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kicksta review

The most significant challenge companies face when introducing a new product or passing brand information is brand awareness. Brand awareness is the ultimate solution to a magnificent social following. When you post something about your brand, how many online users can you reach? How many like your company photos? Do you have any engagement in your social media platforms? Without a good social media following or subscribers, your brand will remain hidden behind the curtains. Kicksta can make your brand influence social media, which is the key to eternal growth, boosting your engagements and increasing results.

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service. The service claims to help users generate organic followers on Instagram. Gaining authentic social media followers is a real struggle. Some influencers use spam accounts to gain trust and brand confidence, which attracts a more inorganic following. Professionals prefer quality over quantity but social media marketing likes vice versa.

It uses a different strategy to reach out to your followers, as opposed to competition. The service connects you with similar business accounts with like-minded branding plans. Kicksta claims not to use any form of spam, bots to fake followers. Instead, they say that they apply the power of artificial intelligence in organic lead generation.

Kicksta is a prominent Instagram growth tool that is well-known for its organic followers.

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How Does Kicksta Work?

Upon sign up, Kicksta will ask you to provide the Instagram accounts you adore, those with your dream offering, and, of course, with the related service offering. Look for the leading competitor and complementary brand influencers in your niche. Kicksta will make a follow request and like several photos in the target accounts. The brand will get a notification that you liked their pictures since you have related product/service delivery; they will likely look at your profile and follow you. However, their service offering is limited to photos compared to other Instagram platforms, which comment, send DM to the users and schedule comments.

Kicksta will like at least 10,000 photos in a month, a very straightforward way to boost your account through organic engagements. In addition, Kicksta offers you a responsible site dashboard from where you can manage your target account and observe the growth of your account daily.

Instagram accounts are different depending on the niche; therefore, do not expect a similar growth rate. To grow, however, doesn’t take the entire burden. They will specialize in a photo like while you take care of quality content. Now that you are expecting an increasing following, you must post regularly. It promises you real people who saw your profile and made a personal decision to follow you.

They are also most likely to buy your products or services. Kicksta refrains from any generic follower’s development. Most Instagram growth services will guarantee your thousands of followers within a week who end up disappearing two weeks later. They refrain from any auto commenting systems and options to buy followers. There’s no spam behavior; instead, it focuses on the original following. Kicksta offers the consumers a chance to grow their social proof on Instagram, affecting other social media platforms.

Features of Kicksta

Target Accounts

It is the first information you present to Kicksta once your sign-up process is complete. The target account feature is the main feature behind the site’s performance. It’s how they make it happen. The tool allows the service to engage with your competitor’s followers and move them to follow you. Target account information is also available on the Kicksta dashboard, following the account growth process.

Gaining Followers

Though they make it look simple, it is pretty hard for someone to follow you because you followed them. Kicksta likes as many photos daily through an automated photo liking system. It increases the possibility of someone wanting you back and following you.

The growth process through this strategy may take some time, but you have more natural followers. The increased following also increases your site’s engagement through likes.

Follow Back/ Unfollow

Kicksta provides a follow-back option meant to keep track of accounts that do not follow you back. The follow back feature should also monitor the accounts that follow you to measure the quality of the service provided. It’s, however, unfortunate that you can go even for a whole month without a single follower. They, however, believe that for patient customers, you will ultimately attract more followers. Therefore, they believe in a slow but sure customer attraction method that prevents any account flagging or account ban.


Kicksta service focuses purely on liking. It follows at least 500 to 1000 photos within a day. They understand authenticity and how to build numbers while remaining legit and protecting your account for future growth. The service also does not post or comment on your behalf. It is therefore up to you to generate valuable and on-point posts. Gaining followers is thus not their efforts but combined efforts. They like photos; you keep the account active.

How Much Does it Cost?

Kicksta has two pricing models to choose from. They have a professional and creative plan. The creative strategy is best for a starter. It will cost you $49 monthly and allows at least ten target accounts. Remember, the more target accounts, the greater the followers spread out. So it’s a great way to attract moderate accounts.

The creative plan offers moderate growth, intelligent filters, safe and secure account management, and ten targets. In addition, there’s an exclusive video onboarding making it much easier for starters.

kicksta review kicksta pricing image

The professional’s premium plan cost $99, a slash from the previous $149 per month. This account is the ultimate tool needed for maximum growth for your Instagram page. It provides for 40 target accounts. The Kicksta service allows the site to target new followers according to gender, using a trending hashtag or through the set location. There’s also live chat support and an exclusive video engagement for beginners.

If you are unsure whether to commit to this service, It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. There is, however, no free trial.

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Pros and Cons of Kicksta

kicksta pros and cons


  • Real customers. Kicksta allows the potential followers to decide to like your photos and follow you back organically.
  • Increases account engagement. Once you like someone’s photo, they are likely to like yours too in return. It’s a boost to site engagement making your post appear to more people.
  • Security. It is a secure site. They have a security protocol layer, SSL, added to the website, minimizing potential site attacks. It is thus a safe platform to log in and provide your credential. They are also visible on the google search engine. Associating with a website that can’t guarantee the safety of your data is detrimental. Lack of an SSL certification is the first red flag of a potential scam. The client no longer trusts businesses with HTTPS security.
  • Visible prices. There are no hidden prices. The site indicates their pricing plans and shows it’s an upfront subscription payment. It means you fully understand what you are committing to before enrolling. Also, it offers a 14-day money guarantee in case you are not comfortable continuing with the engagement. They offer two paid plans, each with listed service provisions.
  • Pay as you go agreement. The beautiful thing about its mode of agreement is that there’s no contract involved. You can cancel your contract anytime you wish to. Be careful to remove the subscription permission from your payment system if you are no longer satisfied with its services.
  • No downloads are required. Kicksta works pretty well through the website, which is optimized for desktop and is mobile responsive.
  • Money-back guarantee. Though it has no particular timeline on when money will return, It guarantees users a 14-day money-back.
  • Includes a FAQ and help page. Kicksta’s Instagram help page has the most frequently asked pretty relevant questions. Filtering options through location, hashtag, or username helps engage your target audience and avoid larger audiences you wish to get rid of.


  • There’s no free trial. If you are unsure about their services, you have no other choice but pay and hope for money back if it doesn’t work. A free trial would place more confidence on the user before engaging the Kicksta site for a paid engagement.
  • Live Customer support is only for those on the Premium plan subscriptions. But you can email them, and they will get back to you in 24 hours.
  • The only growth strategy used is “likes.”

Is Kicksta Legit?

Kicksta is a safe platform. They will only use your account credentials for likes; there are no prior cases of sold or stolen account details. It is also an accessible account to terminate if you decide to. They are there to stay if you get legitimate followers, unlike some tools that use bots whose followers appear and disappear like the wind. The site has a secure protocol layer and a verified payment system. You can safely make payment through a credit card. Though safe, it is a very unpredictable site. If your competitors have purchased fake followers; what well, does it follow them and expect a follow in return? But if you pick a good competitor page that has good engagement and legitimate followers, then this kicksta does much better work in attracting your competitor’s followers to follow you. Hence Kicksta is legit, but the results might vary depending on the niche & competitors page that you pick.

My Kicksta Experience

I used less than five minutes to complete the sign-up process. It’s a straightforward process without any document upload. I created an account with my email, set a password, and provided permission to connect my Instagram account. For maximum account growth, I subscribed to the professional plan.

Once the account sign-up was complete, and Kicksta signed in to connect to my Instagram account successfully, the site redirected me to the dashboard home page. Here I had an option to select 40 target accounts; I chose 30. The dashboard also provides an easy choice to track account progress. The site allocates small icons on the targets showing how well they are performing; excellent, good, poor, or very poor. I preferred using account usernames to hashtags. And we have tested kicksta on our new Instagram theme pages ( beauty niche ) for two months. And here, you can see the awesome results.

kicksta instagram growth tool results after trying it for 2 months

I sign up for newsletters and updates to receive weekly performance through email and the customer success manager, who I could contact for instant help or queries. I must admit that the Kicksta team was very professional and careful since no suspicious activity was reported, nor was my account been flagged. However, it was my biggest concern.

And here is my overall rating on kicksta:

Kicksta Support — ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kicksta Growth — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kicksta Experience — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kicksta Ease Of Use — ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kicksta Overall — ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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What do Customers say about Kicksta?

Kicksta trustpilot reviews:

Here are some of the screenshots of kicksta customer reviews from Trustpilot.

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Does Kicksta Violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines?

kicksta review image asking does kicksta violates instagram community guidelines

Instagram is stringent on people selling fake customers. Once their security surveillance detects bots or counterfeit followers or any suspicion in your account, they, unfortunately, have no warnings but instantly block your account.

It did good research and decided to take advantage of this gap. It has an automated photo liking system but does so in a manner resembling human action. Their liking frequency is as outlined in Instagram’s guidelines. The most beautiful thing is any new followers you get through this strategy will stick with you. There’s. However, no followers guarantee like greenly media reviews claim to provide 6000 organic followers every month.

Final Verdict

Kicksta is a practical Instagram growing tool. It’s the best growth tool for risk-averse brands who want to grow but do it in the right way other than buying a bunch of 5000 followers. Kicksta works best for clients looking for followers from a broad reach, not restricted to a local setting. International and national brands are likely to get faster results on Kicksta.

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