Meticore Reviews – Real Customer Complaints or Weight Loss Supplement That Work?

There are two classes of people residing on both polar ends of the continuum when it comes to weight gain. There are those that binge on cakes, gulp down sodas, eat a truckload of baked pies, and never get to add a single extra pound and the second type that fearfully breathe around a burger and bloat up embarrassingly. According to recent studies, these extreme scenarios are based on two factors – the gene of the individual and certain environmental factors. They determine what the body does to calories when they are excessive, insufficient, or in their right proportion.

Inherent in the gene debate is the belief that there are some components in people’s genes that stipulate the level of energy (calories) consumed during rest and certain physical activity.

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But recent studies have proved something deeper – the connection between core body temperatures, metabolism rate, and body weight. Metabolism and core temperature have an elastic relationship. This means that a little drop in core temperature leads to an even larger drop in body metabolism rate, leading to high retention of fat and weight gain. This is simply because the body has chosen to use up little to no energy under this circumstance and stores the rest lot as fat. The reverse is the case for people with high core body temperature.

Overweight people tend to have a slightly lower core temperature compared to normal people, but this little change could mean a lot, according to the International Journal of Obesity. For each drop in core body temperature, the body’s metabolism becomes slower. Interestingly, there is no correlation between core temperatures and the variations in external temperatures. A recent study by Dr. Pasanthai, which compiled a sample of core records from over 170 years, discovered that each new decade witnesses an average drop in core body temperature by about 0.09F. Meticore is formulated to tackle core temperature problems which are the root cause of obesity in many today.


About Meticore

One of the biggest global health concerns today is obesity. Thanks to the improvement in technology, the global population no longer has to experience seasonal food shortages due to natural phenomena such as famine or drought. With this abundance of food supply which has made a wide variety of food surplus and cheap, the propensity to consume is higher than ever before. According to Harvard, in just a space of three to four decades, the average individual and household budget for away-from-home food (like snacks, pastries, and sodas) have increased by over 95%. Coupled with a growing sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper exercise, these factors account for some of the biggest reasons for increasing weight issues all over the globe. Seeing that it has become more difficult and expensive to lose weight than to gain it, Meticore offers a simple cost-effective weight loss solution for people struggling with weight loss. It helps boost inner core body temperature and make their desires a reality.

Meticore believes that there are many direct and indirect problems associated with weight gain. There is the tendency to slip into depression, the lack of confidence, reduced self-esteem, and body insecurity, and the constant barrage of unsolicited advice on what people feel would be the solution to the problem. Some persons also experience stress disorder when they feel hungry and tend to become malnourished or starved in a bid to fend off any extra fat-giving calorie.

With much research now focused on the easiest, most effective way to achieve weight loss, regardless of natural body variations or gene predispositions, Meticore is carefully formulated. It takes into consideration one of the biggest scientifically proven factors that predispose people to weight gain, which is the level of temperature in the inner body core. This temperature directly affects the ability of the body to rapidly break down food as energy or stores it up as fat, leaving the person with a predisposition to weight gain regardless of diet plan, exercise, or weight loss regime. Meticore is a suitable solution that guarantees visible results safely and effectively. Made from a natural blend of active ingredients that enhance metabolism in the body, Meticore acts by boosting the body’s natural metabolism and its ability to convert food to energy or store it as fat.

Aside from helping to burn down fat and reduce excessive weight gain, Meticore is enriched with ingredients that optimize the body’s digestive system. It aids in the proper breakdown of fat, reduces the frequent urge to eat, and promotes healthy body utilization of consumed calories for healthy functioning during the weight loss process.


Ingredients of Meticore

Three basic ingredients make up Meticore. Three are known to help improve internal core body temperature while the last two act as enhancements to increase the potency of the formula. They are:

African Mango

This is one incredible anti-aging superfood fruit that is found abundantly in Africa and mostly native to Madagascar. The African Mango is a naturally occurring type of mango that is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It is known to be consumed daily as part of a regular diet by the people of Madagascar. The most active ingredient related to weight loss is the seed known to help support healthy blood sugar levels by lowering it by as much as 25%. The African Mango is also known as a well potent cholesterol level improver that inhibits dangerous free radicals by as much as 78% when consumed frequently. The main reason for the selection of the African Mango is the ability of the fruit to activate a thermal action in the body that maintains and stabilizes the body back to its normal core body temperature.


Another active ingredient in Meticore is from the unique seaweed also found along the coastlines of Madagascar. The component is called Fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin is a xanthophyll compound found in the pigment parts of some sea plants, such as seaweed. The compound is known as an active property that reduces blood sugar and glucose levels by up to 20% when consumed regularly. It is beneficial to humans as it helps in the boosting of the liver, brain, bones, and skin. Above all, Fucoxanthin helps in the stabilization of core body temperature as well.

Moringa Tree leaves

This is an exotic plant that is enriched with vitamins A, B6, and C. It is known as one of the most potent ingredients for reducing the formation of fat and promoting weight loss. It contains another active ingredient called Quercetin

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that acts to lower blood pressure and effectively changes thermal body balancing, especially on the body core temperature. Moringa tea leaves also aid the control of blood sugar levels, improve skin health, and better digestion and metabolism.

Citrus Bioflavonoid

This is found in oranges as well as other types of plants such as tangerine and grapefruit. Born from the family of Citrus, the fruit is rich in Vitamin B, C, and other antioxidants that contain antibacterial compounds known to help fix core temperature.

This compound is also effective in increasing blood flow and the treatment of cases of body swelling.

Turmeric root

Turmeric root is a popularly used spice that has been scientifically proven to prevent heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. These three diseases are part of the many potential health risks that overweight people are predisposed to. It also supports healthy brain function and is responsible for helping with body temperature. About 20mg of the turmeric root is added to Meticore to increase the potency and active power in the body.

Ginger root is also another active boosting ingredient added to the Meticore formula. All ingredients are carefully selected with special concern for the body’s vital organs to support a healthy liver, blood, bones, joints, and heart.

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How to Use Meticore

There are no visible side effects to the use of Meticore. The only downside to its use is the extra cost incurred in revamping the patient’s wardrobe shortly afterward. Meticore is safe and effective and can be taken once a day with a glass of water for active functioning in the body system.

Benefits of Meticore

The simplicity in consumption of the formula, which in no way interferes with the person’s lifestyle, is one of the unique benefits of Meticore. Other visible benefits to the intake of Meticore are:

  • A healthier, faster metabolism rate
  • Improved heart, kidney, blood, and liver function
  • Restored confidence and improved daily energy levels in the performance of physical and mental activities.
  • Compatible with a variety of meals at different levels of calorie intake

Reservations on Meticore

Meticore is naturally formulated from ingredients that are safe to ingest. The only reservation and challenge in using Meticore arise in cases of rare allergy to some of the ingredients. In such a case, the individual is advised to see a doctor. Meticore is sold only as a website platform to protect consumers from cloned or substandard products. The company also has shipping policies attached to the purchase of different categories of the product.

Purchase Price.

Meticore offers three different price ranges to suit the pockets of any class of customer.

  1. 30-Day Supply: This one-month supply, which costs $59 for a bottle, contains a specific number of pills that are billed to last the customer for the first 30 days of use.
  2. 90-Day Supply: This gives the consumer over three months’ worth of package to be consumed daily. It comes with three bottles of Meticore, sold at $49 each, offering a $30 discount than the regular 30 -day supply.
  3. 180-Day Supply: This is the biggest package of Meticore. It comes with six bottles sold together as a package for a unit price of $39 per bottle. This guarantees over five months of uninterrupted supply.

Money-back guarantee and Refund Policy

Meticore offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 60-days of purchase for customers that may be dissatisfied with the use



How Safe is Meticore? What are the side effects?

Meticore is significantly safer than the use of methods such as starvation diets, cardio exercises, and workout plans. It is guaranteed to produce long-term results for both younger people and adults.

Can Meticore be purchased locally?

To regulate the distribution of the drug and ensure utmost originality and safety standards, Meticore is strictly available only on the official website page and nowhere else. It is not available anywhere else, including online or in stores.

How many bottles are ideal to order?            

The standard time to see full results on weight loss is between 90 to 180 days. It takes a long time for older people to see the manifestations due to declining functions, so any package that falls within the time frame is ideal. Also, it is best to take advantage of the promotional offer currently run by Meticore that offers percentage discounts.

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Some of the big changes to be noticed when using Meticore are:

  • Boost in core temperature and metabolism.
  • Decrease in stubborn fat from all areas visible in the body.
  • Glowing, radiant and fresh skin, and hair.
  • Gradual disappearance of joint pain


  • Ingredients may be allergic in some cases for people with rare reactions
  • Tendency to improve lifestyle unexpectedly and add up to wardrobe costs.
  • Availability limited to the official online store.

Customer testimonials

Sam (lost 37 lbs)

Trouble started for me after I lost my job. I began to feel restless and frustrated and ate everything I could find as a temporary solution to my frustrations. I never fancied going to the gym so it is only logical that I would naturally slip into becoming overweight eventually. Since I started taking Meticore, it helped me improve my core temperature levels and reduce over 37 lbs. This was amazing for me to return to my former perfect shape. 

Rita (lost 44 lbs)

Meticore changed my life. I used to be so overweight, my boyfriend left me and I would hear my co-workers at the mall pass remarks at me. It was difficult getting me together and sometimes, I would cry while in the bathroom. I was able to lose all that fat and regain my confidence, thanks to Meticore. 

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Meticore is a never-before-seen solution to the major problems of obesity. The solution is cheaper, safer, and more effective compared to diet plans, rigorous exercises, and high-cost weight pills. Meticore tackles the issue of internal core temperature level which is the root cause of weight problems in the body. The product comes in three packages, at different prices, that lasts 30, 60 and 180 days respectively. It is available for order on the company’s official website.


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