Williston Force Portable AC Reviews [October 2020] Let’s Check, Is It Scam Or A Legit Portable AC?

Are you looking to purchase an air cooler? In that case, we have a suggestion for you. The summer season is at its peak right now. The only comfort from the heat is in your home. Products like an air conditioner can quickly cool the air, but they are expensive, energy-consuming, and not portable. That’s where portable air coolers like the Williston Force Portable AC come in. Many Williston Force Portable AC Reviewstell us that it is an affordable product that’s very effective in cooling air.

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If you’re someone who has to stay outdoors for long or travel a lot, the heat of this season will be incredibly hard for you to tolerate.

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What is the Williston Force Portable AC?

It’s an affordable, lightweight air cooler that’s also portable. It has gained popularity in countries like Australiaand New Zealandbecause of its features and pricing.


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Who’s This For?

Limiting this product’s use to a specific group of people wouldn’t be appropriate because the summer season is hard on everyone. Be it children who go to school or adults who go to an office; everyone seeks comfort from the sun’s warmth. So, this product is for everyone.

Benefits of Williston Force Portable AC

  • The product also works with a USB.
  • It is portable and can be carried anywhere for use.
  • In addition to cooling the surrounding air, it also cleans it.
  • It doesn’t make noise during its functioning.
  • It comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure customers of its superior quality.

Williston Force Portable AC Specifications

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  • It comes with an advanced cooling system that can make rooms cold and fresh within a few minutes.
  • It’s simple to use, and the installation process requires minimal effort.
  • Its design is robust and durable. It’s also available in different color options.
  • It doesn’t consume high amounts of electricity, so you don’t have to worry about excessive electricity bills.
  • During its functioning and operation, it doesn’t make a lot of sounds and is nearly silent.
  • It is equipped with an inbuilt air filter that can remove dust and other particles from the air to make it cleaner.
  • It comes with three-speed modes ranging from low to high and can be changed as per requirement.
  • It has a transparent water tank that can hold a sufficient amount of water.
  • It can also be used as an air fan in addition to an air cooler.

How does Williston Force Portable AC Work?

The principle that it works on is called thermoelectric cooling. Through this process, this product can keep the surrounding air cool. The water in the tank and the water curtain also play an essential role in its working and help detoxify the air and make it fresh.

How to Use It?

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  • Using this air cooler is straightforward and requires little to no effort.
  • First, fill the tank of the unit by pouring water from its top by opening the lid.
  • After filling the water, insert a water curtain.
  • A single water curtain has a lifespan of 6-8 months and can easily last an entire season.
  • Now, please turn on the air cooler and let it cool the surrounding air.

What makesthe Williston Force Portable AC better than others?

  • Its pricing is affordable, and it offers a lot of value for its price tag.
  • It comes with all the relevant policies like return and refund.
  • The customer response to this product is positive, which cannot be said about many similar products.

What are customers saying about it?

We looked at several Williston Force Portable AC Reviewsto accurately determine customers’ response to this product. We found the reviews to be positive. Some of the user comments are-

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Roger from Australia,” This air cooler is silent. My previous cooler used to make a lot of sounds, and I found it difficult to sleep. This cooler, however, works like a charm.”

Karl from New Zealand,” The features that this product offers for its price is unbelievable. It makes my room cool within minutes.”

Where can I get the Williston Force Portable AC?

It’s best to purchase this product from its official website. Some other online stores may also offer this product, but with the official website, there’s an assurance that the product is genuine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is Williston Force Portable AC expensive?

No, the pricing of this product is very affordable. On comparing its price tag with the features, it offers, this product gives incredible value for money.

  • Is any guarantee available on this portable AC?

Yes, a standard 30-Day Money Back Guaranteeis available with this product, and it can be returned quickly in that period.

  • Is this product available for purchase in offline stores?

No, this product cannot be purchased offline and is only available in online stores.


The summer season is a difficult time for everyone. The blazing heat makes it difficult to stay outdoors for extended hours. The minute you reach your home, you seek comfort and relaxation from the unbearable warmth of the sun. That’s where a product like the Williston Force Portable AC comes handy.

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You can turn this device on and instantly find yourself in a fresh and relaxed environment. It’s affordable and comes with all the crucial policies. If you intend to purchase this product, please place an order on their official website, and Get up to 50% OFF.

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