Yoga Burn Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit? [Honest]

Yoga Burn is a yoga based program that aims to provide women with the body that they have always dreamed of. It focuses on incorporating different yoga poses to speed up fat burning and consequently toning the body. This results in loss of weight and an attainment of the perfect body for its clients.

And it is a safe and effective method for its clients to lose weight and tone the body.

Initiated by a certified trainer, Zoe Bray Cotton, Yoga Burn is a popular and scientifically proven yoga process for women. It is a new and innovative 12 week program that guarantees 100% weight loss and a firm and toned body overall.

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What is the Yoga Burn?

The Yoga burn is basically a digital program to shape the body that is especially designed for females. Moreover, it can be downloaded and also available to customers at just a click of a button.

Basically, it is a 12-week program that specifically aims to boost the metabolism of women. Another key point is that it also increases its customers’ energy levels and gives the body that they always wanted.

This program aims to provide women with the maximum results in a short amount of time. Moreover, it can be used with any digital device. A mobile, a desktop or even a laptop can be used for the deed.

The reason for yoga burn’s success is because it has been developed with the intention of keeping the challenges and needs faced by the modern women in mind.

Each workout is designed specifically to suit your needs and requirements.

At the end of the program, yoga burn claims to give you a beautiful, lean and well-toned body. The one that its users always dreamed of.

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Zoe Bray Cotton – Founder of Yoga Burn

Yoga burn was first introduced by Zoe Bray Cotton. Zoe is a certified trainer, female specialist for transformation and yoga instructor.

She is an experienced instructor who is helping women from all over the world to transform their bodies. With over ten years of experience in training women different yoga techniques and poses, she specifically uses yoga to burn off excess calories and strengthen and tone the body.

Digital Health Solutions also collaborated with Zoe to develop this product.

She finally launched Yoga Burn in 2014 and has been active in this business since then.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

Yoga burn’s immense success is because this program follows the “Dynamic Sequencing”.

In fact, the whole process has been split up in three different phases. Each different phase is a buildup of the previous phase resulting in more calorie burn and more flexibility.

  • Foundational flow: Phase 1
  • Transitional flow: phase 2
  • Mastery flow: phase 3

Foundational Flow

As the name suggests, in this particular phase the customers will be developing their foundation. This is a four-week program that will focus on the start of its customer’s yoga journey.


They will understand the different yoga poses and will work on their stamina building.  Increasing one’s flexibility and a boost in stamina is part and parcel of this phase. The customers will also start working on their mind-body relationship.

Consequently, learning how to perform different yoga poses without any injury.

Moreover, both students, whether they are beginners or at an advanced level, can benefit from these specific sets of yoga postures.

This phase guarantees a strong foundation so its users can follow other difficult yoga poses in the advanced level.

Transition Flow

This is the second phase. This phase focuses on how the users will be learning to incorporate the moves that they have learned before into new combinations. This will result in an increase in the heart rate and consequently burn more calories.


After learning the basic moves in phase 2, phase 2 will focus on combining these moves and taking them to another level. To put in another way, the customers will be challenging their bodies and consequently resulting in a lean, toned body.

In this specific phase, the main focus will be on videos that target these specific areas

  • Upper body
  • Core
  • Lower body

At the end of this phase, its users will notice a visible increase in their stamina. They will be able to perform a combination of complex yoga poses without facing much difficulty.

Hence it will result in more muscle flexibility and stability.

Mastery Flow

In this phase, you will see the earlier phases’ magic unfold itself. Zoe will pump and push her followers much harder and with a more intense version of the program. This phase is surely going to raise up the heat in the body.

The people following these programs will notice a marked difference in their strength and metabolism. Henceforth, a massive change to the body will be seen.


A transformation will be seen that was never imagined before.

This phase follows a somewhat different layout in its videos than the prior phases. In this, a more rigorous method is observed, resulting in more fatigue in the muscles. Consequently, it will result in more calorie burning and a much more toned body.

In this phase, the instructors end up repeating the previous video poses with an additional combination of lower body and upper body movements.

An efficient burn of calories is seen in this final phase.

What is Dynamic Sequencing?

Yoga burn follows the dynamic sequencing. But what is it?

It is basically a strategic sequence of different yoga poses that help the body to adapt to them progressively. The body pushes harder with a new pose that is introduced.

This ultimately prevents any plateaus that one may experience in the routine. Henceforth, resulting in a toner and a more flexible body.

Different Challenges are Being Offered

The Yoga Burn offers different challenges and programs to its customers. These different yoga programs target and strengthen a different area. The different programs offered are:

  • Trim core challenge
  • Booty challenge
  • Inner circle
  • Total Body challenge
  • Yoga burn monthly
  • Yoga burn Kick start kit
  • Meditation solution

Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge

As the name suggests, this program specifically targets the abdominal muscles in women. This is also called “Corset core training” specifically focusing on toning and conditioning the core muscles.

Both beginners and advanced level women can opt for this challenge.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

In this challenge, the instructor focuses on giving the users a toned booty that they always wanted. This specific program is a combination of exercises, targeting the booty area specifically.

Inner Circle

In this, the customers will be members of an active community that is solely online. However, the customers will also receive recipes, nutrition news and new workout regimes.

Apart from that, access to different health instructors and coaches will also be provided to the customers.

Online access will be provided to everyone using this platform. Their customers will have access to new and improved workout regimes with all questions and queries related to health and yoga will be answered. Zoe, herself, will be there to support all her community members.

Apart from this, her customers will be eligible for new discounts and new and improved services,

Total Body Challenge

This phase offered an overall healthy and toned body. It specifically focuses on “extension training”. But it is also important to mention here that it is a low impact resistance training session.

Yoga Burn Monthly

This plan focuses on teaching customers how to grasp different yoga poses and be comfortable using them. Each customer is provided with a collection of DVDs for one month after a duration of six months.

Everyone, whether at an amateur or an advanced level, can benefit from this program.

Kick Start Kit

Primarily focusing on teaching its customers the basics and fundamentals of starting basic yoga techniques.

It is specially designed for customers who have just started with yoga. Other customers who want to polish their yoga techniques, can also benefit from this program.

Meditation Solution

This phase focuses on the mental conditioning of its customers. It’s just fifteen minutes long and helps individuals by targeting the soul, mind or body.

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Scientifically Proven Benefits of Yoga Burn

According to scientists, yoga is a necessity to keep the body healthy and toned.

In the Yoga Burn challenge, Zoe’s clients are taught how to master the correct yoga poses and consequently use them to burn off calories.

There are many benefits of the yoga Burn challenge. Some of them are listed below:

  • Elevated mood; a good healthy body leads to a good healthy mind.
  • Weight loss; clients who frequently practice yoga tend to observe noticeable changes in their weight.
  • A good toned body; different yoga poses target different areas. Clients end up achieving their desired toned body.
  • Better sleep patterns; a healthy body leads to a healthy and relaxed mind. Henceforth, a better sleep pattern is observed in the clients.
  • Improved body flexibility; continuous practicing yoga increases the flexibility of the body.
  • Blood flow improved; consequently, blood circulation is regulated in the body.
  • Athletic performance enhanced
  • Toned and increased muscle strength;
  • Convenient; can be done at the client’s home and their own convenience
  • More challenging moves; the program gets more intense as the program continues. It challenges its users to work harder and not get into a monotonous routine.
  • Guarantees noticeable results; the Yoga Burn challenge guarantees visible results in the individual’s body, leading to a beautiful and toned body.
  • Specially designed for women; women have different health requirements than men. So they deserve to be handled differently.
  • Boost in the metabolism; increased metabolic functions can be seen.
  • Enhanced focus; yoga results in better focus for individuals practicing it.
  • Better immune system; a healthy body consequently results in a healthy immune system.

What Makes Yoga Burn Unique and Popular?

The Yoga Burn challenge guarantees weight loss at the convenience of its customer’s home. Moreover, it is basically a progressive plan that aims to provide women with the maximum results in the minimum time possible.

Furthermore, it has been designed with the intention of meeting the requirements and needs of the modern day women.

When Can Results Be Seen?

Ideally, Yoga Burn is a twelve-week program. It progressively takes its clients through each phase to get one step closer to their goals.

Each phase lays the foundation for the next phase. It is important to understand that it is not an overnight process.

It is important to remain consistent and follow the plan to see optimum results.

Yoga Burn Clients

The Yoga Burn is a program that is specially designed for women. It targets to give women a healthier, firmer, leaner and a more beautiful body.

It targets women from different fields of life who want the same results. It is customized according to an individual’s preference and liking.

Women of all ages can be a part of the Yoga Burn program. It is fairly easy to comprehend and follow.

This program can also be used during pregnancy. It will be modified to suit the client’s requirements and capabilities.

It is great for women recovering from post pregnancy symptoms.

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Yoga Burn Real Customer Reviews

Many customer reviews are available online who have benefitted from following the Yoga Burn program. Women from all fields of life have benefited from this challenge.

Some women claim to experience a marked increase in their muscle strength and flexibility. On the other hand, women also claim to have an increased stamina and a good blood flow.

Apart from this, mood elevation is also experienced by many women.

Consequently, a more vitalized and toned body is seen.

Cost Effectiveness of the Yoga Burn

Good health has no price. The greatest investment one can make is investing in their own health and well-being.

Yoga Burn is affordable since it saves you long trips to the gym. It also saves its clients from paying massive gym membership fees and saves the hassle of going in traffic.

This program provides fitness to its clients within the ease of their own homes and surroundings. There is no time restriction and it can be practiced whenever the client feels like it.

However, it’s a one-time purchase and you can access all its materials with just a click of the button.

Yoga Burn  Pricing

Yoga burn is priced at an affordable rate for its valued customers.

  • Yoga burn Digital Plus Physical: $37 plus handling and shipping

This includes a digital download access and a physical collection.

  • Yoga Burn Digital plus Physical *2: $57 plus handling and shipping

This also includes 2 digital download access and 2 physical collections.

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How to Purchase the Yoga Burn  Program?

The yoga Burn program can be directly purchased from its official website

When you purchase the program, you will get a digital access immediately. Apart from that, you will also receive DVDs in hand.

Along with this, the clients can also benefit from many promotions and discounts exclusively offered on the official website.

Yoga Burn Retailer

Citibank is the official retailer for the Yoga Burn. It is also the payment processor for the company.

Easy Refund Policy

Yoga Burn is a 100% guaranteed weight loss and body toning program. But if no noticeable visible changes are seen in the body, then a full 100 % refund will be provided by Yoga Burn.

Yoga Burn claims to provide you a full refund if the experience is not what you expected.

A full refund will be provided within the 60-day purchase of the product. The client will be provided a refund within 48 hours. No questions will be asked.

A dissatisfactory experience is compensated by a full refund.

Why Choose the Yoga Burn Program?

Scientific research has proved the importance of yoga in our daily lives. Numerous researches have been conducted on the relationship between yoga and a healthy body.

The Yoga Burn program is an effective program that targets weight loss in women specifically.

It is a perfect program for clients that are at the beginner level as well as clients that are at an advanced level.

It has instructions that can be followed easily and are explained step wisely to enhance the client’s understanding of the poses.

In general, women from all fields of life can follow this program.

It is affordable, manageable and catered to the client’s specific requirements.


In the light of the above discussion, it can comprehensively be said that Yoga Burn is the answer to all the fitness related problems.

This program specifically targets and tones muscles using different yoga poses and techniques.

Consequently, one will have a boosted immune system, a huge loss in weight, and an overall healthy functioning and toned body.

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