How to Increase Brand Awareness with Social Media Contests

The main agenda of building a brand always moves around attracting people in your niche services & products. In this present age, social media platforms are considered the king in this scenario. It is the final frontier that creates engagement & builds credibility.

But, when we think of the competition we are about to face, no matter what niche, it becomes challenging to spread your word. To get Instagram followers or to get followers for other social media platforms requires you to go an extra mile in order to get success. Instagram contests can advantage you in this scenario & you can obtain Instagram followers with this in thousands or even millions.

The main focus of every brand or company is definitely generating revenues by increasing its sales. But, Instagram contests can proffer you a lot more benefits to stand out other than this. Let us take a look at how Instagram contests can increase brand awareness & benefit your brand in other ways too. This is not only for running contests on Instagram but for all other social media platforms.

Top 4 ways social media increases brand awareness

#1 Contests helps with engagement & boost visibility

A contest, if run well, can do a lot for your brand or business. You are supposed to make engaging content for contests, as your intention is to encourage the contest participants. As you struggle to design engaging content for your contest, you must also make sure that it has a clear meaning & purpose on it. This is the only way people can get effective nudge & get engaged in your campaign.

In simpler terms, keep your aim that your contest & its content should resonate with the needs & values of your targeted audience. In this way, the people will enthusiastically join your campaign. In reality, the companies or brands that formulate engaging hype around a particular contest, no matter what the social media platform is, they get their words or message in front of their targeted audience in the accurate places at the perfect timings. So, you can also use contests to encourage your followers to like, comments & share your posts. Consequently, then you will get Instagram followers& more people will be there to see & participate in your contests.

#2 Incentives for the contest winner inspire engagement

When it comes to the contests, the REWARDS are a must. This is the only thing the people or followers get attracted. A number of brands announce only one reward prize. This idea works but it doesn’t motivate lots of people to participate as the chances to win are very rare. On the other hand, a few other brands announce a range of giveaways. It encourages more & more people to participate as the chances of winning are more in this scenario.

The most amazing thing about these contests will happen at the end of it. The winners of your contests will be proffering you the free advertising as they will post the items they have won from you. Lots of people will see that & will get inspiration from. In this way, you will get Instagram followers& your business will get more exposure. To make your purchase for Instagram followers more effective and secure, consider choosing one of these best sites to buy Instagram followers UK.

You can consider it a small investment for your brand awareness that returns your brand or company huge ROI. Make sure to deliver the items to your winners with a brand slogan & your company’s logo printed on it.

#3 Collected data from contests fuels future campaigns

Here I am going to write down the most amazing thing about contests: When it ends, it doesn’t actually end. What does that mean? Based on the level of your contest, its impact isn’t going to end with it as the people will remember it for the years to come.

These contests are also proved sometimes the mirror to the minds of your followers or audience. It can reveal a few positive points & a few weaknesses about you. Keep the positive points for the m  otivation & the negative ones for the improvement.

When running contests, you will also gather data from your existing & potential subscribers. This collected data can be used to fuel your future campaigns. Those people will be happier to know & be a part of your next contests too. Definitely, you will also acquire Instagram followers (Some more this time too).

#4 Contests spread the desired word of mouth

As you are a start-up brand so everyone will not be seen excited wearing your brand’s t-shirt but the fact is that; contests are fun. It creates hype about your brand on social media & you will see people talking about you all around & this is what you exactly want. That’s how social media platforms, especially the ones which are widely used like Instagram helps you to create brand awareness among your followers.

In the end, it is important for you to make sure that you are implementing the best practices to increase brand awareness via social media platforms, no matter what. In this way, you will definitely be able to keep your followers & audience engaged & happy for the years to come.

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