Keravita Pro 101 Reviews – Keravita Pro Ingredients List

Keravita Pro 101 is a natural dietary supplement designed to help you get rid of fungal attacks on your feet, hair, and nails. Further, it nourishes them with the essential nutrients for a healthier and cleaner look. Fungal infections are very common, particularly among elderly people. That is for the reason that our bodies lose their ability to provide the needed nutrients to fight fungal infections.

Keravita Pro 101 promises to get rid of the infections in addition to promoting healthy hair and nails. But before buying any supplement, you must research its ingredients and their usage. This Keravita Pro Review will provide you with the information you need about the product and help you make the purchase decision.

About Keravita Pro 101

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Fungal attacks on the nails, hair, and feet are painless during the early stages. However,the infections get itchy and generate bad odours after some time and it becomes hard to live with them.  If left untreated the infections lead to many conditions such as loss of nails, athlete’s feet, excruciating pain, organ failure, and cancer. The number of supplements in the market claiming to eliminate the infections has increased recently, but most of them do not offer any good results.

Keravita Pro is a natural dietary supplement created to eliminate fungal infections. You can start taking it to alleviate internal candida and fungus in your nails, hair, and toes. Besides, the formula creates a shield that captures 99 percent of the fungus you breathe daily. The creator also claims that it can improve your skin health, and strengthen your cardiovascular system to prevent future infections.

The supplement contains 31 ingredients researched for treating hair and nail infections and it does not contain any synthetic products or chemicals that can harm your health. The team from Keravita pro 101 produces the supplement in smaller batches to control the quality. Most of the users have reported good results within three weeks.

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Who is the Creator of Keravita Pro 101?

Benjamin Jones is the creator of Keravita Pro 101. He lives in Tallahassee Florida and he is married to Gemma. For many years, Benjamin has been focusing on helping people live better lives. He spent over 17 years researching the effective treatment for fungal infections. Fortunately, he came up with the Keravita Pro, which promotes healthy hair, improves skin condition, and supports a healthy immune system.

How Does Keravita Pro 101 Work?

The creator of this supplement uses several carefully selected ingredients to make it. Each ingredient contributes to its functioning. The supplement works in four steps. Here are the four steps:

Fast Penetration and Elimination of Fungus Build-Up

After taking a Keravita Pro 101 capsule, its ingredients will penetrate your body very fast. After the penetration, it will eliminate any fungal build-ups in your blood vessels. That means you will see results within a short time.

Feet Skin Recovery and Blood Purification

Regular intake of Keravita Pro 101 capsules will help clean your blood and dissolve all the fungus and bacteria in the blood. Your skin will be more nourished after the blood is clean. Therefore, it will look healthier and smoother. The destroyed nails and feet will also be restored.

Antifungal Defence Mechanism

Proper use of Keravita Pro 101 will protect you against future fungal infections. It will build an immunity shield against any fungus and bacteria. That means you will live a healthier life.

Full Clean-Up

This is the final stage of Keravita Pro 101. It will clean up your entire body. Further, it will remove any remaining fungal toxins in your body and nourish the blood naturally to keep it healthy.

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Keravita Pro Ingredients List:

The patented Keravita Pro 101 formula contains potent natural ingredients that will fight off fungal infections and reinstate better overall health. It has 31 ingredients that the creator selects carefully. Furthermore, the creator optimizes the ingredients to ensure 100percent effectiveness. Here are the key ingredients.


This naturally occurring fibre is highly water-soluble. It improves blood cholesterol and heart health. It is also capable of penetrating fungal cell walls and allowing other ingredients in Keravita Pro to destroy them. It will also boost your immunity and help prevent the occurrence of future infections.


ARA-6 contains good fibres in high amounts. People traditionally used it to cure various infections such as swine flu, common cold, and ear infections. It is very powerful such that it will identify the affected areas and destroy the pathogens. It is known to destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Japanese Mushroom Complex

The creator of Keravita Pro 101 has kept this proprietary Japanese mushroom combination confidential. He claims that the combination will boost your immunity. While mushrooms are fungi, they directly fight against fungal infections, particularly candida infections that result from yeast. Many experts theorize that the complex contains Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms.


This ingredient comes from Turmeric and it has very strong antioxidant properties that you need for healthier cells. It will reduce fungal infections and inflammations.

Cat’s Claw

This vine has thorns that resemble the claws of a cat. It is widely known for its effective antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. It proves deadly for any pathogens that enter your body and cause infections. It will eradicate fungal growth, and remove spores and any toxins in your blood. In other words, it will detoxify your blood and body to prevent any chances of future infections.


Garlic offers Allicin in high amounts. Allicin helps fight athlete’s feet and candida. It will prevent the spread of fungal infections to your other body parts such as the mouth, hands, and genitalia. Even more, it prevents fungal spores from attaching to your epithelium lining and skin.

Lycopene and Pomegranate

Lycopene is the pigment of red-colored fruits and pomegranate offers it in a large amount. Pomegranate has great antioxidant properties that will help prevent cell damages. People have used it for many years to treat gingivitis. It breaks and penetrates fungal cell walls to damage them.

Ginseng and Green Tea

The creator of Keravita Pro 101 includes ginseng and green tea due to their high content of flavonoids known as Quercetin. Quercetinhas been proved effective in the treatment of fungal infections. It also breaks through the fungal cells. That results in the elimination of the fungi.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extra contains phenolic compounds that prevent the increase of fungi, mould, and yeast to reduce the spread of infections. It further eliminates the infections gradually.

Graviola, Selenium, and Pine Bark

The creator of Keravita Pro 101 claims that this is its defence trial. Selenium will improve the functioning of your body. On the other hand, pine bark extracts and Graviola are antioxidants with effective anti-inflammatory properties. They will locate all the hidden fungi cells and spores and destroy them to prevent a re-infection. What’s more, they will remove all chemicals and fungal toxins from your bloodstream and body to reinstate good health.

Vitamin C, Red Raspberry, and Vitamin E

Vitamin C, vitamin E, and red raspberry will protect you from any future fungal infections. The three ingredients strengthen the lungs to shield you from the pathogens in the air. That will protect you from tracheal infections, flu, and phlegmbuild-up.

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The Dosage of Keravita Pro 101

Take two capsules per day with a glass of water because overdosing may cause side effects.  The producer states that you should take the first capsule after your first meal for the best results. While you can witness results within 3 weeks, you have to use the supplement for at least three months to enjoy more long-term benefits.

Is Keravita Pro 101 Safe?

The supplement has no known side effects. It does not contain any toxins, artificial chemicals, or allergens. The producer follows the guidelines of GMP and FDA when creating. However, the supplement is not good for pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with underlying medical conditions like diabetes, and people under 18 years.

Keravita Pro 101 Price

The product is only available through the official website After visiting the site, you have to choose one of the offered packages. The basic package offers a 60-capsule bottle that will last for 30 days. The 6-bottle package offers six bottles and it currently comes at a discount.

One bottle will cost $69 while three bottles will cost you $177. Six bottles will cost you $294. So, f one of your goals is to spend less money, you have to buy more bottles at once. The supplement has a two years shelf life and you can therefore buy stock for at least six months.

Pros and Cons

Keravita Pro 101 has its benefits and drawbacks. Here is what to expect.


  • It eliminates will eliminate fungal infections naturally
  • It will fight the fungal cells in your toenails and remove fungal buildup
  • Purifies blood
  • It improves the skin, nails, and hair condition
  • Boosts digestion
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Energizes the body
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence
  • Improves skeletal and cardiac health


  • It is only available online

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Q: Who Should Go for the Supplement?

A: Anyone suffering from fungal infections can use this supplement.Whether it isskin, nail, or candida, the supplement will be helpful. However, it is not good for lactating mothers, pregnant women, diabetic people, and people below 18 years.

Q: Does the Supplement Interfere with Other Supplements or Medications?

A: According to the official website, Keravita Pro 101 does not interfere with other supplements or medications. However, you must consult your doctor to see whether any interactions may occur.

Q: What Should I Do if Keravita Pro 101 Does Not Work?

A: The creator of this supplement offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can demand your money back if you do not see any results.


Keravita Pro 101 will rectify the damages resulting from fungal infections. It focuses on maintaining healthy hair and nails but it also improves the functioning of other body parts such as the heart, liver, immune system, skin, and kidneys. It is risk-free and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Visit the official site today to place your order.

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