in the workforce, taught by specialists who live and breathe the stuff for many years. You stay updated with the latest tools and techniques. Also, benefit from collaboration and interaction with specialists and peers alike.

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

There is an immense and still rising demand for digital marketers with finely harmonized skills. Jobs exist in almost every imaginable industry. In most circumstances, you can get into the field at a low cost of entry (i.e., with limited prerequisite knowledge and experience).

They make great money. Average salaries for digital marketing range from $73,000 to $114,000. There are abundant job opportunities for:

  • Digital marketing managers
  • SEO managers
  • SEM/PPC experts
  • Social media managers
  • Affiliate marketing leaders
  • Content marketers
  • Web Development

In this article, we will highlight the objectives and learning path of Online Career Accelerator with ZERO experience. How the courses are delivered and what distinguishes them from the rest.

The circumstances have changed. Colleges and universities no longer generate learnings that are necessary for future careers. In the United States, a law degree costs $145,500 and takes seven years to complete. Recent graduates have the highest unemployment rate, with 41% working in jobs that do not need a degree. And the average college graduate today owes more than $37,000 in student debt. It shows that taking courses at universities is no longer strong. It will just raise your expenses without providing you with the security of a job. If you want to progress in a short period, Online Career Accelerator will help you do that. Not four or seven years, but in just ten weeks! Yes, you hear it right. What are their methods for accomplishing this? Keep reading to find out more.

Inside Online Career Accelerator 10 Week Program

Online Career Accelerator founded by An Bui, has digital marketing courses that provide students with access to a comprehensive, in-depth, full-length program on distinct and relevant digital marketing topics. They not only provide mentorship to students. Also provide post-training resources while assisting students with work applications, interview preparation, writing a high-end resume and cover letter.

Online Career Accelerator divided the digital marketing course into ten weeks or modules. Here is a list of what you will find inside:

Week 1 – Introduction And Mindset

Topics Included:

  • Time management to work done efficiently
  • How to avoid failure
  • How to get guidance
  • How to have the right mindset to succeed
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Basics of Marketing and Concepts
  • Basics of Google Ads
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Basics of Email Marketing
  • Basics of SEO
  • Career Opportunities

Week 2 – High-Income Skills

Topics Included:

  • How to make six figures with Facebook Ads
  • How to quickly learn Facebook Ads within Weeks
  • How to learn Digital Marketing within Weeks
  • How to expand the ability to produce thousands of dollars every month

Week 3 – Career Accelerator

Topics Included:

  • How to job hunt and find 1,000+ businesses hiring for marketing
  • How to find urgent companies looking to hire
  • How to effectively job search instantly
  • Proven resume template to getting job offers
  • Beginner-friendly resume for Digital Marketing jobs
  • Step by Step Cover Letter Template and Checklist
  •  Digital Marketing Interview Scripts
  • 6 Figure Digital Marketing Interview Recordings
  • Cover Letter & Resume Reviews to secure you perform it right
  • +A copy of Cover Letter and Resume

Week 4 – Marketing Ads

Topics Included:

  • How to make highly profitable Facebook Ads
  • How to run Facebook campaigns
  • How to create effective Google Ads
  • Proven ads that work and why they work
  • Scaling campaigns from $1k to $100k per year

Week 5 – Network Mastery

Topics Included:

  • How to get multiple side jobs
  • LinkedIn Decoded (private mastermind course)

Week 6 – Career Acceleration

Topics Included:

  • How to get a raise easily
  • How to negotiate for a salary
  • Hidden strategies to make more money in less time

Week 7 to 10 – Elite Series

Topics Included:

  • How to earn a ridiculous amount of money with Digital Marketing
  • How to take other people to do the task for you and get multiple clients
  • How to get hired and not even have to perform the marketing anymore

Online Career Accelerator, you also get

Access to a private group. A good way for you to connect with people who share your interests and build a network of friends with whom you can collaborate in the future.

Access to recordings of interviews. You will go through the questions and answers at your rate because you have access to a question-and-answer script. Negotiation tactics are also included in the script to ensure that you are paid. Exactly what you are worth.

You will have access to a resume and cover letter template. Get access to a template that you can customize by inserting your details. It will inspire you to share your newfound skills and land your dream job in digital marketing.

Whether you Are now in the marketing field or looking to change careers and develop new skills that will give you focus and motivation, digital marketing has a lot to offer. Be sure to take the time to decide what skills you’ll need. Online Career Accelerator can meet your needs for the right price. Never miss out on the culture, coaching, and training that has led to students earn six figures online. You will be able to start your digital marketing career from the ground up in just ten weeks and be a part of the booming job market. Care about outcomes and your potential success. Online Career Accelerator is the best place to be.

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