DIY Brides Save More by Doing These 7 Things

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Planning a DIY wedding at this time is one of the best ideas. It will allow you to have control over every single aspect of your celebration. However, planning a DIY wedding can also be very tasking. While you’ll definitely save a lot of money, you could pick up lots of stress if not handled right.

So, how do you make things easier? The answer is by being practical and knowing what to do right from the start. Who knows, you could end up saving even more. If you’re planning a DIY wedding, then this is for you. DIY brides save more by doing these (7) things.

Getting Organized Early

Planning a DIY wedding means you’ll be juggling a lot of things. Getting organized early will help you avoid the stress that comes with that. Before you jump into your planning, create a big checklist. In it, you can break down all the tasks involved in your wedding into smaller, manageable chunks.

Using that, you can then map out your wedding timeline and set deadlines. Getting organized early will also give you enough time to do adequate research. It’ll then be easier to know what ideas work and what other less costly options you have available.

Minimizing the Use of Vendors

In a DIY wedding, you’ll be the one researching and contacting all of your suppliers. You’ll discover that you’ll spend lots of time on that and it could turn out very costly. Most times, industry professionals like planners can bank on previous relationships to lower prices. You won’t have those, and you may not be lucky enough to get deals.

You can streamline this process by minimizing the number of vendors that you work with. For example, you can get wedding rentals online that ships you easy to setup wedding rentals at affordable prices. Not only will this save you the time needed to research and work with expensive local vendors, but you’ll also save on delivery and pickup costs.

Staying Practical

Thinking of the practicalities involved in your event will go a long way in helping. However, most of these will not be very obvious from the start except you commit time to research. For example, if you’re using a blank warehouse for your wedding, you’ll have to think of many things.

Some of them are generators, portable toilets and other amenities. Basically, you’ll have to bring all that you’d find at an all-inclusive venue by yourself. Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan right and save some costs where possible.

Having A Vision Board

Getting caught up in the smaller details of wedding planning is a serious possibility. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten the bigger picture and have lost track of time. A dedicated vision board will help you avoid doing this. Go ahead and create one right at the beginning.

In your vision board, you can put in your decisions and the result you imagine on it as well as the styles, you’ll be working with. Places like Pinterest, Instagram and wedding blogs can be very helpful with resources.


Your sanity is important, and if you try to handle all parts of your wedding planning, you may be very tempted to lose it. But why do that when you have loved ones who are willing to and can help?

Small and, simple errands delegated to those who care about you will take the bulk of the stress of your shoulders. Your mind will also be freer so you can bargain better and snap up a good deal when you see it. Just don’t forget to give your helpers a shoutout when giving your wedding speech!

Hiring A Day-Of-Coordinator

Outsourcing a little bit of the work involved with your wedding planning to an expert won’t hurt. A day of coordinator will help you tie up any loose ends where your planning is concerned. Having one also means that you can relax and have fun on your wedding day. Most wedding planners don’t mind carrying out a day-of coordination role for DIY couples just like you. If you go with pipe & drape rentals they might help you with the setup. They even have packages for it!

Doing Research

There are many helpful resources when it comes to DIY weddings. This article is one of them. You can also talk to couples who had a DIY wedding before you. They’ll have one or two saving tips to share, and some great advice too. Taking advantage of resources and tips like these are some of the ways that you save more as a DIY Bride.


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