Ido Fishman – Top Businesses that are Worth Investing in During COVID-19

Nearly every country in the world has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only has this resulted in widespread panic, it also brought about a number of events that people couldn’t have imagined. With the constant increase in the number of COVID-19 patients all over the world, people have been confined within four walls. Since the situation doesn’t seem to be improving anytime soon and no vaccination in sight, every section of the society has been forced to find an alternate way to run their day to day operations. This is also applicable to the business world. Luckily, technology has proven to be a lifesaver for numerous industries.

While health experts and professionals are constantly encouraging social distancing, it has created an opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to reach out to there. Amidst all the chaos that has occurred due to this pandemic, businesses have found a solution by catering to their customers online. As people are staying at home, there has been a drastic increase in online shopping numbers. In fact, experts like Ido Fishman recommend that online shopping is the best way to get what you need right now as contactless deliveries can be made for minimizing the risk of the virus.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there has been a huge growth of mobile apps because they can also be used by businesses for getting in touch with their clients. There are a wide array of businesses that are worth investing in during COVID-19 because they have taken full advantage of technology. Some of the top options are outlined below:

  • Pickup and Delivery

One of the most recommended businesses by experts like Ido Fishman is delivery solutions. These have become a life savior nowadays because almost all types of businesses are trying to find ways to reach their customers’ doorstep. Delivery services have experienced a huge increase in their business during this pandemic. The changing economy has brought new opportunities for delivery services. No matter what size or type of business people may have, a robust delivery management solution is required.

  • Grocery Delivery App

A lot of people are afraid of going out because of the pandemic because they do not want to be infected. Due to this, they are not visiting offline grocery stores, but the stock in their home is not enough to last for long. Thus, they are now ordering their grocery online. This is one of the top reasons that there is a rise in the number of downloads for grocery delivery apps these days. Ido Fishman recommends that you shift your grocery delivery online for making it easy for customers to get their grocery right at their doorstep.

  • Online Education App

As per Ido Fishman, one of the most promising business ideas for anyone to invest in nowadays is e-learning or an online education app because there is no possibility of fall-back. The pandemic prompted governments to shut down all educational institutions due to which people are now taking a keen interest in opting for online courses that are certified and can offer them some value. Adults are adding to their knowledge by utilizing their free time whereas parents want their kids to take up courses to keep them engaged.

  • Medicine Delivery App

There has been a significant hike in the demand for pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare services. This means that the healthcare industry has to bear this burden. People who are affected by the coronavirus or those who have regular health issues are finding it difficult to visit medical stores for purchasing their required medicines. Hence, there is a high demand for applications that can be used to order medicines online as they can offer immense convenience to people. Even though it is not a new venture, it is certainly one that is in high demand during this pandemic.

  • Food Delivery Apps

Public food joints and restaurants have been shut down during the COVID-19 to practice social distancing. However, as Ido Fishman says, this doesn’t mean that people will stop eating. An online food ordering app can be set up to give people an alternate for ordering food and getting it delivered to their homes rather than having to come in. Such services are thriving because people are opting to stay in to avoid the contagious disease. You can launch your own food delivery app to allow customers to order food and ensure a contactless delivery.

  • Healthcare Consultation App

One of the most important roles is being played by remote healthcare for navigating the impact of the virus outbreak. According to Ido Fishman, online healthcare will become a legacy for combating the coronavirus and can be immensely helpful for patients as well as medical workers. In this isolation time, healthcare professionals want to attend to their patients, but they don’t want to encourage them to step outside. To do so, they are reaching out to them digitally. An online healthcare app can be the best way to provide best possible health solutions to those in need.

  • Fitness and Wellness App

Some of the businesses that have been drastically impacted by the outspread of the pandemic are offline gyms and health centers. Those who are in the health and fitness industries have found digital platforms to be a blessing in disguise. As major gyms are closing their doors for curbing the outbreak of the coronavirus, people are now switching to digital workout programs, such as the ones found on Ido Fishman Fit website, for maintaining their exercise routines from home. From yoga and meditation apps to online training apps, this sector promises a lot of growth.

  • Ecommerce Marketplace

Brick and mortar businesses are finding it difficult to sustain in this market after the Coronavirus spread. But, experts like Ido Fishman have pointed out that they have a golden opportunity of expanding their customer reach by going online and boosting their sales. The number of online shoppers has gone up by 8.8% since the outbreak and you can setup an ecommerce business online to take advantage of this trend.

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