ShiptoNaija For On-Time Delivery And Best Customer Service

ShiptoNaija is a US-based shipping company with simplified logistic processes, designed to help the Nigerians in the US to tap profitable export business. Products are shipped from Nigeria to the US at economical rates. 

Nduka Udeh is the MD/CEO of ShiptoNaija. He says that ‘Nigerians have yet to tap in myriads of AGOA [African Growth & Opportunity Act] benefits. Currently, 6,500+ products are free from shipping taxes, which can bring vast potential to gain plenty of income opportunities and maximize profits before its expiry in 2025, after which people will need to pay duty on those exceptional 6,500 products.’

According to research, roughly 30% of Nigerians over 25 years with graduation degrees reside in the US. Many Nigerian-American residents are professors in the top universities, while many are in the medical field or CEOs or entrepreneurs in the US. They aim to support their homeland Nigeria. Export is a new profitable idea that the American Nigerians can tap and enjoy the benefits of AGOA. It is a good time to start a business, which will help to lessen the poverty in Nigeria as well as increase the income of American-Nigerian personnel. 

ShiptoNaija ships from any place in the US to all the locations in Nigeria. It is a leading logistic company in the US that ships from Houston and Atlanta to Lagos or any location in Nigeria. People can choose shipping methods like air, ocean, and car. Their professional carriers are FedEx, DHL, and UPS. 

Exporters choose Shiptonaija because more than 95% of their shipments arrive on time. With a committed and skilled team of more than 50, clients can expect no delays and no damaged/lost items. Great care is taken while packing to ensure that customers receive their items undamaged. They are insured, so even if anything happens to your item, you need not worry. 

ShiptoNaija has more than ten years of shipping experience. There are no concerns about hidden costs, and customers just pay once! However, if the product or merchandise is expensive, the shipping charges can differ. Their customer service desk has a skilled staff committed to helping people from 9 am to 6 pm [Nigerian time]. 

Shipping rates are as low as $3 per pound by air to their Lagos office. When shipping quote is offered to clients, it hardly changes [except when items to be shipped are costly or new clearing rates are introduced]. The costs include shipping and clearing fees. For one-time huge volume shipment, clients can call to discuss discount offers. For regular shippers, shipping more than 100 kg per month, a discount coupon is offered that is used every time they ship. 

In Lagos, the warehouse is huge, where the team updates the shipment received that later needs to be dispatched across Nigeria. Customers receive 7 days of free storage at their warehouse, so they can gather all their shopping from several stores and then ship.

The Free ShiptoNaija app helps to receive quotes, book shipments, make payments, and keep track, requests for local pickup or pickup with UPS or FedEx. Online shipment management services help customers shop from online stores and send items to their ShiptoNaija assigned address. 


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