Sera Relief CBD Miracle Gummies Reviews: Is Sera Labs Legitimate & Safe To Use?

Since CBD gummies were first discussed, they have become an attractive market. Why wouldn’t they? Gummies can relieve different health ailments while taking us back to when we were children and gummies were fun treats. With the rise of CBD gummies, there has been an equal rise in scammers looking to prey on the uninformed.

To demonstrate how one should select a quality player, we searched for CBD providers, and one company caught our attention. Known as SeraLabs, the company does everything in its power to ensure that transparency is maintained at all times. This review will focus primarily on SeraLabs’ version of gummies, referred to as Sera Relief Miracle Gummies.

What are Sera Labs Miracle Gummies?

Sera Relief Miracle Gummies are cannabidiol (CBD) -infused gummies designed to provide a variety of health benefits such as improving sleep patterns and stress relief, boosting the immune system, and improving physical wellness. According to their description, these gummies are 100% natural and contain full-spectrum CBD for a unique entourage effect. Therefore, it is imperative to determine whether Sera Relief Miracle Gummies offer the desired properties of CBD-infused gummies.

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How does Sera Relief Miracle Gummies work?

Sera Relief Miracle Gummies contain several features that need to be examined. Specifically:

Based in the U.S.

The Miracle Gummies are manufactured in the U.S., which implies that they adhere to strict sterility guidelines. In a sense, this is a positive feature as it guarantees consumer safety to a certain extent.

Cold-Pressed Hemp

Miracle Gummies are made with CBD extracted from cold-pressed hemp. There is no doubt that this method is the most natural and environmentally friendly of the bunch. Therefore, the extracted CBD contains a wide variety of cannabinoids for the ultimate entourage effect. However, upon examination of the contents of the gummies, only CBD and CBDV were found. Is this a true full-spectrum solution? Most likely not.

Ingredients that are simple to prepare

A simple set of ingredients is included in each gummy, including cane sugar, cold-pressed hemp-derived CBD, carrot and blackcurrant extract, and natural flavors.

A High Concentration of CBD

The Sera Relief Miracle Gummies are designed to deliver 20mg of CBD per unit. Currently, similar CBD products typically contain between 5mg and 30mg per CBD, which makes SeraLabs’ take on gummies relatively potent. As a result of this feature, people who are more experienced with CBD may find it more beneficial than those who feel highly uneasy about taking it.

Non-GMO and vegan-friendly

Miracle Gummies are advertised as vegan-friendly, which is indicative of SeraLabs’ commitment to inclusiveness. In addition to being vegan, the gummies are also non-GMO, which is often a desirable attribute for consumers who are fully aware of the dangers of chemical pesticides.

Third-Party Tested with Certificate of Analysis

CannaSafe, the first-ever ISO-certified lab specializing in cannabis, hemp, and CBD testing, has tested Miracle Gummies. To maximize the availability of innovative products, the company has committed to reporting the growing, manufacturing, and distribution processes in an honest manner. CannaSafe states, “From analyzing potency in flower to conducting stability tests on the final product, CannaSafe supports you along the way.” That being said, the certificate of analysis (CoA) for the Sera Relief Miracle Gummies can be obtained from the official website.


Sera Relief Miracle Gummies have a carrot and blackcurrant flavor. It is claimed that this is achieved by means of all-natural means, including the source of sugar (i.e., cane sugar). As a matter of fact, many people seem to be primarily concerned with the taste, which is noteworthy since CBD gummies normally have an earthy aftertaste that never really fades away.

Socially Responsible

As part of its commitment to giving back to the community, SeraLabs spends a portion of its profits. Among their many achievements, they give their employees a paid day off in order to cast their votes, support Time to Vote, a nonpartisan movement aimed at increasing voter participation, and support organizations that work to eradicate child sex trafficking.

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How should Sera Relief Miracle Gummies be taken?

SeraLabs recommends adults take one to two gummies daily, as needed, to reap the maximum benefit. However, there are a few things that individuals might want to consider before placing an order. Firstly, these gummies should not be given to children (i.e., anyone under the age of 18 years old). Secondly, for individuals with pre-existing conditions, it would be best to discuss the possibility of taking Miracle Gummies with their physician. Women who are pregnant or nursing should refrain from using it altogether. Finally, Sera Relief Miracle Gummies contain less than 0.3% THC, so they do not produce any psychoactive effects.

What is the price of Sera Relief Miracle Gummies?

Sera Relief Miracle Gummies packages contain ten gummies, each containing 20mg of CBD. The following is a quick price breakdown (reported in USD):

3 Packages of Sera Relief Miracle Gummies (1-month supply): $49.95 + $7.95 in S&H

6 Packages of Sera Relief Miracle Gummies (2-month supply): $46.61 + free S&H

9 Packages of Sera Relief Miracle Gummies (3-month supply): $37.95 + free S&H

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We should emphasize that these supplies may vary based on individual needs. For example, 3 packages might last one month for some, while others may use them up within 15 days. It may even be that individuals do not need to take the product on a daily basis, resulting in a supply that lasts for over a month.

Consequently, all unopened packages of Sera Relief Miracle Gummies are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If these gummies do not meet the advertised expectations, customer service can be contacted for a refund, provided that the request is made before the allotted refund period expires. To obtain more information about the refund policy, please contact the following individuals:


    Phone: +1 (855) 762-9988

    Return Address: Sera Labs, 41 Canal Street, Lewiston, ME 04240

Visit Sera Labs CBD Gummies Official Website

Meet the creators: SeraLabs

SeraLabs is the company that produces Sera Relief Miracle Gummies. Our team at SeraLabs has dedicated itself to offering products that are natural, holistic, and that can induce feelings of comfort as a premier health and wellness brand. A company founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Nancy Duitch has managed not only to increase its offerings but also become a subsidiary of companies such as CURE Pharmaceutical and ZICAM. 

Here is a glimpse into the SeraLabs process:

Our mission is to develop high-quality products using proprietary formulations that are backed by science. Our commitment to science has lead to products that offer REAL solutions – products that will help you feel better in your own skin, improve your everyday well being, aid in achieving a better night’s sleep, and even help with daily aches and pains.”

Sera Relief Miracle Gummies Final Verdict

Overall, Sera Relief Miracle Gummies appear to be a good investment as everything from the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes have been thoroughly considered. To be more precise, SeraLabs has succeeded in delivering on concentration, the strength of the solution, taste, maintaining the nature of CBD, providing a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), and even doing their part to make a difference in society. For these reasons, we consider that the prices are more than justified, not to mention the added protection provided by the money-back guarantee, among others.

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