How to get repeat business by mastering customer retention

Acquiring new customers to a business is often an expensive endeavor. It usually takes far less effort to retain and earn their repeat business. Planning and implementing specific marketing measures that are designed to increase customer retention is fundamental for sustainable long term business growth.

The beginning of a long-term customer relationship starts with a foundation that’s based on trust. Putting out misleading marketing messages is a surefire way to guarantee the end of the relationship once they discover that the product is not as it was presented.

Why Many Businesses Fail to Retain their Customers

Ever noticed that people are usually oblivious whenever things are working in their favor? For instance, a customer that frequently uses a particular airline to travel, and the staff is always friendly, check in is smooth, food is consistently good – such a customer naturally gets accustomed to the good services, and it becomes an expectation.

Now, the moment an error occurs and they stop receiving the things which they expect – that is when they get sparked back to life. When their flight gets delayed or favorite meal runs out, then they awaken from oblivion feeling angered and disappointed, and quickly disregard all the benefits which they have always and consistently been receiving. Those negative moments then become what they associate the brand with.

You have probably heard someone complain that the services at a particular restaurant are terrible. Well it was probably just one occasion that the services were slower than usual, but that is the memory that lasts. Businesses that are service-oriented such as banks, airlines, insurances, etc. are generally more susceptible to human errors because the operations are being run by people.

It is human nature to mess up from time to time, we are not machines.  A waitress that is usually consistent with her service could accidentally spill red wine over an unsuspecting customer. And whenever customers encounter such errors, they could easily be unsold as a consequence of the under fulfillment of their expectations. Neither the restaurant nor the waitress could foretell that on a particular day she would spill red wine on an unsuspecting customer.

How to Consistently Get Repeat Business

If a business intends to retain its customers and maintain a happy long-term relationship, then it should regularly remind them of all the good things which they receive. That will make the occasional discrepancies to fade in contrast.

Yes it is a compliment if the services are so seamless that it becomes an expectation, but the biggest risk is losing the customer once an error occurs. There’s no telling when something will go wrong, but it will go wrong.

In order to open a customer’s eyes to the good things as they happen, the business can occasionally reinstate the promises which were used to win them over in the first place. Such can be done by sending out periodic emails at no extra cost.

Newsletters can be used to highlight the monthly benefits received or to showcase new features which indicate progress. Phone calls that are intended ‘just to checkup’ are also incredibly powerful.

Such measures not only serve the purpose of reminding customers of the value of what is constantly and silently being delivered, but also reinstates the company’s presence in their mind. Such companies will be held in higher regard than the ones that only reach out whenever a payment is due.

Many people prefer to deal with businesses that they’re familiar with. Building a strong online presence can have a massive impact on their purchase decisions. Successful businesses in this modern era must be active on social media, have a website, business listings, etc. They must have all their growth hacking tools in check.

In case of financial constraints, platforms like FreeWebDesign can be used to get free professional websites and domains. There’s no logical reason why an ambitious business shouldn’t have a strong online presence.

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