Digital Education Pioneer Emerges As A Shining Star at Leading Industry Awards

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Education Reimagined

Sophia High School, the UKs first online school to offer a digitally delivered primary and secondary education for students from age 5 to 14, is emerging as a shining star at two of the industries most coveted awards programs.   Already nominated for two prestigious 2021 EducationInvestor Global Awards, Sophia High School has also been announced today as a GESS Awards Finalist.

Celebrating the Education Industry’s Brightest, The Education Investor Global Awards are a flagship industry event celebrating excellence and innovation in the business of UK education.   This year they also recognize how firms have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and maintained innovation and growth during a challenging period for the sector.

Part of the wider Sophia Technologies Ltd group, this is the first nomination for Sophia High School and the third year running that Sophia has been recognized at the awards, having been finalists in the two preceding years for its Private Tuition offering.

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Offering a full time online independent school programme for primary and secondary school students, Sophia High School is thrilled to be a front runner in these coveted awards being nominated alongside some of the most inspirational forces in education, in two Grand Prix categories for the 2021 awards: Education Provider of the Year and Exporting Excellence.

Celebrating success in the Education Sector, the GESS Awards held annually in Dubai highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession.  Sophia High School is a GESS Awards finalist in the Best Use of Digital Learning in the Classroom Category.

These finalist nominations come after the UK Department for Education selected Sophia High School as 1 of only 4 UK online education providers to take part in the Pilot Online Education Accreditation Scheme (OEAS), working alongside Ofsted as the nominated Quality Advisory Board for the pilot in July 2021. Sophia High School is also currently undertaking a membership evaluation process with the globally recognized leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide, the Council of International Schools.


Melissa McBride, Chief Education Officer of Sophia High School, said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for these prestigious industry prizes, which recognizes our efforts to provide high quality online education provision for students around the world.   Since our launch, Sophia Technologies has been dedicated to bringing regulation to the education sector and pioneering best practice in the industry.  These important recognitions highlight the opportunities brought by online education, and cement the growing need for safer online learning, as Sophia continues to champion quality and safeguarding across our learning ecosystems.”

After successfully completing a £560k investment round, pioneering EdTech start-up Sophia Technologies quickly pivoted our initial private tuition offering to expand our provision to provide families with a digitally delivered full time online education following the UK national curriculum and IPC and IMYC through our partnership with Fieldwork Education.

Launched in September 2020 in London, United Kingdom, Sophia High School is run by an Education Leadership team with more than 50 years of teaching and headship experience at outstanding schools in the UK and abroad. It has since expanded globally and makes up a global community across Europe, the Middle East, East Africa, South Asia, North America, and Latin America, thereby making it a truly global ‘Anywhere School’.


Sophia High School is the only online school in the UK to offer live online classes following the UK National Curriculum for England as low as Year 1 (age 5), and is committed to delivering interactive education adapted to the 21st century, that is engaging and fosters creativity and curiosity.

David McCarthy, Director of Education at Sophia High School comments: “We have adopted the highest UK standards and crafted them into live experiences with our team of master teachers that nurture, encourage and inspire a child’s growth and development.  We educate our students where life and learning take them through our ‘Anywhere School’ model.  It is a fantastic achievement to receive nominations at two of the industries most coveted global awards in recognition of the work our team is doing in Education.

We believe this is the future of education; digitally delivered education that fits the needs of the digitally native learners of today.    Kids shouldn’t go to school, school should come to them and fit our increasingly digitally nomadic lifestyles.    No longer are classrooms defined by the four walls of a traditional school building.   At Sophia High School, our classrooms and access to the highest standards of a British education can be anywhere.“

This is Education Reimagined.

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