Flat fee MLS in Alabama 

Are you going to sell a home and wanted to do it early? But facing difficulties don’t worry about it. You are not the first person to feel the challenges. While I was selling my house, I have gone through the same phase before.

I know the selling process is complicated and risky. The agent sometimes makes it more difficult. The fees and commission rate sometimes are too high for you to pay; it cozy you more than your estimated budget. It makes your budget up and down. You can’t trust anyone nowadays, so considering any website or platform is very risky.

Moreover, the agents take the commission and also cause loss for the seller. You must want to save the money, and who don’t want it, you can go for the flat fee MLS Alabama. Now the point is to understand what flat fee MLS is? What are the pros, and what are the cons? Whether is it more advantageous or not? Let’s dig into it.

What is flat fee MLS?

The flat fee MLS is the same as its name. If you choose the FSBO, then flat fee MLS will be more right choice for you. Let me tell you that in this case, you will benefit by increasing the listing visibility. You can do listing more with this option.

The commission you gave to your agent is mostly 6% which is an outstanding sum of money, so in a flat fee, the fixed commission is decided and paid by the seller in return. The agent lists your house on multiple listing sites like Birmingham MLS, Baldwin County MLS, Northern Alabama MLS, Greater Alabama MLS, Walker County Area MLS, and Walker County Area MLS. Let’s see it is worth going for a flat fee MLS?

1) You earn more profit.

Many people nowadays are leaving the traditional real estate agents. The reason behind this is apparent to save money. After selling the house, if you pay less to the agent, then you can save more for your new home or wherever you wanted to invest money.  Instead of deducing your money to an agent, it is better to save or invest in new property.

2) Peace of mind 

The second and the most important reason is that you can quickly sell your house to whoever you want. In this way, the level of anxiety you have to face is lessened. You don’t have to constantly guess the house price you are going to get after the sale. 

You will already have all the information rated to the sale price and money beforehand so you can make a plan according to it. Moreover, you still have an agent, so you don’t have to deal with many responsibilities. Instead, you can observe all their tasks how they deal with your property, and all that worries will be gone.


The flat fee MLS is an easy way to sell your house. You don’t have to pay too many expenses and commissions. Therefore, the choosing of flat fee MLS will be a wise choice for your home.