What is the Difference between Wedoi Sunshade and Ordinary Car Window Sunshade?

There are several variants of sunshades in the market, and consumers can choose anyone according to their needs. The problem with any sunshades starts when passengers are doing the traveling inside their car. It raises several issues when children may also be traveling at the back with adults, and requirements are such that they may need to open the window or extend it. 

The problem may not strike a consumer immediately, but only when the person goes to places with his family or colleagues. WeDoi, the famous Car Window Sunshade Manufacturer, has been focusing on several other issues while making sunshades suitable for consumers. You may find more information by clicking here at www.wedoicaraccessories.com so that you may place your order for immediate shipping anywhere in the world. 

Best Fitting Sunshades from WeDoi

You will find that most sunshades available in the market are cheap and made to fit easily on the car’s glass. Here, the window or glass pane must remain drawn up for the sunshade to stick onto the glass with the help of rubber suckers. If one of the passengers wishes to have fresh air and draws down the window glass, then the sunshade will come out loose. 

Here, there is a need for higher quality sunshade with appropriate arrangements that do not use suction. The above company’s Car Window Sunshade is made to fit not on the window glass, but the same is attached to the window frame only with the help of tiny clips. It is immaterial whether a passenger wishes to draw down or up the window as it hardly affects the sunshade. 

The above company has been focusing on this problem with a professional eye and manufacturing other car accessories like Custom TPE Car Floor Mat in their China factory. Retailers interested in selling these car accessories in towns of their country can get good discounts for bulk purchases. All products come with one year guarantee. 

Benefits of Car Sunshade and Car Floor Mats

Today, almost all modern cars have 3D Tpe Car Floor Liners to make them feel at home and comfortable. Most vehicles that are running in countries where temperatures are high use sunshades to ward of direct sunlight. It helps cool down the interiors of a car and helps to stop UV and infrared rays from entering into it. It also helps to control the variability of the floor temperature within the vehicle. 

Both sunshades and car floor mats are easy to install or place, and you can do the same very easily and teach your customers in your hometown quickly. The company offers a good margin for retailers buying in bulk. They also manufacture according to each specification and the requirements of the type of vehicle. 

Although you get cheap sunshades in the market, most of them fall below the standards and become useless after a few weeks. In the case of WeDoi sunshades and mats, they are of superb quality, yet the company has sold them at very competitive rates internationally. 

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