The Different Kinds Of POS Available In The Market

The counter at the exit is the last stop of our trip to any store/shop. The complex calculations and computations happening at the back of the counter are unseen by most of us. But this was not the case 100 years ago, back then the counters were occupied by cash registers where the merchant had to manually tally the total bill.

The current technology known as the POS system is a great breakthrough. This system can carry out more than one task and is the most essential part of a business. These machines provide everything in one package, from online payments to inventory management.

The Different Kinds Of POS Systems Available


The over-the-counter POS system is the most conventional rendition. It is a computer that runs customized software to manage the operations of your business.

The features of a Counter POS system are that it includes an input screen, a cash drawer, and a dot matrix printer to print the bill receipts. Depending on the level of automation, the machine can have a conveyor belt to move the products, a barcode reader, advertisement poles, and a tracking device such as a mouse.

The over-the-counter POS device is for businesses that have allocated payment points. This option is installed once and cannot be moved easily like a handheld POS device. It is discouraged for businesses that are on constant makeovers/rearrangements of the premises. If your business has a dedicated checkout area or you are a restaurant with a counter service then this system is for you.

Tablet POS System

The tablet POS device is much like an over-the-counter device but it is more portable and easier to move to in case of a change in layout. It is lightweight and a more practical solution for small businesses.

The added benefit is that it has similar features as a counter POS system and performs similar operations and tasks. You can connect it with a cash drawer, a printer, and other devices. Or use it with a card reader on the go.

You can now use your own devices because the POS system companies are offering software that can be installed on these. This way you only need to pay for the software.

A startup business can set up its own tablet POS as a mobile payment point or as a dedicated check-out station. All they will need is a cash drawer and a barcode scanner to quickly process the transactions.

The tablet POS system can be easily carried in your mobile business vehicle so you can serve your customers at the curb-side. The only thing needed will be an internet connection so you can make sales on card payments.

Handheld POS systems

The most unconventional option, and easily the most difficult to wrap your head around. How can a POS system be handheld or fit inside your pocket? Thanks to modern innovation it has been made possible.

Offering mobility and portability that is unmatched is best for businesses on the go. The handheld POS system runs on a mobile or any other handheld device. It has some disadvantages but they can be beneficial to some businesses.

There is a wide array of options available in mobile POS systems such as simple ones that process card payments and send digital receipts. More complex ones can handle your inventory and perform managing tasks for you.

They are best for a simple business/shop that is on a tight budget but needs a solution to handle these checkouts.

Some businesses that can use these are roadside or pop-up businesses. They can also be used by existing POS system businesses to take individual orders and sales on large premises. It can also help a store in keeping a record of stock levels with real-time data.

What Tasks Can A POS System Perform?

In the contemporary world, technology is evolving at every moment. With some merchants and businesses still stuck in the past, more and more are transitioning towards devices that are able to perform a wide array of tasks and crucial applications.

The modern POS device will do the same thing as a traditional cash register but it is also connected to the internet and manages every aspect of your business.

A POS device will help you with managing the inventory of your enterprise. It will track all the items that are outgoing and at the same time monitor the inflow as well. For example, it can keep track of ingredients in your restaurant so you never run out of them during operations.

It will also help you to schedule your staff shift timings. Recording the data of their work hours and activity on the premises using employee swipe cards.

Currently, the options available on the market can also integrate other devices at your business with the POS. It helps streamline your devices and machinery into a single platform.

As the world shifts towards cloud computing, POS devices have also incorporated this technology. This means that multi-location businesses can be run more efficiently. And communication can be done across multiple devices.

POS systems are connected to the internet so all of your data is stored online and can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

With the ongoing pandemic, most businesses shifted their operations online. A POS system will collect online orders and payments so you do not have to worry about getting new software or hardware to incorporate an online store.

With these capabilities, the POS systems have revolutionized the industry and they are continuously evolving to do more such tasks.

Find POS Solutions

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