Hoang Minh Quang “The Most Wasted Day In The World Is A Day Without Music”


2021 is a year full of efforts on Hoang Minh Quang’s musical path.

This year, he released 2 songs in a row, both of which created unique impressions in the hearts of the audience. It is the song ” Tinh Yeu Anh Trao” and ” Ban Tinh Ca Tang Nang”. Both songs are about love, gentle and deep, touching the hearts of listeners.

He said that: “The Most Wasted Day In The World Is A Day Without Music“. That’s right, a day with him is always immersed in music, always enthusiastically practicing to improve his best friend’s ability. That is proven by the success of the 2 songs he released that have been listened to more than 100,000 times on all platforms.

In a time when a dangerous global pandemic is still complicated, Hoang Minh Quang’s job every day is to compose music and enjoy music and hope the pandemic will pass soon.


Born and raised in Bac Giang city, Vietnam, his family discovered Hoang Minh Quang’s musical ability very early, so he was introduced to music from a very young age. has been using the guitar since the age of 14. The singers that he admires in the country have more or less motivated him to practice hard. Always trying to improve himself further, Hoang Minh Quang is gradually asserting himself in the Vietnamese music scene.



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