Teds Woodworking Reviews: Is It Helpful For Woodworkers?


Are you looking for well-designed furniture for your new house? But still not found the furniture you wish for. Teds Woodworking is a program mainly designed for people who want to create their own dream furniture. It is a digital program ideal for beginner carpenters to develop classic furniture using easily available tools.

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Read Teds Woodworking Review till the end to know more details about its working, benefits, pricing, and much more.

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What Exactly Is Teds Woodworking All About?

Teds Woodworking is a program that includes step-by-step guidance about making woodwork quickly and smoothly. The training program includes skills required to become an expert in furniture making. It has around 16,000 plans for creating new, different, and high-quality furniture.

The program is user-friendly as it includes clear guidance for woodworking procedures. Furthermore, there are different diagrams, illustrations, and videos that help in making projects. The program gives you vital skills to make your furniture perfect and aware of everything in detail.

The program also includes details about tools and machines you need to complete woodworking projects. By using Teds Woodworking, you will not only design furniture for your home, but you can also make furniture for offices, schools, and businesses. It is an appropriate and comprehensive hands-on program available in the market for woodworkers.

You will be able to enjoy and design your dream furniture at home. It is an online program, so you can download it and use it anytime and anywhere.

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About Working Of Teds Woodworking

  • The program includes step-by-step guidance; the PDF details are easy and understandable.
  • The program consists of details, structure, and diagrams with each woodworking plan.
  • The program includes a list of all required instruments and tools for the woodworking process.
  • The program includes a chart for different furniture like tables, chairs, cupboards, and much more, along with graphical representation.
  • The details and pictures are so easy to understand. If you follow the instructions, you can make the same as shown in the picture.
  • It is excellent for people who have just started their woodwork business and want to learn more skills and create new projects.

Teds Woodworking Benefits

  • The main benefit of the program is that you need no degree to design the type of furniture you want. Without any course or training, you will be able to make various woodworking projects.
  • The program includes in-depth details about tools and pictures through which you can build furniture as you wish.
  • The program contains 16000 plans for every woodwork like a treehouse, pet house, table, and chair, which you can make by just following instructions.
  • You can build different and modern designed furniture for your home.
  • The program comes with four valuable bonuses along with the main Teds Woodworking Guide.
  • The program helps you to select appropriate and reasonable price wood as per your budget. It also allows you to save money and build quality furniture for your home at an affordable price.
  • Usually, carpenters take lots of money, and the furniture available in the market includes low-quality wood. By using this program, you can make furniture by yourself and also select the best quality wood.

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Teds Woodworking Features


Step By Step Guidance

The program includes step-by-step guidance on each and everything that makes your woodworking easy, enjoyable, and fast.

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions that are clear and make you learn woodworking quickly.

Cutting And Tools List

You will get guidance about cutting and tool lists for each plan. It will also include information about choosing tools and wood of high quality at a reasonable price.

It saves your money and provides a great opportunity to make extra money in recession.

Detailed Diagram

The diagram includes colorful and clear labeling with each plan. By following them, you can make woodwork without any complications.

The instructions are so clear and easy to understand that you just have to place pieces.

Angles From Each Side

The program includes a visual representation of each plan that helps you see each part from multiple angles and make your work simple.

Effective For Newbies

The plan is an excellent opportunity for improving their woodwork skills and learning new tricks and techniques to make their work easy.

In this program, you will seek knowledge about every step you perform in woodworking, like selecting a tool, cutting, making, and assembling.

So join Teds Woodworking And Access 16,000 Projects

Negative And Positive Of Teds Woodworking

The Teds Woodworking program is for people who want to learn some skills of the woodwork and for those people who want to learn more about woodworking.


  • The program consists of various types of woodworking plans. You can design your furniture.
  • The program is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • The program includes a detailed diagram of each project.
  • The program mainly contains both content-based and video-based guides.
  • The program is effective for experts and beginners.
  • The program provides software in which you can check your progress.
  • The program available is a reasonable price.


  • The quality of some videos is low.
  • The people complain about a late refund.

Who Should Purchase Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking is a beneficial program. It is for any level of woodworker beginner, intermediate, or expert. If you have never made any woodworking project before, it will allow you to do your woodworking by following diagram labeling and step-by-step guidance.

You can build any furniture for the home, school, office, and much more. There is an exhaustive list of woodworking plans you can use to develop your favorite stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy it now and start your own carpentry business!

Author Of Teds Woodworking

Ted McGrath is the person behind the program. He is a woodworking expert and gives services as a teacher, guider, and author. Ted also shares his knowledge with others regarding woodworking. Ted includes many types of plans in his program for beginners to experts.

He introduces the Teds Woodworking program that includes easy and step-by-step guidance and detailed content and diagrams that make your work easier. You will be able to make your woodwork as you wish.

Does It Really Helpful For Carpenters?

Yes, it helps everyone like beginner carpenters, adults to school or high school projects, people who want to start a woodwork business, and people who want to learn exciting woodworking skills.

Teds Woodworking includes various plans and techniques to make the woodwork easy in the form of a PDF that is so clear, and you will feel someone is guiding you.

Carpenters buy this program to improve their skills and learn new techniques and designs to become successful woodworkers.

What You Will Get In Teds Woodworking?

In this Teds Woodworking review, I would like to give you a brief overview of all the items you will receive in this program:

16,000 Ready To Use Plans

Teds Woodworking includes ready-to-use 16000 plans. You just need to buy tools, wood and start working. The plans include instructions and a diagram that shows angles from the side to make your woodwork easy and interesting.

So, you can make your favorite woodwork plan without any complications.

Monthly Update Plans

With the 16,000 ready-to-use plan, you will also get monthly update plans. You can download files without any monthly charges. You just pay money at once, and you will get updates every month.

Strong Custom Support

If you are stuck somewhere in the plan, you can get help when needed. If you want to have a draft for your ideas and design, you can also request a personalized plan as you desire.

Device Access

When you access the program, you can use the program anytime and everywhere. There are no such conditions for using any device; you can use it as your comfort in mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.

Quick Access Plus Dvds

When you pay money, you will instantly get access to all plans along with bonuses plus a guarantee. The program also includes DVDs and guides as a bonus and training. If you want to have DVDs, you can get DVDs by requesting them at the official website. Training and bonus DVDs will deliver to you soon at your address.

Guidance And Tutorials

When you access the program and become a member, you will get more guidance and tutorials on using tools and ways to improve your skills.

So, over time you will also learn to become a perfect woodworker with the help of new techniques and make your designs.

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About Pricing And Purchasing


The price of Teds Woodworking is $67, available at reasonable prices. The program also includes four bonuses worth around $487 and contains no monthly charges.

The discount is available for a limited time so avail of it now. In the future, you may have to pay monthly charges of $39 as demand is increasing quickly. Along with free monthly updates and four free bonuses, you will also get 60 days money-back guarantee. So, in case of an issue, you can claim your money back.

Teds Woodworking is only available on its official website and also includes a great offer. The program is not available on any other online platform like Amazon and Wal-Mart. You have to buy it from its official website to protect you from any scam!

Teds Woodworking Bonuses

The program includes four bonuses worth $487; you will get bonuses free.

1st Bonus ( DWG/CAD Plan Viewer)

The bonus includes free CAD software, and now you don’t need to purchase the software. The cost of this software on amazon is $1985, which you will get free. The software will help you to edit, personalize and update your woodworking design as you need.

2nd Bonus( 150 Premium Videos)

After accessing the program, you will also access the 150 videos on woodworking on various common topics made by veteran woodworkers.

The videos are available for a lifetime, are easy to use, and are clear. It is an excellent opportunity for people who want to enhance their woodworking skills. The price of this bonus is $77, but you will get it for free!

3rd Bonus (How To Start A Woodworking Business)

Do you want to start your own woodworking business? Would you like to earn money by selling woodwork?

The bonus will guide you on how to become a successful work worker and how to earn profit. The guide includes step-by-step instructions about how you can make money by selling your customized woodwork.

It will also guide you about how to begin your business, promote your services, bestselling woodworks, compete with other woodworkers, and much more excellent guidelines.

4th Bonus (Complete Woodworking Guides)

The guide includes everything you should know about woodworking. The guide contains 200 pages that teach you valuable tricks and techniques to draw diagrams and draft.

It includes easy, simple, and helpful leanings you should apply to become a successful woodworker, like cutting tools and more.

How To Access Teds Woodworking?

Once you pay the amount, you will instantly receive an email that will access the member area. The program is available in both versions, PDF, and DWG. You can use both versions. You can view PDF Adobe Reader on your computer, mobile, and tablets. DWG files run on free bonus DWS software.

If you cannot use both software, you will get a link to download a PDF reader for free.

Customer’s Reviews

I found this program helpful. When you read the guide, you will feel someone teaching you. It is my experience with the program. Here are some reviews I want to share with you about the program.

“The program allows me to make my bookshelves and table. It comes with great plans and clear guidance.” – Jennifer. 

“I’m not a carpenter, but in 8 days, I completed the dressing table for my wife.” – Mark.

“The program includes great stuff, and I am now able to complete all my projects successfully.” – Eddy.

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Is The Program Design For Everyone? 

Yes, this program is for everyone who wants support in woodworking. The program includes various woodworking plans you can use anytime and start working.

Does The Program Come With Money Back Guarantee? 

Yes, it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee along with a refund policy. So, if it doesn’t work for you, send an email to customer service, and in a few days, you will get your money back.

Does The Program Include Only Content? 

No, it includes video guides as well that you can easily download. If you don’t like reading and face any difficulties in the manual, you can also learn from the video, which includes all details about plans.

What Projects Do You Make? 

Teds Woodworking contains over 16,000 woodworking projects. You can create thousands of projects like table, stool, dressing table, dollhouse, shoebox, cabinets, tray, frames, and much more.

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