Novum Drone Review 2021: Upgrade Foldable Drone Legit or Fake? Price and Features!

Novum Drone

Not all drones are created equal. It is easy to fall for the hype of the market, especially when there are so many scammers. We’ve chosen to talk about a relatively new drone on the market that is quickly becoming the talk of today.

Novum Drone proved that it is possible to be affordable while still offering the same benefits as expensive products. The drone’s video and photo quality are unmatched. After seeing its video and photo performance, it’s often amazing how affordable the camera can be.

The Novum drone is a foldable drone. This means that it can be folded up whenever you travel. One of the best things about traveling is being able to look back at photos and videos of amazing moments and breathtaking scenes captured by our cameras.

The downside to traveling with drones is that they can be damaged if not properly packed. This is not the case with Novum Drone Because it folds, we can easily pack it in a bag and then unpack it as needed. This makes it more durable and will last for many years without any need to be repaired.

The battery life of the Novum drones is something that travelers and photographers will appreciate. Drones need a lot of power in order to fly, take photos, and film videos. Drones have poor battery life, so they need to be changed frequently. This could prove to be a problem for travelers as you might find yourself in an area where it is not possible to charge your drone, but you still need to capture rare moments.

The long battery life of the Novum drone has earned it a lot of affection and patronage. The drone’s lightweight means that it is easy to transport on long trips without feeling heavy. Because it’s light and portable, it can be used as a travel companion. You don’t have to give up any of your luggage to bring it along.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Novum Drone. It includes an overview, how to use it, its unique features, and the working mechanism. We also provide answers to common questions about Novum Drone.

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What’s Novum Drone?

This device is equipped with a great set of Novum Drones making it the best option. High Definition Technology provides a wider viewing angle. It is lighter than the average drone and uses less battery. The drone also has a shorter flight time. Are you looking to discover new places? Are you more comfortable sailing on the deck of a boat?

This compact option can capture even the darkest areas. This LED can produce HD videos even at night.

Novum Drone is a budget drone that costs less than $100. You can take perfect aerial shots with the drone and you can shoot from any angle. You will be impressed by the drone’s professional design. For such a low price, you will get better results than you would expect. This is the ideal device for photographers. It is lightweight and elegant which can be seen in the photos.

This drone is high-quality engineered and can enhance your drone experience. It is easy to fly and can be used for recording action shots or indoor flights.

This drone’s best feature is its lightweight and folding nature. It can be carried for any occasion. This drone is the fastest of its kind and can fly up to 30 mph.

It has been designed so that both pros and beginners can enjoy it. This makes flying easy. The drone is easy to use, making it suitable for beginners. This drone can capture professional-quality footage with just a click.

How does Novum Drone work?

Both amateurs and professionals will find the Novum Drone easy to use. The manual provides detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance for ease of use.

Two ways can the Novum Drone work. To make the drone fly, you can use either one of them. The remote control is the first mode of operation. The instructions for remote control are very simple to follow. Remote control is the traditional method of controlling drones. This allows you to capture stunning aerial shots.

Connecting the Novum Drone to a mobile app is another way to use it. It is simple to use the app’s user interface, and you can then set up your drone and fly it. You will be able to receive updates on the drone’s position and any obstacles it might encounter while flying via this mobile app. You can track your drone’s location using GPS technology. This will reduce the chance of your drone being lost or entering prohibited areas.

You can adjust the flight range and altitude limit once the drone is in the air. You can launch the drone from a height between 70 and 80 meters. The Novum Drone includes four propeller blades, which can be used to navigate the skies. The provided screwdriver can be used to fix the blades. After it has been properly fixed, you can fly it and capture mind-blowing scenes and shots.

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The main features of Novum Drone


Are you looking for adventures that are far from home? Your Novum Drone can be carried in your backpack. Its foldable propellers make it easy to store in a backpack. This allows you to pack more items, such as snacks and clothing. Novum Drone is a compact drone that can be folded and carried anywhere.

Gravity sensor:

Flying drones can crash into things, which is one of their problems. With the Novum Drone, that’s not a problem. This small, but the powerful drone has a gravity sensor that can detect when it is too close to surfaces that could cause it to crash. The drone will automatically reroute in such situations to ensure that there are no accidents.

High-quality photos and videos:

You want the best images possible when you use a drone to take photos or record videos. The Novum Drone is the perfect drone for this purpose. The drone comes equipped with an HD camera that captures crisp, high-resolution phones with great contrasts. The little drone makes it easy to capture the best memories possible on your phone or laptop. You can also use the Slo-mo mode to see slow-motion videos so you don’t miss any details.


Drones no longer have to be bulky. Novum Drone was designed using modern technology. Lightweight, but sturdy materials were used in its design, giving it both durability and lightness. Novum Drone is a drone you shouldn’t have to carry around in your backpack. The drone is small in size and light.

High speed:

The Novum Drone can fly at a high speed and without straining the engine. It is light and has a small body, so this is not surprising. This drone can fly at speeds of 30 miles an hour, which is quite impressive for a drone this size. This allows you to cover more distance before your battery dies, which is an important feature.


Some drones are only for professionals. This makes it difficult for beginners to fly drones. Novum is not one of these drones. It has an easy operation that even a complete beginner can learn in no time. As a beginner, you won’t be able to take memorable photos or make high-quality videos. It is also suitable for professionals as it has a high-quality picture and can compete with any other drone.

Longer flight time:

Novum Drone’s battery life is long and can be easily charged. It can fly for longer periods than other drones of its type. Its performance is impressive, and it can work for longer periods of time. This is especially useful for professional photographers.


Novum Drone’s lightweight may make you think it can’t withstand harsh weather. However, this is false. Its strong design allows it to withstand even the most severe conditions, such as high winds. You can still use it in harsh weather conditions, so your work does not have to be affected.

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How to use Novum Drone?

The design of the Novum drone is one of its most surprising features. The technological advancements have made it expected that the Novum drone would be complex and only pros can use it. Follow these steps to use the Novum drone

  • Gently take the drone out of its packaging
  • To assemble your drone, take out the user manual. Follow the instructions to assemble it. The screen driver can be used to set the blades up.
  • The charging cable can be used to charge the drone.
  • You can download the app by scanning the QR code printed on the package with your smartphone. You can control the drone using this app, or with the remote control included with it.
  • To control your drone, install the app on your smartphone.
  • You can adjust the drone’s flight path and height from the app or via the remote control.
  • You can also use the drone’s GPS tracking feature to track its location and send it to a specific location.

Novum drones can fly fast and in all weather conditions thanks to their four propellers. The drone is extremely durable but it is important to maintain it for a pleasant flight experience. You should not expose the drone to unnecessary danger.

It can reach heights of 70-80 meters above the ground and can fly for approximately 15-30 minutes. The drone can capture a 360-degree panorama with its 12MP camera. This drone is the best for amazing travel experiences in terms of filming and photography.

What can Novum Drone do for you?

HD Photos & Videos: Novum Drone captures high-resolution videos at 60 frames per second.

Gravity Sensor The drone detects obstacles and adjusts its flight path in order to avoid them.

  • The specifications of the Novum Drone include:
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Very durable
  • All skill levels
  • HD 1080p camera
  • One key return
  • 3D flip function
  • WiFi-enabled
  • 500mHh battery

Why Novum Drone is rated number one?

Novum Drone is the best drone company. Novum Drone’s drone can fly smoothly and capture every movement when it moves. The drone’s lightweight and foldable design make it easy to integrate into any adventure. These are the main reasons this product is so well-respected.

  • Affordable: The Novum Drone is extremely affordable, especially when you consider its top-of-the-line features. The drone is affordable and offers outstanding flying performance as well as long battery life.
  • The drone is the company’s flagship product. The company’s flagship product is the drone. It offers durable products, state-of-the-art cameras, extended flight time, and low prices.
  • Superior Control & Management: Engineers have spent five years creating drones and incorporating innovative technologies. Users can fly the drone with no hassle thanks to its easy-to-use control section.
  • It is easy to use the intuitive controller. The adjustable handles make it easy to attach your tablet or smartphone to the drone. You can monitor and control high-end cameras with the app.
  • The Drone is Appealing: The drone’s great features are not the only reason it is appealing, but also its visual appeal. This drone is one of the most attractive on the market. Novum Drone’s small dimensions and light weight make it ideal for weekend trips, vacations, or any outdoor activity. Its creators designed it to be durable, strong, and most importantly, crash-resistant.
  • A drone that can fly longer thanks to intelligent charging technology. This technology makes it possible for the battery to charge faster and more efficiently, leading to improved performance.

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Novum Drone Benefits?

The drone’s design allows users to reap the most benefits. High-tech engineering was used to ensure that the drone provides the best possible results. This drone is ideal for taking the best shots.

  • goes faster

Its speed is what gives it an advantage over the rest. This drone can travel at speeds up to 30 miles an hour and is the fastest in its class. It is hard to match this speed with other models of the same price.

  • Easy to manage

It has all the features that will satisfy the professionals. The user can fly and control easily due to its simplicity. Because it is so simple, even those with little knowledge about technology can use it.

  • Look like a professional

The drone comes with a pre-programmed, in-built camera that can capture boomerangs and asteroids. Even the most novice of techies can capture professional-quality footage by simply pressing a button. This makes it simple for users to take high-quality videos and photos without any hassle.

  • Enhances drone experience

It offers a superior and enhanced user experience due to its top-class features. The lightweight and foldable design of the device provide a more enjoyable experience. It is equipped with the most recent technology to ensure the best possible experience.

Pros And Cons


  • The drone can be used easily.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has easy-to-understand functions.
  • This can enhance your drone experience.
  • It is lightweight and foldable.
  • This allows you to create professional-quality videos.


  • A live telecast cannot be provided.
  • This drone can’t be used to spy on anyone.

Is Novum Drone legal?

Novum Drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle, can take high-resolution photographs and videos. It’s made of high-quality materials and has a remarkable flight time.

Novum Drone appears to be legitimate, with many advantages that outweigh its few drawbacks. Novum Drone is revolutionizing last-mile delivery by making it more affordable and efficient. It comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Novum Drone is a great choice for anyone looking for a drone that can be used both for private and commercial purposes.

Frequently Asked Question

  • How fast can Novum fly?

The top speed of Novum is approximately 30 miles per hour. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want speed.

  • Is it difficult to fly a Novum Drone?

Novum Drone’s simple-to-use controls make this a great choice for beginners in drone flying. The Novum Drone also has an altitude hold that will keep the drone at the desired height even when the control is removed.

  • Does Novum Drone have a return policy?

Novum Drone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can feel safe investing in the device.

  • Can the drone be used on other websites?

The official website is the only place to find Novum Drone. The official website has more information.

  • Is the drone an ideal choice for beginners?

Novum drones are easy to use and operate for beginners.

Prices and availability for Novum Drones

Novum Drone can be ordered online only at the official website. The manufacturer offers a 60% discount on all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also purchase an Extended Protection Replacement Plan for $30.00 USD. Here is the price breakdown:

  • Get 1 Novum Drone for $99 + a small shipping fee
  • Get 3 Novum Drones for $66 each + free shipping
  • Purchase 5 Novum Drones for $59 each + free shipping

There are no hidden charges. If you aren’t satisfied with your product within 30 days, you can contact the company immediately to get a full refund. All customers are offered a free replacement if their Novum Drone is damaged or lost within one year.

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Final Verdict On Novum Drone Reviews

Novum Drone, a small and affordable drone, can revolutionize last-mile delivery. Novum Drone’s ability to navigate in tight spaces and fly straight to its destination makes it ideal for safe delivery within a limited timeframe.

Novum Drone also has a return to home function and live video transmission. This makes it an affordable and reliable choice for anyone looking for a flying drone. Novum Drone reviews indicate that it is perfect for private and commercial use. The device seems to be real and well worth a test.


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