Java Burn Review : Negative JavaBurn Side Effects or Legit Weight Loss Coffee Supplement Complaints?

Noncommunicable diseases kill 41 million people worldwide every year. This number accounts for 71 percent of people who die, meaning more than 7 out of 10 deaths occur due to these diseases every year. Noncommunicable conditions include diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, and stroke. Of the diseases named above, all of them can come about through the influence of obesity.

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Obesity plays a significant role in encouraging the development of these diseases. It also affects a person’s esteem, causes them to struggle in doing specific tasks, and makes life difficult in different aspects. Java Burn encourages the destruction of stored fat and helps people slim.

Understanding Java Burn

John Barban has built a career in fitness and nutrition, helping people get into and stay in shape for over twenty years. He chose to make it his life’s mission to find a solution to help those people he couldn’t seem to find a solution for when it came to helping them lose weight. He finally came upon a combination of ingredients that helped those people who had a difficult time losing weight when used together with coffee.



With the help of his scientific team, John discovered that these unique ingredients triggered the body’s fat-burning mechanism to quickly eliminate stored and eaten fat, knowing what to retain and in what quantity.

While John is a proponent for exercising and limiting diets, he discovered a better way that allowed people to live their lives without concern about what they eat or how much time they spend in the gym. He realized a powerful blend of herbs that, when mixed with coffee, work synergistically to fast-track the user’s metabolism and bring out the destruction of fat deposits.

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John discovered a set of herbs that form a formula that activates fast metabolism when combined with coffee. John’s team and himself realized that the combination of coffee and the patent-pending formula created a powerful blend that works synergistically to trigger malfunctioning metabolisms, enabling them to start burning fat deposits as they should. This formula encourages the proper disposal of fats that have caused unsightly deposits around the stomach and the rest of the body.

How Java Burn Functions

The human body stays in a constant state of metabolism to convert food groups to energy and create different compounds needed by body cells. These two forms of metabolism in the human body are catabolism and anabolism, respectively.

Two states also determine whether fat gets stored or converted into energy. Metabolic rate is the first and most recognized state that determines how quickly the human body converts nutrients into energy. Both carbohydrates and fats give a supply of energy. Fats have twice as much energy supply as carbs which also comes in a richer form. Carbs offer a more accessible energy source that sometimes has people using it while storing fat for later use.

The manufacturer explains that some people have a fast metabolic rate because they got predisposed to their DNA. Their ancestors lived in a fast-paced environment and most likely lived as hunters, meaning they developed lean physiques to handle the constant rush that involved attacking prey and escaping threats. The other lot has people who have slow metabolisms as they come from a lineage of ancestors who most likely got their food from gathering and went through lean times sometimes. Their environment predisposed them to store fat in their bodies for lean seasons to provide energy from fat.

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The next factor determining the efficiency people metabolize with is how well their systems deliver fat to the fat-burning points. The Java Burn manufacturer states it doesn’t matter how fast a person’s metabolism can get. If the body does not know how to deliver fat to the right places for incineration, fat accumulation still occurs, and obesity occurs. Java Burn approaches the conversion of fats to energy from this perspective by enabling the body to quickly transport the fats to their burning stations, where they get converted to energy.


Using Java Burn

Java Burn is an easy-to-use additive explicitly created for use in coffee. It interacts positively with the nutrients in coffee to create a potent formula that ignites the fat-burning process. The additive comes in powder form that a user can add to their coffee at any time of day or night. It can be used in any coffee as it has a positive interaction with each ingredient in coffee and does not have any counteractive reaction with milk or other coffee additives.

The supplement does not replace any food group meaning users should keep a balanced diet to supply their bodies with the required nutrients. Some people like pregnant and lactating women and those under the age of 18 should also abstain from using this supplement.


The product comes in a pouch with a 30-day supply. Each day has a sachet in the bag that caters to it. The product is in powder form, which the user should dissolve in their cup of coffee. The product should get used for between three to six months to obtain the best results. The manufacturer recommends coffee as the mixing agent as the product was explicitly made to interact synergistically with coffee’s ingredients to create the metabolic booster.

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Safety Standards

John and his team have followed the requirements for producing human edibles set by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) body. They use facilities that have gotten certified for this production purpose. They also constantly sanitize their facilities to ensure all their products have passed safety tests. The scientists in John’s team also have excelled in their field of operation as world-class professionals.

JavaBurn Benefits

Java Burn has a unique formula that supercharges a person’s metabolism, enabling it to efficiently burn fat for energy. By directing the fat-burning process, the system avails high-value energy to the body throughout the day to allow users to fulfill everything they need without feeling drained at any point in time.

This patent-pending formula also boosts the immune system to protect the body from opportunistic infections that affect weak systems. It also improves cognitive function by delivering premium energy directly to the brain, powering it with the necessary nutrients for super performance. The product also regulates inflammation and inhibits harmful inflammation allowing people to function at their optimum without limitations. It also improves circulation so that the heart and the circulatory system can work at their best.

Cost & Shipping

John and his team have availed a superb discount that buyers can enjoy when they buy the product from the company’s official website. While the retail price of a single 30-day costs $197, the company has discounted it by $148, bringing the price down to $49. The company also has a 90-day package, further bringing down the cost per pouch to $34 so that a client pays $102 for all three. Finally, they have a 180-day package that still attracts more discounts down to $29 per pouch and a total of $174 for the six.

All packages come with free shipping, and a client can expect to get their purchase within a week from the time of purchase if they live within the US or Canada. International purchases take a maximum of 15 working days to arrive.

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Refunds & Returns

The company provides a 60-day trial time that allows the user to purchase the product and try it out. If it does not offer them the expected results, they can return the unused and used pouches for a full refund minus shipping and handling. They should expect their refund in the account

used for purchase 48 hours after the company has acknowledged receipt of returned goods.


Can a pregnant woman take the product to help her stay in shape?

While tempting, pregnant women should not use this product in their gestation period or their lactating period. They should go through the natural processes and only begin using Java Burn after fully nursing their infants.

How often should one use the product in a day?

The product comes with a recommended dosage of one sachet a day. Users should not exceed this dosage to protect themselves from unexpected side effects. It should get mixed with coffee to get the desired benefits out of it. The manufacturer has created a formula that works together with coffee nutrients to activate the body’s metabolism.

Does the product have FDA approval?

This product falls under the dietary supplement category making it difficult to get FDA approval. All good supplements undergo third-party lab testing that vets them as to their safety and efficacy.

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A person’s metabolism works from the imprint in their DNA. Their effort cannot change it, however much they want to quicken it and burn fat deposits. People may find they exercise a lot but do not get the desired results as their bodies do not know how to burn fat quickly or where to burn the fat deposits. Java Burn promises to help users to burn fat more efficiently using their patent-pending formula.