Brain Training For Dogs Review: Is This Course Legit Or Scam?


Would you like to train your dog? How if you can train your dog without forcing? If you want to train your dog and search for a good trainer, Brain Training For Dogs is an online program to train your dog easily.

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In this Brain Training For Dogs review, I will tell you everything about this dog training course that you should know.

The Brain Training For Dogs program is mainly designed to train dogs without any force and hurting. Now with the help of the program, you can quickly train your dog without any punishment, and your dog will enjoy it. It is a short training that keeps your dog active, increases learning abilities, improve brain functions, and keeps your dog away from diseases.

Read this Brain Training For Dogs review till the end to know more about this dog training course.

What Includes In Brain Training For Dogs?

This training program includes various eBooks, videos, information to train and handle issues with your pet. The training will mainly focus on how to make your dog healthy and active. Additionally, the training teaches you some additional tips and gives solutions to problems a dog might face during its lifetime.

Once you pay the money, you will get access to the program and can avail all material.

Below are details about the things included in the training which are as follow:

Dog Training

This first part of the program includes the author’s introduction, Adrienne Farricelli. It defines details about Brain Training For Dogs and aware owner about activities conducted to train the brain of dogs.

Additionally, the part includes the articles that explain all processes in detail and step-by-step guidance that help you to understand how to train your dog.

You will like the formation of the training as this program is user-friendly and simple. The author explains everything you should know about your dog with her own experience and share content with pictures to perform each action professionally.

Lapdog Training

This part focuses on small dogs training and how to grow and spend time with puppies to have no difficulty in the future. This section is also helpful for people who want to adopt a dog in the future.

In this puppy training, you will learn tricks and techniques to develop a puppy according to age. Small dogs feel uncomfortable in the early period of 8 to 10 weeks, and it is crucial to build a strong relationship with little ones at an early age and give love.

If you keep your relationship strong with a puppy from an early age, you don’t need to make many efforts when he grows up.

Behavioral Development

Is your dog misbehaving with you, don’t listen to you, barking every time, aggressive, and jumping on other people? Are you worried about your dog’s behavior?

The best part of the program is that it trains you to improve your dog’s behavior and solve issues dog owners go through commonly. The training will solve your dog’s problems regarding behavior and calm the dog’s aggression.

Furthermore, the subcategory includes 10 to 15 articles along with images that explain to you the tips and methods to solve dog behavior issues. The language of articles is clear and straightforward for the user regarding many issues like anger, chewing, barking, eating, and jumping that help you improve the dog’s behavior.

Adrienne Documents

This part includes all vital solutions to the issues and subjects Adrienne found crucial for dog owners.

The part is divided into two subcategories:

Article Documents 

This subcategory includes various articles related to dog problems and their solution like chewing, digging, barking, pulling, and much more. Additionally, these articles helps you understand the nutrition for the dogs, like importance of magnesium supplement for dogs.

Video Files 

This subcategory includes videos the creator recorded with her dog “Einstein” to guide other people about methods and tricks that are not clearly explained by content.

So, the creator includes both content-based and video-based material for users that are understandable and easy to follow.


This part includes Adrienne’s testimonial in which she shared her own experience of training two dogs who had many problems. Sadie and Maggie are two dogs she trained for behavior issues like jumping on other people, whining, and being overprotective.

She shares her own experience to explain to the user that dog problems are common and how you can solve these problems without forcing your dog.

Private Forum

The program also includes a private forum where users can clear their doubts and answer question regarding training. Every member can ask questions and share their suggestions and ways.

Additionally, the creator answered essential questions. It is a beneficial feature where you can get solutions for everything related to your dog’s behavior.

So, the training includes items which are as follow:

  • An E-book of 328 pages in PDF form is the main manual of Brain Training For Dogs.
  • The free bonus, named as Dog Behavioral Training Guide, is valuable and helps you solve the dog’s behavioral issues.
  • The training includes tons of content, information, and 21 videos that explain how to use new tricks and techniques to improve behavior issues like chewing, jumping, barking, eating. The videos are practical training of dogs conducted by the creator to solve common dog-related problems.

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About Working Of Brain Training For Dogs


It is vital to show love to your dog because animals also want attention like a human. They want to play, care, love, and enjoy. As humans get tired of life, dogs also go through the same process. If you ignore them, they misbehavior and irritate you.

Every owner wants a good dog, but it depends on the training of the dog. The program includes various stages of learning in which you can train your dog, and it depends on how much time you spend and make efforts. However, you have to stay patient, don’t force anything, dogs are good seekers but take time, slowly when you give time and your attention, you will have strong relationships with your dog, and he starts hearing you.

So, without any abuse or violence, you can train a dog easily by using oral guidance and performing some actions. Give your dog rewards like food, toy, appreciate him, show love to him, and give your time. If you do so, your dog will work harder, come closer, enjoy with you, and feel motivated.

The training will teach you how to teach manners to your dog, how to resolve issues, gain your dog’s trust, make them obedient, and improve your dog’s behavior.

Many people think older dogs can’t learn new skills, but you can train your older dog as the program includes techniques and ways to teach your elder dog. The creator personally shares her experience with a trained older dog, Heidi.

The Brain Training For Dogs includes seven modules, and I have included a brief overview of these modules in this Brain Training For Dogs Review:

1st Module (Preschool)

This module is a pillar of the whole training. The module will teach dog obedience methods. Moreover, this module includes different ways to seek your dog’s attention, teach them small tasks like bringing shoes, turning off the light, walking, opening the door, closing the gate, and other small commands.

The module includes games and ways that help you to gain dog attention. Your dog will become obedient, and you can make communication better with your dog.

2nd Module (Elementary School)

After a basic foundation, your dog will obey you and follow your commands. Now you can teach skills and utilize all senses and hidden talents. This module includes a treasure hunt game, muffin game, ball pit game that boosts the dog’s mental abilities and energy, solves various behavior issues, and gives him the ability to come out of any problem.

These games are physical and mental exercises that keep your dog active and healthy, which your dog will enjoy.

3rd Module (High School)

In this module, your dog will learn to keep calm, be patient, control emotions, and behave well with others. The module includes games that help the dog learn patience in various situations, a bottle game that keeps your dog mentally and physically strong.

It also includes a bobbing game for dogs which is great fun and enjoyment for dogs. This game aims to give a reward to your dog to behave well. In this game, you can throw a ball or toy in water along with a treat. This game will also remove water fear from dogs.

4th Module (College)

In this module dog will learn motor skills; it includes games like a shell game, open sesame game, magic carpet game that helps the dog to remain calm, have patience, improve concentration, and keep the dog’s mind active.

5th Module (University)

In this module, you will improve intelligence and impulsive behaviors. This module includes various games, like hide and seek to build a strong bond with your dog, solve the continuous barking issue, increase confidence, and increase the dog’s learning abilities.

6th Module (Graduation)

In this module, your dog will learn more motor skills of higher level. Your dog will be able to identify names by playing the game and also boost up mental ability.

The module also includes games like serpentines and spirals that help your dog follow you in any situation and follow your demands with concentration. Your dog will also learn how to greet others.

7th Module (Einstein)

This is the last and advanced level after crossing all levels and learning all skills. You can now teach your dog advanced skills like cleaning up toys, playing piano, and stacking rings.

The module includes games like the tidy-up game and piano game through which your dog will learn how to clean up toys after mess, to be patient, and play the piano.

Who Should Buy Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training For Dogs is the best training program that is reasonable and user-friendly as well. The training program is for people who want to adopt a dog in the future and dog owners. There are many helpful methods and tricks to resolve dog-related problems.

You need to stay patient and make full efforts with your dog. It takes time, but you will quickly change your dog’s bad habits by using great tricks and methods. If you are a dog owner and want to train your dog at a reasonable price, this dog training is the best training program.

Do you want to save yourself from embarrassment from your dog’s behavior? Do you get tired of your dog’s behavior? Do you want to save your money? Brain Training For Dogs is a program that can help you in less time and money.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy it now. 

Cons And Pros Of Brain Training For Dogs

As promised at the start of this Brain Training For Dogs review, here are some pros and cons you should know before purchasing this program.


  • The training includes new ways and techniques you can use to train your dog personally without forcing.
  • The training program comes from an expert dog trainer with ten years of experience explaining methods to train young and old dogs.
  • The training also includes tips for dog owners facing behavior issues like barking, jumping, chewing, etc.
  • The training is easy and includes clear guidance.
  • The training includes helpful information and video, so you don’t get bored and take help from both contents.
  • The author explains many issues with the help of practical examples with her dog.
  • The program also includes a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the program or it’s not working, you can claim your money back.


  • The program is only available on its official website.
  • The people who don’t like reading can face issues because the training includes textual content, but on the other hand, it also has video training to take help from the training.

Costing And Buying Of Brain Training For Dogs


Brain Training For Dogs is a program designed by Adrienne Farricelli, and you can access the program online on its official website.

The program includes no subscription charges; you just have to pay once and can use training lifetime. The cost of the training program is just $47 that includes informational eBooks in PDF form and videos by the author to show you practical examples.

The program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. You can claim your money back for whatever reason you don’t like the program. For this reason, you can invest your money without any doubt.

Brain Training For Dogs Review – Final Words

A dog is a sensitive and also aggressive pet that needs your attention and love. It is crucial to pay attention and teach them skills.

Brain Training For Dogs is a program that will help you train all types of dogs quickly by using tricks and techniques. Additionally, the program includes various games that improve the physical and mental ability of your dog.

It can also solve issues dog owners commonly face with the help of easy games and tricks.

So, train your dog yourself and strengthen your bond with him.

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