If You Need Office 365 Migration – Try These Tenant Migration Services

A very few newly-run businesses incorporate the use of software tools in their daily work. Businesses mainly use email service providers as their primary email source. There are tons of free email service providers that provide unique features. Therefore, choosing one email service provider for your business is an unchallenging task due to the high volume of options.

Businesses increase their workforce to meet the demand of the market when they thrive. For this purpose, they need a simple, user-friendly software tool incorporated at all levels to keep a smooth workflow. It is where Office 365 Migration comes in handy. Businesses use Office 365 Migration tools to migrate their work on MS Office for a ton of reasons. 

Although Microsoft offers a seamless Office 365 Migration, businesses tend to opt for a different path. There are many Office 365 Migration services that offer easy, seamless, and uniform Office 365 Migration. Some tools are free of cost, while others may charge a nominal migration fee. You can follow an Office 365 Migration plan to ensure the safe migration of your emails to the cloud.

Office 365 Migration Services

An Office 365 Migration guide pdf comes attached that assists in an easy migration of your data. Following the steps carefully is both time-saving and safety-guaranteed in terms of data loss. DuoCircle offers a leading Office 365 Migration service that promises a safe data transfer.

Data like emails, mailbox information, contacts etc., is safely migrated to an Office 365 platform with zero data loss. However, you can choose filters to exclude specific emails you do not want to migrate. A user-friendly migration tool helps in this regard. You can use filters, sit back, and let the migration tool service do its job. The automated migration is what makes Office 365 Migration services superior to the platform’s built-in migration tool.

Migration is carried out based on the number of users. You can migrate the data of more than 500 users. Migrating data of more than 500 users results in the accumulation of one week worth of data. On the other hand, migrating data of less than 500 users allows you to collect the data up to the last four months.

Other Office Migration Services

Apart from DuoCircle, there are several other Office 365 Migration tools, some free of cost.

O365 Cloud Experts offer free migration and competitive prices for other related services.

Quest is an Office 365 Migration Tool that offers consolidated migration to Microsoft. You can associate your data, migrate to Office, merge with already existing data, or consolidate with pre-existing data, all in one tool. Therefore, making migration easier.

Rackspace offers customised migration where emails can be consolidated in mailboxes, and these mailboxes migrate to Office 365 in Batches.

CodeTwo offers the same Office 365 Migration services as other similar tools. They offer safe, secure, automated migration free from any type of data loss and data theft.

All these migration software tools offer Office Migration Services and are unique in the features they offer. Therefore, choose one now to migrate your data to the Microsoft cloud for a smooth workflow.

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