Funbox Media and Jordan Freeman Group Announce: Hardwar – A ZOOM Platform Exclusive Game

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Today, the Phoenix-based entertainment software and technology company, ZOOM, LLC (DBA: ZOOM Platform), a subsidiary of Jordan Freeman Group, LLC (JFG) officially released its latest title, Hardwar.

Funbox Media Ltd, owners of the Hardwar brand, revealed that JFG was once again the only firm in the industry able to successfully update one of their titles for modern PCs. JFG accomplished this previously with Funbox’s Incoming Trilogy.

JFG’s other, previously thought impossible, update triumphs include: Aliens Vs. Predator: Gold Edition, the FIRST and BEST performing version of Killing Time (July 2015), Judge Dredd 95, TrickStyle on Mac and Linux, Zone Raiders and many more. JFG is also known for it’s award winning conversions of Duke Nukem I, II, 3D: Atomic Edition (with bonus map packs) and Manhattan Project.

Funbox and JFG also revealed several other PC game updates are in-progress, including, but not limited to: Plane Crazy from Europress, RAGE Software’s Off-Road, Off-Road: Redneck Racing, Savage Arena and Gremlin Interactive’s Re-Loaded.

In Hardwar, the time is somewhere after the future, the place in space is (Misplaced) Optimism: nine craters eaten into the unforgiving crust of Titan, a nothing nowhere colony adrift at the wrong end of our experience.

You’re an Operative, a free agent and a speculator in this claustrophobic terminally ill city, the last crater cluster on barren mined-out Titan. Scanning comms channels for salvage or sabotage jobs throughout the hostile craters and tunnel links, you aim to better your reputation, gain credit, enhance your Moth (your ship, your only real asset) and ultimately escape Titan. A fantasy for all, except the powerful and influential. You are free to do what you want within the solar-powered city, the lightwells which charge ships and power the craters are free, but hotly contested.

As your reputation grows, you’ll pick-up more lucrative work like bounty, assassination and demolition. The payoff is big-time and so are the risks, but to trade up to a Warp-Drive Moth with special F.U. model firepower, on board CPU, top comms and inter-planetary capability, you need all the Hardwar you can get!

It’s an absolute pleasure to continue working with the ZOOM team. They have an unbelievable enthusiasm and talent to bring original PC product to the current market, without ZOOM many awesome games would not be available now.” said Barry Hatch, Funbox Media Ltd’s Managing Director.

ZOOM’s Chief Executive Officer, Jordan Freeman, stated: “It is with sheer joy we present the original untouched PC version of Funbox Media’s Hardwar, another new exclusive addition to ZOOM Platform. One of the first truly 3D open-world titles, where your morality choices directly affect your in-game notoriety. Hardwar is chock full of exciting non-linear spacecraft combat. The game was originally developed by The Software Refinery, in cooperation with The Designers Republic, known for their futuristic artistic style featured in Psygnosis’ Wipeout series.

While JFG was first established in 2008, ZOOM Platform was originally launched in 2014. In that seven year timeframe, Funbox Media has been one of our staunchest supporters. We are most grateful for their trust in us to curate their spectacular catalog. This especially as ZOOM Platform begins to expand it’s online presence with it’s own Steam Publisher storefront.

As always, we will continue our focus on ardently preserving PC and video game history as it was meant to be…DRM-Free. I am so proud of our development team, especially our CTO Adam Hillson, for once again enabling play on modern machines in a manner not available on any other platform. Our team’s dedication to customer service is second to none, you’ll never catch ZOOM haphazardly throwing lazy re-releases out there. We’ll make sure our games run properly at release and for years to come.

Hardwar comes bundled with an updated digital Manual and lossless CD audio soundtrack upgrade for $9.99 USD.

To purchase Hardwar, please follow this link:

About Jordan Freeman Group and ZOOM Platform:

ZOOM’s mission is to design, create, and publish traditional and interactive entertainment with a Generation X trans-media appeal. ZOOM’s products are distributed digitally via, ZOOM Platform, along with non-exclusive third-party content from both major publishers and indies with a catalog spanning the classics to new releases. ZOOM has a world-class veteran management team representing all facets of the entertainment and technology industries.

About ZOOM Platform Media:

ZOOM Platform Media is an exciting new venture, whose sole purpose, is to create original video game centric trans-media content. The Firm has been established to support ZOOM Platform’s current momentum and facilitate further growth. The entity’s primary initiative is to create and incubate original intellectual property for the video game and film markets in cooperation with well-known Hollywood stars. There are currently two projects in development: Shadow Stalkers and MegaRace: DeathMatch. Additionally, the Firm has strong interest in established film and TV based intellectual properties.

About Funbox Media:

Funbox Media, located in Chesterfield UK, is a third-party publisher and distributor for all video and mobile gaming platforms. Originally focusing on casual, affordable games, Funbox strengthened its early catalogue by bringing to market established brands such as the hit TV game show The Cube, Super Street, Warhammer 40,000, MYST and Gem Smashers, alongside its existing portfolio of titles. Distributing to all worldwide territories and with over 50 years of combined industry experience, Funbox Media Ltd is an established and reliable partner in the industry.

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