General Steel Buildings Reducing Prices During COVID-19 Outbreak



As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt our daily and economic lives, countless Americans have come together to overcome this historic challenge. General Steel Buildings is among those recognizing the strength and resolve America’s businesses are displaying during this difficult time. 


To support continued economic development even in the midst of this challenge, America’s most trusted and recognized metal building company is offering its lowest prices in years. This rare move will allow the country’s businesses to secure affordable, high-performing facilities that allow them to continue serving the public during the coronavirus outbreak and well beyond.


“Whether it’s a war, mortgage crisis or worldwide pandemic, America’s businesses always seem to find a way to preserver,” said Travis McCain, VP Marketing at General Steel Buildings. “We are proud to support these efforts by offering special prices on the buildings that our Fortune 500 companies have depended on to manufacture every product imaginable.” 


Right now, General Steel has made it possible for businesses to acquire 40-by-60-foot buildings for less than $30,000 and 50-by-100-foot Clear Span buildings for under $50,000. They can also secure expansive, 100-by-150-foot buildings for less than $175,000. 


These special rates provide companies with a unique opportunity to elevate their business operations by investing in a flexible facility that will help secure their futures, streamline their efficiencies, and boost their operational capabilities. 


“Steel buildings are the most versatile, practical and durable solutions for today’s businesses,” said McCain. “Not only do they come with lower costs, these structures provide incredible longevity, along with low maintenance and shorter construction timelines. They also offer endless versatility while delivering first-rate durability that makes them a worthy investment for all sorts of enterprises.”


With unrivaled versatility, steel buildings are well-suited for diverse businesses working across numerous industries. From agricultural producers and aircraft hangers to auto shops, breweries, car washes, casinos, churches, horse stables, fitness centers and commercial properties; these flexible structures provide an ideal environment for virtually any type of business.


According to McCain, General Steel Buildings is uniquely positioned to offer customers special rates during this difficult period, thanks to its enduring reputation as a leader in the industry.


“As the biggest and most-recognized metal building supplier in the U.S., we’ve acquired the most buying power in the entire industry,” said McCain. “Steel prices can be volatile because of all sorts of unpredictable events that can occur at home and abroad. When companies work with General Steel, however, they gain access to our price protection program. Our building packages also include an extensive list of standard features and hundreds of personalization options that allow companies to customize the look of their buildings with unique siding options, color schemes and increased functionality through the addition of popular components.” 


Even if they aren’t sure where to start, McCain says businesses can easily form an effective action plan with help from General Steel’s knowledgeable experts. 


“Our company specializes in evaluating the unique needs of each business,” said McCain. “We can recommend the most effective solution that will turn a project into reality. For some, this simply means efficiently designing the highest quality steel building for an intended use. Other customers may need to draw from our company’s experience to develop a more comprehensive plan of action. No matter where they are in the process, General Steel has a solution that will meet every company’s needs.”


While some businesses have had to suspend operations during the outbreak, forward-thinking companies are looking to strengthen their positions so they will have the agility and capability to expand operations as things began to normalize. By reducing prices during the COVID-19 outbreak, General Steel hopes to support these efforts to help America’s businesses get back to running in high gear.


About General Steel Buildings


The country’s most recognized name in modern steel structures, General Steel has built a widespread reputation for delivering top-quality metal buildings for businesses working across countless fields and industries. 


No matter where you are in the building process, General Steel has the right solution at the right price. From our simple 3-step building quote to our ever-expanding library of project resources, our full-service construction project company can help bring your vision to life.


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