Barbara Wholesale Eyelashes for Professionals in Beauty Business

Barbara Lashes Company is a popular online wholesale company in Russia selling beauty eyelashes. The company has offered one of the widest ranges of high-quality eyelash extensions for retailers and beauty owners worldwide.

Barbara Lashes Company is one of the world’s largest wholesalers of eyelash extensions and has been assisting retailers in other countries to market their beauty products. The company has been in business for more than ten years and has been the leader in this niche area of eyelash extension for beauty entrepreneurs globally.

The company has seen its wholesale eyelashes business soaring due to huge demand from consumers as they make each product satisfactory in the eyes of the artists and the consumer. The product range is aimed at mainly professional uses to help beginners and start-ups get a good grip for succeeding in their business endeavors. Clients may browse the site here at for more information on the product range and place bulk orders for new ventures in their hometowns.

Elegant and Exquisite Mink Lashes

Barbara’s eyelashes are not confined to only artistic eyelashes only, but the company’s exquisite range of mink lashes has been increasing its popularity with the passing of each season. The company’s policy is to make the mink lashes true to their origin, and this means plucking the same from the coat of the mink animal.

Minks are raised and killed least painfully at the farm where the hairs on the fur are harvested for eyelashes. The company has been extracting 25mm mink lashes from the large Siberian mink, and the same is of high quality and therefore much sought after by consumers worldwide.

Clients wishing to set up their unique eyelash business may agree with the company to get very good returns within the first few months. The mink lashes and other eyelashes are shipped to their location in well-packed custom lash boxes to remain safe until they reach their destination.

Custom Eyelashes and Unique Styles

The Barbara Lashes Company has been making in-roads into areas of the beauty market due to their unique styles. Eyelashes are handmade and are crafted by leading specialists and professional artists. Currently, eyelash vendors can order separate packaging for 25mm eyelashes, 20mm eyelashes, and 16mm eyelashes if they need to distribute the same in their country. The company’s eyelash packaging is as attractive as the lashes kept in it.

Clients can customize mink lashes according to the need of the business, and can write the brand name for top quality 25mm lashes to attract customers into the shop.

The materials used are 100% of excellent quality, and clients can visit the site to ascertain the innovative product technologies and designs. Further, vendors can place any query on the site, and the answers will be prompt to remove the doubts of the clients.

If the client so wants, they can put their logo or change the packaging design, which the company will gladly do.

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