The rising business case for office space hoteling – And how to make it more efficient

With more businesses turning to remote workforces as a strategy of choice, at least for the foreseeable future, office space pooling is receiving growing attention. Many businesses, whose staff are temporarily working remotely, have excess workspace that they can share with their peers. Even within an organization, workplace rationalization offers great opportunities for desk sharing and workspace hoteling. However, workspace sharing arrangements are only viable if they are cost effective.

Read on to learn why, and how, they do make good business sense.


When businesses downsize, whether its temporarily or a permeant choice, there’s always a business rationale behind that decision. However, the wise entrepreneur looks at such measures to survive and thrive – not hurt and whither away. A great way to ensure the business continues to flourish, is to use office hoteling as a means for conserving cash. And, how exactly do you do that?

Well, the concept of using shared workspace isn’t new – it’s been around for many years. However, thanks to a new breed of workspace sharing tools, from companies like DeskFlex, sharing desk space, meeting rooms and cubicles is now easier than ever:

  • Centralized workspace resource controlling features mean you have exceptional visibility on all your office real estate. Fuller use of office space, either rented to third-parties or used by sister locations, means less wastage of precious resources
  • 3D mapping of the entire office, every desk, every conference room on every floor, makes space allocation simple and effective. For instance, this visual aid saves a lot of time when office admin staff must move seating around to cater to COVID-related deep cleaning or routine office maintenance. Since time = money, your office space booking software saves you a lot of it!
  • Efficient communications, among staff, colleagues and office space-sharing guests, always save time, money and wasted resources. With your room scheduling software integrated with corporate email address books and Active Directory profiles, everyone can check up-to-the-minute workspace and resource status, and manage their own space requirements. Not only do scheduling tools bring efficiency to the process, but you’ll also save a lot of money by eliminating the need for dedicated space administrators.

At the end of the day, in today’s highly competitive world, any initiative that saves cost – through shared office rent or maintenance expenditure – without adding complexity, is a good thing. And using office room scheduling tools to facilitate resource sharing, with internal and external users – delivers cost saving without the associated pressure and stress!


So, why, and how does it make sound business sense to switch to office space booking software? The answer is simple – these tools:

  • Bring process efficiency
  • Reduce wasted / unused office space
  • Enhance communication among office space users
  • Offer opportunity to monetize (rent out) excess space
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated office administrators, whose skills can now be used for more value-added tasks

With the cost-saving measures that these tools enable businesses to put in place, they recoup the cost of investing in office space scheduling and automation within just a few months.

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