How can Turing help you in hiring a qualified and experienced .NET Developer

.NET is a software development framework for Windows, used to create and run applications. This framework is used to build online apps, websites, games, and web pages, among other things. The .NET framework is a collection of libraries and developer tools that support various programming languages and third-party APIs to simplify the development process.

Companies can also design stylish and responsive applications with the help of top .NET developers. Top companies hire dot net developers to scale their engineering teams and build scalable and feature-rich applications. Every day, web developers identify and address a set of challenges for businesses, from designing new applications to troubleshooting bugs in the existing ones.

The need for high-quality .NET developers has risen in tandem with the surge in popularity of .NET apps. However, hiring .NET developers has become challenging as thousands of firms compete for the finest experts from a restricted talent pool. Hence, finding exceptional .NET developers is both time-consuming and involves higher costs.

This article will help you simplify your hiring process and recruit top remote talent. But, before we get into the details of hiring .NET developers, let’s look at some of the necessary skills that .NET developers should have in their arsenal.

What are the skills that every .NET developer must have? 


Knowing how to use ASP.NET MVC gives a .NET developer complete control over an application’s functionalities. ASP.NET provides a robust, pattern-based way to create dynamic websites based on the MVC pattern, which allows for a clear separation of concerns. Its open-source software enables .NET developers to develop applications more rapidly and efficiently.

2) Programming

.NET developers must be able to write clean, testable, and maintainable code for the apps to function properly. They should be able to decide whether to use existing code and write a new one depending upon the project requirements and to save time and money. As they work on their prototypes, .NET developers should assess their code and performance by making appropriate adjustments.

3) Budget design

When developing new software, .NET developers can employ cost-effective methods, thanks to their understanding of budgeting and finance management. Developers must monitor their expenses throughout the development process to guarantee that they do not go over budget. 

They may also specify the financial assistance they require and submit it to the organization’s top management for evaluation.

4) Problem-solving

.NET developers must have problem-solving abilities to discover and resolve difficulties as they arise. As they create interfaces, developers must evaluate the test results to fix bugs, if any. A mistype in the source code, for example, might cause malfunctioning, so the.NET developers must be able to thoroughly examine the code to identify and fix issues. Excellent problem-solving skills also help developers to ensure their applications are user-friendly.

What are the challenges of hiring .NET developers?

Most of the companies indeed are looking to settle in the remote ecosystem. The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for working remotely, which is already popular, and the trend keeps improving. More and more people are working full-time in distant professions. Companies are embracing this new work culture, with more flexible work alternatives being used to recruit employees. 

However, searching for skilled .NET developers who understand the special needs of developing .NET software applications and interfaces utilizing Microsoft’s .NET framework is even more difficult.

.NET developers are in short supply, and the demand for them is expanding at a rapid pace. But, if you know where to seek and how to attract them to work on your project, you may locate and hire .NET developers. Apart from the technical abilities, other factors also influence the decision to hire .NET developers. Some of these challenges are: 

1) Quality of service

2) Cost overruns

3) Mismatched expectations

4) Lack of communication

5) Time zone issues 

All these challenges can be nullified if you hire .NET developers who are skilled and experienced. Not only do they bring years of experience but also professionalism. is a deep jobs platform that helps you hire world-class developers proficient in the .NET framework and makes hiring seamless. 

What is 

Turing company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. has built the first-ever Intelligent Talent Cloud, a distributed team of developers sourced by software, vetted by software, matched by software, and managed by software.

Turing can help you scale your engineering capacity by offering the top 1% of 1 million+ remote software developers. The platform’s creators set it apart by employing an AI-based screening process that assesses developers’ abilities and technical expertise. was listed by FastCompany as one of the Top 10 most innovative companies in 2021. 

How can Turing help you hire experienced .NET developers?

Turing is intriguing because it attempts to address and give services for the many stages you go through while looking for quality talent. It all starts with a platform that uses artificial intelligence to source and vet applicants. The vetting process at Turing ensures to assess candidates as per their skill set. So, all the Turing developers have to go through the 5-hour rigorous vetting process where they are tested for 100+ skills, data structures, algorithms, systems design, software specializations & frameworks.

Turing also offers a 2-week, risk-free trial period so that companies can assess the developers’ caliber. Post matching, Turing also provides a collaboration platform with automatic time tracking and regular virtual stand-ups for effective communication and a seamless experience for developers and recruiters.  

If you are looking for a no-hassle process to hire .NET developers, you should check out Turing’s platform and get Silicon Valley-caliber developers at half the price.



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