How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar? (How To Learn Fast)


Many would think that learning guitar is a multi-year process, and while it’s true for many, some are able to shortcut their learning by getting steered in the right direction.

This article explores how long it takes for the average individual to learn how to play the guitar, provided that they follow a traditional learning route.

While the major exception to this route is to learn with the proper training, and have results that far exceed the average. From our research, everything indicates that there are indeed ways to become a professional guitar player in a shorter amount of time.

Forget about spending years not knowing what to do, as by the end, players should have more clarity when it comes to accelerating their learning curve.

People are capable of producing music and make it heard by millions of people. But that will be only possible if they have the right platform to make music. The platform matters a lot in music creatine. Some people pick piano, drums, triangle, or just rely on their singing ability to create music.

And others pick guitars to show how they feel through the music. If you just picked up a guitar and wondered how long it would take for you to learn everything about the guitar and master the art behind it, this article will cover all the aspects of guitar learning and provide useful information to help newbies to make an educated decision in the end.

When a question about learning a musical instrument gets asked, several things get taken into consideration before answering the question. People always put talent over diligent practice sessions.

A talented person would know what kind of music to create that connects with a massive group of people, but the artist who spends their time practicing the guitar could create something brand new that inspires billions of people.

While it is truly a talented musician who has the ear and the skills to achieve results but in the long run, the one who spends more time refining their skill will go on to achieve higher success.

Why The Right Training Makes a Difference

It’s always best to learn from someone that has years, if not decades of experience when it comes to learning guitar, especially years in deliberate practice.

This is because they went through a process of trial and error, which could help newcomers skip the mistakes that keep them from progressing in the first place.

And while years of experience matter, so does deliberate practice. So much so, that someone with the right training could do better because they avoided pitfalls that would set them back for years. As compared to someone that just plays the guitar for the sake of playing the guitar in hopes of getting better.

The right training gives users a sense of accountability, which increases their likelihood to push through any hard time that would come up.

Why Many Spend Years

Playing the guitar is difficult for newcomers, but it doesn’t have to be, if they have the right guidance. Every fret and string will emit a different sound that is different from one another. Keeping track of all of them and then making out of them is not as easy as it sounds.

This is why people spend years of their life learning the ABC of the guitar let alone getting to the professional level. At the same time, people get overwhelmed by things that are on the internet.

It is best to find guitar lessons online, but it can be difficult to find the one that covers the basic to advanced level, but fortunately, there are good ways to learn guitar online fast. Here is what we recommend to fasttrack players’ success in learning guitar fast and easily.

Many think playing the guitar will take hours of research and that newcomers will face a lot of hardship. But a good teacher can be the difference between spending years without making any significant progress, to learn guitar easier.

Getting Comfortable

Comfortability is another key reason that the player should pay attention to, especially if they are a newcomer. Getting comfortable with the music device required will have a wonderful time practicing every day.

It takes time for anyone to get to that level of comfortability, picking the wrong instrument will never give the player a sense of connection with the musical instrument. When a person can’t bridge any sort of relationship with the musical instrument they will have a hard time making anything great with it.

How Long Would It Normally Take to Learn Guitar?

The million-dollar question is how long will it take for anyone to learn guitar. Seeing the highlights of the best guitarists in the world will give anyone the impression that it took them mere days to learn the guitar and start making good music in a week.

Legends give the general audience that impression because they are that good in their craft. Normally going to that level of guitar playing, requires the player to invest some time with the right training material to get them there.

There are easy ways of learning guitar playing, whether you are a newbie or have gained some experience before. The player will many times learn the ABC before covering the harder techniques behind the instrument.

Star guitarists have spent their time learning the right process before they gained the title of legend by people. The short story is the more time a person spends on the craft, the better they will get. Deliberate practice comes a long way.

This is the training we recommend for anyone starting out, that wants to go from not knowing how to play the guitar to becoming a professional.

This is likely to be much easier than learning it the traditional way, since players are hand-held throughout the process.



Newbies (1- 2 months)

Newcomers generally have no idea how to use a guitar. It will take around 1 to 2 months of simple practice to learn the basic chores, plucking patterns behind songs. Normally newcomers to guitar spend their time learning the easy songs rather than switching to beginner level.

Picking easy songs has the bare minimum complexity to them which is a blessing in disguise for anyone who has no idea how to play guitar.

Another perk of practicing easy songs is that it will give newcomers a great introduction to how to create music and how they should sound.


Easy songs will have bare minimum chores with 2 or 3 strumming patterns to recreate the feels and the sound of the music. Taking the next step in the league will encounter a bit more difficult songs which require the player to cover more technical elements behind the music.

This phase covers hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and many more difficult guitar techniques to take the music creation to the next level. It can take around 3 to 6 months for a player to master these techniques. Hammers on and pull off require daily practices to nail the sound of them.


This phase includes most of the popular songs, riffs, and blues in the world right now. The player will be able to get a better grip on the barre chords and the techniques.

This won’t be as difficult as the full intermediate but you will know what to do to tackle the different chords and techniques to make the music feel closer to the original. It will take around one year for many to learn to play intermediate-level songs.

The fingers will inflict less pain when you are switching from chords to hammer-ons than back to the chords.

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Practicing on a regular basis will take around 2 years of playing to master the songs to get to the intermediate level. Mastering the technical elements will make the journey of learning new songs much easier.

The player would know everything about the songs and how it is being played by the artist. Mastering some technical elements will help anyone to learn most of the songs in the music world.


Getting here requires learning all the technical elements of a guitar and making perfect transactions from one form to another without any mess-ups. Then a person has the right to call him or herself an Advanced guitarist.

Here you will be able to play anything just by hearing the music. It will be much easier to recreate every pattern of the song in one listen rather than replaying it again. This is the level of craftsmanship hidden in advanced sessions. Reaching the heights of an advanced guitarist will take around 5 to 6 years.

The theme of the subject is to never stop learning. There are always new techniques and patterns that you can learn that sound completely different from what is out there in the world. Creating music that inspires people and sounds different is hard.

This is why even the rockstars put hours on end to learn and create a piece of music that sounds different and emotionally grabs the attention of billions of people in them. The moral of the story of any instrument learning process is to never stop learning.

Even professionals take time out of their busy schedules to create different techniques to make the song stand out better than their previous work.

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Getting to the highest level will take time but an acceptable level will take players around 6 months of practice. The regular price might mean to some people 3 to 4 hours of daily life but in reality, you will only have to put at least an hour every day into guitar learning.

To get to the beginner level players would need at least 300 hours of guitar practice which will take around 10 months.

If you are gelling better about your guitar skill then you can raise the hour to two or three hours to fasten the process. But you are at the newbie level, you will need to take it slowly to get a better grip on the music process.

Getting to the advanced level will take around 5,000 hours of guitar playing, which will take around 13 years if you practice one hour per day.

Some people may not have the luxury of spending two to three hours of their daily life learning the guitar. That’s Why spending just one hour of the day is the right approach to learning something new. The difficult stage is at the beginning of anything.

Because the idea in your head will sound better than playing the guitar in reality. Many beginners actually give up learning the guitar after a few weeks of price.

The reason why that happens, they spend way too much time learning advanced songs or not making the right sound coming out of the instrument.

They pick up a guitar for a couple of days, then they stop playing it for a week, then pick it up again for another spin. This on and off relationship with the guitar always hurts the interest in the instrument and gradually the relationship with the guitar will decline.

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Getting Motivated

Picking up the guitar for the first will give some people the illusion that they will sound better after a few hours of playing. It takes days to get to the level of holding just the guitar. Let alone play it.

It’s hard to get any motivation on playing the instrument if everything that comes out of the guitar play sounds rubbish.

It’s important to remember all the guitar gods who are alive also went through what a newcomer has been going through in their guitar sessions. They also made noises and had trouble changing between chords.

But instead of giving up the guitar, they took the music learning process more seriously. That is why they now stand at the top of the world when it comes to guitar playing. Because they spend hours upon hours of their life just learning one thing that they love.

It is all about the passion that drives the interest in anything you do in life. Shifting between one instrument to another would hurt the inner potential.

All the professionals in the guitar world love playing the guitar more than anything else. They spend their life learning and improving their skill on the guitar to get to the next level in life.

Practice is the key to success, a simple message that carries a great value in everything you do in life. The message translates really well in the musical world.

What to Practice

Most guitar players give up even after spending hours upon hours on practice. And on the other side, there are players who don’t put enough time into practicing the music.

These two are the key reasons why newbies give up the idea of playing the guitar and move on to something new. Being completely new to guitar playing will have its fair share of difficulties.

Watching random videos is a great way to get into music and the newbie will learn plenty of easy music from watching these videos.

But when it comes to learning, they will not provide anything useful. The videos on Youtube have no sense of direction on where to go and what to do after the step. They are just there to teach the newcomers the song and move on to the other.

When a fresher to the music world watches these videos the only thing you are learning is a few patterns. Jumping from one video to the next is a waste of time when it comes to learning the guitar.

The proper way to learn guitar playing is to learn from the right people. Only an effective guide or string of videos that cover all the basic, intermediate, advanced lessons will take a fresher in the music world to the highest point in the guitar world. This promising and comprehensive training has the potential to turn a new player into an advanced guitar player, learn more by clicking here.

Getting The Right Guidance

A proper guitar play requires the person to go through all the basic steps then eventually move into the advanced zone. Youtube videos are great at providing the hook to grab into the guitar world but they will not cover the basic step process.

Having a guide is important for the guitar lesson. As it will teach the player to track what they learned and the steps to improve upon them.

Knowing the route will help the player to keep track of the progress. For new players, the process can get very difficult if they pick up the lesson in the middle.

They will need a solid structure to give a better foundation to their skill. Lessons are important but it needs to cover all the basic steps for a newcomer. We cover the basics and advanced steps to cover your guitar skill process and hone your skills to take it to the next level.

We will direct newcomers in the direction they need and the knowledge for everyday practice, so each day they will pick up something new that will keep them engaged with the instrument instead of creating any negative mentality.

Having a Sense of Direction

Direction is the element that is crucial in the newbie lessons. If a guide doesn’t have a sense of direction on where it is going. Then anyone will never be able to understand the intensity in the lessons or anything that needs to be followed to get to the next stage.

Make sure to check these beginner-friendly guitar lessons that have the potential to turn many new players into professional players.

Learning music on Youtube and playing it on the guitar is easy, but getting into the lessons, where the player learns from someone who’s been playing for a while is far more likely to move the needle.

It requires passion and desire for playing an instrument in order to have fun applying it. Forcing yourself up for something will never amount to total enjoyment. Which will have a bad effect on the music process. As the player will have a tougher time getting the emotion of their soul into music.

A Good Old Regular Training Sessions

Putting hours every single day learning the ABC of the guitar is a better approach before taking a look at the advanced menu.

It is rather important for the player to cover the basics so they will have a far easier time learning the complexity of advanced movies and techniques that will help you create better music.

All of that is only possible if the player spends their time learning the basics. Each string on the guitar tells its own music, learning about each fret and how the music sounds on each one of them to make a coherent sense of the guitar playing.

Some people are self-taught and they take the lesson process very slowly. They spend an enormous amount of time on the music system of guitar and how they can make music from one chord to another or from one tab to another.

Think of guitar as a large puzzle, every single day the player is solving a tiny fraction of the puzzle. The more time a person spends on guitar learning, the better the piece of the puzzle they will be able to arrange.

At the end of the day through the puzzle, you’re making sense of the large picture. The same thing with guitar, each practice session brings the player closer to creating a piece of music that blows others’ minds.

Final Thoughts

The time it takes for anyone to learn to play guitar is completely dependent on the person who is playing it. But there are certainly ways to fasttrack the learning, especially if they learn from someone who’s been in the game for a while.

We have included resources to help new players have an easier time learning how to play the guitar. Click here to learn how players can fasttrack their success in guitar playing.

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